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Winter Week 1 - Saturday
               November 8, 2008

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Bob Writes… Welcome to the winter share. We’ve had great weather this week which has really helped the crew. Overall, I have been very pleased with the season as a whole and although we encountered a few weather challenges throughout the course of the year, we have emerged from them quite well. I believe we are better farmers from what we’ve learned. Still, I am mindful that in the future the land and nature will be sure to keep us humble and allow us further opportunities to grow. While we have confidence in our farming skills, we will be sure not to become too lax or overconfident. Your winter boxes are shaping up nicely and our work towards next year bodes well for 2009 crops, too.

This week we have 3 short videos: in the first one, Diana discusses a little bit about our field layout, plans, and cover crops (~4.5 minutes); the second video is a very brief outtake from this first one (27 seconds); and in the third video, Diana discusses sandwiches (31 seconds). While the first video is more of the informative nature, the other two videos are more entertainment oriented. We hope you enjoy these videos and this week’s box.


Video of Diana discussing field layout, plans, and cover crops (4 & a half minutes long):
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Video outtake of Diana discussing field plans (27 seconds long):

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Video of Diana discussing sandwiches (31 seconds long):

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Please note: this box summary is written the week before you receive your box. It is updated but not all the boxes packed for your delivery day will be exactly the same, although it is likely that all the boxes at your dropsite will be the same. Some things may be in your box that are not listed, and some listed things may not be in your box. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

The page numbers listed below refer to cooking tips and recipes in Farmer John’s Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables as provided to all shareholders. Some recipes are listed at


  • Brussels Sprouts*-These are AWESOME!, pp. 253-256
  • Kohlrabi*-This is in my top 12 vegetables, pp. 201-204


  • Rutabaga*-I, Diana, used to work at a paddlesport shop called Rutabaga, and as a result I have a special affinity for these guys! pp. 295-298
  • Beets*-with greens. Both Bob and I rank these in our top 5 vegetables. pp. 55-62
  • Potatoes-pp. 289-294
  • Celeriac*-with tops. Perhaps try cream of celeriac soup, pp. 270-273


  • Spinach*--very tasty, the best so far this year thanks to the cold weather last week.
  • Red Russian Kale*-Bob’s favorite kale; also he considers it the most attractive. Whereas Toscano is perhaps the coolest of the kale varieties, it is less attractive.
  • Winterbor Kale*-besides being sweetened by the cold, these cooking greens are super good for you, your family, and your friends.

ALLIUMS-pp. 121-128

  • Garlic
  • Onion(s)-unlikely; yellow storage


  • Popcorn-Perhaps test pop a few kernels, otherwise let dry a couple weeks more for optimum popping!

* = sweetened by the frost


Diana writes...

I was just doing some math in my head as Amy and I pushed a stack of bagged carrots into the coolers. We are currently packing about 810 boxes for winter-shares. We always cushion our numbers, so as we prepare for next weeks pack we will weigh out 830 bags of 2 lbs. of carrots. At the time Amy and I were pushing in the bins, our crew had bagged over half of the counted number, leaving about 240 bags empty. Having those numbers in my head, I did a little adding, subtracting, and multiplying and concluded that Amy and I were currently pushing around approximately 1,180 lbs of carrots. This is on top of the 2 heavy wooden bins. It gave me a good work out. I had to take off one of my layers when we were done, which probably had nothing to do with the fact that we are currently 68 degrees outside. I checked with Weather Underground and the average high for November 4th is approximately 52 degrees.


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