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Winter Week 3 - Sat
               November 22, 2008

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Bob Writes…

We had a warm spell last week and were able to get much of our crops out of the ground. The good news is that you will be getting some spinach this week--many people have mentioned to me that the fall spinach is one of their favorites. And this week’s spinach should not disappoint although it is a little muddy.

This week’s videos include Diana on what surprised her the most about working on the farm (about 1 minute long) and an exciting 3 minute excerpt from the film The Real Dirt on Farmer John--I have remarked before that we have something better here on the farm than Hollywood has with its special effects--we have the dynamic vibrancy of the living and breathing life of a farm; we don’t need a studio to emulate this--we have the real thing. And this clip encapsulates this. I will be sending out a separate email to further tie-in the relevance as to why I have included this fun clip of farm life. We also hope you enjoy this week’s box!

Video of Diana discussing what she was surprised to learn on the farm and iTunes (about 1 minute long):
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Film excerpt from The Real Dirt on Farm John ( 3 minutes long):

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Diana writes...

Next week is Thanksgiving (just a reminder there are no boxes to pick-up). My mom and two of her sisters (there are six girls all-together) trade holiday duties and houses every year. This year dinner is at our house. Sure there will be the regular turkey, stuffing, and squash with marshmallows. However, this year I want to shake it up a bit. I have ideas for curried carrot soup sippers, Brussels sprouts, and mashed rutabaga potato supreme (Farmer John Cookbook). I don’t know if my mom will let me tamper with the menu too much. People like traditions; actually it is one of my uncle’s favorite words. I’ll just be trying for some new ones.

Next Delivery is the Final Delivery
(REMEMBER we skip Thanksgiving week)

Special Wrap-up Notes:
The Winter Deliveries end on Wed., Dec 3, Thur, Dec. 4, or Sat., Dec. 6. For the final week the process will be different:
❖We will not be coming around to pick up the final boxes, nor the boxes from this week (which most people would be returning final delivery week). As such you may either hold the boxes over the winter and return them next spring or use them however you want and never return them;
❖Newsletters will be in the final box (as we will have gathered all signs & plastic containers at the site so we will not have to come around again to gather them).
❖You may also wish to give a special thank you to your hosts--they are a key component in CSA and do a lot out of their own generosity (host discounts are nominal and only partially cover the efforts).

We also extend this thanks to our site hosts. Thank you for all your help this year.



Please note: this box summary is written the week before you receive your box. It is updated but not all the boxes packed for your delivery day will be exactly the same, although it is likely that all the boxes at your dropsite will be the same. Some things may be in your box that are not listed, and some listed things may not be in your box. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

The page numbers listed below refer to cooking tips and recipes in Farmer John’s Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables as provided to all shareholders. Some recipes are listed at


  • Brussels Sprouts*- pp. 253-256
  • Broccoli Florets*- pp. 248-252
  • Cabbage*- and maybe some cabbage buds, too! pp. 257-263
  • Kohlrabi*- pp. 201-204


  • Rutabaga*-maybe, pp. 295-298
  • Potatoes-pp. 289-294
  • Celeriac-pp. 270-273
  • Carrots-maybe, pp. 163-168


  • Spinach*
  • Collard Tops*
  • Winterbor Kale Tops*

ALLIUMS-pp. 121-128

  • Garlic-pp. 185-188
  • Onions-pp. 121-128


  • Popcorn-likely

* = sweetened by the frost


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