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A Community Supported Agriculture Farm feeding people in the Chicago area.

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General Farm FAQs

What is Angelic Organics?

Angelic Organics is a Biodynamic, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable and herb farm with over a thousand members.  We’re located in north-central Illinois, less than 2 hours north-west of downtown Chicago and 30 minutes north of Rockford, at 1547 Rockton Rd., Caledonia, IL 61011. We began growing organically in 1990 and have operated as a Chicago CSA since 1993.  Learn more about the family history of our farm here.

What is a CSA?

We only offer our harvest to households like yours. Working directly with you, without the intermediary of stores or wholesalers, gives us the opportunity to provide the freshest quality vegetables and competitive organic prices. This system is known as Subscription Farming, Community Supported Agriculture, or, most simply, a CSA. The way a CSA works is very straightforward.  With a preseason payment, you can purchase a "share" of our summer's harvest. You then receive a weekly box of our freshest, seasonal produce during the course of our twenty-week harvest season, from mid-June to late-October. Further, you may choose to extend the season with a Winter Share - 4 additional boxes of storage vegetables to be delivered every other week in November & December. Visit our CSA information page for more details on how our Chicago CSA works.

Are any of the crops genetically engineered?

Every effort is made to keep our crops free of GMOs.  In fact, our seed supplier is “a member of the Safe Seed Initiative.  [They] pledge that [they] do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered or modified seeds or plants.”

What does "Biodynamic" mean?

Biodynamics is a system of sustainable agriculture first described in 1924 by Austrian social philosopher Rudolf Steiner, whose work also underlies the methods of Waldorf education. He gave recipes for nine special "preparations" which are at the heart of the Biodynamic practice: One is a specifically prepared manure, another a silica-rich rock powder; the rest are herbs and other plant materials. Added to compost, and sprayed directly on the soil and plants at different periods in the growing year, each preparation stimulates and enhances biological activity in a specific way. See the Biodynamics page for more information.

What is the Angelic Organics Learning Center?

The Angelic Organics Learning Center is a resource for our shareholders, prospective farmers, and diverse members of the greater Chicago, Rockford, and Beloit areas. The mission of the Angelic Organics Learning Center is to empower people to create sustainable communities of soils, plants, animals, and people through educational, creative, and experiential programs offered in partnership with Angelic Organics, a vibrant, Biodynamic Chicago CSA. The Angelic Organics Learning Center provides opportunities for people to:

  1. -Transform their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being

  2. -Understand their role in the agro-ecology, economy, and culture of the region

  3. -Explore Community Supported Agriculture and organic & Biodynamic farming

  4. -Promote CSAs, local food security, and regional farming networks

Check out the Learning Center’s website for more information.

Can I come visit the farm?

We like to welcome visitors out to the farm, however, because we farmers are exceedingly busy and must focus on the daily responsibilities and duties of the farm we ask that anyone interested in visiting reviews our Visit the Farm Page for details on the different possibilities and requirements for coming out to the farm.

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