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Winter Week 4 - FINAL DELIVERY
               December 1-6, 2008

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Final Delivery--Special Wrap-up Notes

The winter share ends with this box & newsletter. Check out our web page throughout the winter for any significant happenings.

For the final delivery, things to know:

❖This week’s newsletter is inside your box in a plastic bag. We’ve done this so that we won’t have to send our driver around an extra week to gather the signs & plastic boxes at each site. (Thanks to all who helped deliver this season: Lee, Tyler, Ignacio, Amy and other assistants)

Keep your boxes over the winter since we won’t be coming around to pick them up-use them however you would like or return them at our 1st delivery in ‘09. Please do not leave any empty boxes at your site. Thanks for joining us for ‘08. We hope you’ve been pleased with these winter boxes and we hope to see you next year!!★

Video of Snowy Final Week:
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Diana writes...

Yesterday's snow almost makes me thankful that my winter will be comparatively short and mild after I move to Louisville, KY. I had gone into Beloit, for a friendly game of scrabble just before the snow set in. Once again, I was schooled in the art of driving through snow. On the way home, this first true snow put me and my truck through the gauntlet. The warpath I left behind included two trips into the ditch, a couple of 180° spins, and fishtailing. Fortunately, I did make it home and in one piece. This snow gave me one last reminder of Midwestern living. Even so, it is hard for me to leave. There are so many things that I love in this area: my parents, friends, farms, and Wisco. However, adventure calls and I have never been one to shy away from change. Wish me luck! Thank you for letting me share my life, my stories, and the farm with you.


Please note: this box summary is written the week before you receive your box. It is updated but not all the boxes packed for your delivery day will be exactly the same, although it is likely that all the boxes at your dropsite will be the same. Some things may be in your box that are not listed, and some listed things may not be in your box. As always, be sure to thoroughly wash all of your vegetables.

The page numbers listed below refer to cooking tips and recipes in Farmer John’s Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables as provided to all shareholders. Some recipes are listed at


  • Cabbage*&/or Cabbage Buds-maybe pp. 257-263
  • Brussels Sprouts*-maybe, pp. 253-256
  • Kohlrabi*-maybe pp. 201-204


  • Beets*-pp. 55-62
  • Potatoes-pp. 289-294
  • Radishes*-bagged with Red Russian Kale, pp. 129-135
  • Carrots-likely, pp. 163-168
  • Rutabaga*-maybe, pp. 295-298
  • Celeriac*-likely, pp. 270-273


  • Red Russian Kale*
  • Winterbor Kale Tops*, Redbor Kale Tops*, Toscano Kale Tops, &/or Collard Tops*


  • Winter Squash-butternut, pp. 307-315
  • Popcorn-maybe

ALLIUMS-pp. 121-128

  • Garlic-likely, pp. 185-188
  • Onions-likely, pp. 121-128

* = sweetened by the frost

Note regarding Swap Boxes: Likely, once we're done with the pack, we will be able to load up several extra swap boxes with vegetables which we will have been unable to fit into the regular boxes.


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2009 Share Note

Many of you have already signed up for your ‘09 shares. If so, please pass the enclosed brochure on to your friends--these brochures do not reflect the 1/1/09 price increase to $640. If you are not yet signed up, you can a) choose the 2009 sign up invoice option at the right or b) sign up right away for a 20-wk. share for $620 til 1/1/09.

2009 Vegetable and Fruit Price Schedule

2009 Share Vegetables Fruit
Time Period 20 Wk 12 Wk Winter 10 Del 6 Del Winter
Until 1/1/09 620 410 100 420 252 84
After1/1/09 640 420 100 440 264 88

Bob Writes. . .            

With our final box for 2008, I am pleased with how everything has come together. The season, on a whole has been quite satisfying. Usually, the fullness, busy-ness, and intensity of directing almost 40 non-stop weeks of sometimes more than 20 people as they seed, grow, harvest, and pack vegetables for 24 deliveries leaves me completely exhausted. But for various reasons, from having had excellent workers in the fields to having strong support from our office, from benefiting from more years of personal experience to help from others in ways less understood, I am ending this season with more energy than I have ever had before. Further, Diana is fervently moving our planning activities for 2009 along in an efficient and expedient manner yielding great assistance to our planning efforts.

I am thankful for this opportunity to work at Angelic Organics in many ways: from being able to have a (hopefully) “right” livelihood and providing shareholders with healthy, fresh vegetables; to being able to incorporate my attempts at spiritual understanding into my vocation--all the while working towards helping to heal the earth through biodynamic agriculture.

Despite my greater than usual year-end energy level, I am still ready to end the constant orchestration of the multitude of necessary activities as we pack 1400 boxes of vegetables each week. I am thankful for the break necessitated by the change in seasons. And with greater energy, this winter I expect to help the farm become better than ever. I feel a stronger and deeper interest in learning more about farming. Once again, I have little doubt that 2009 will better, from a vegetable standpoint, than previous years.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the contribution that Lora made to me when she lived “here” and how those contributions still echo forward into the current day. Further I wish to also acknowledge her continuing contribution from beyond in ways that I am often not even aware. I love Lora and think of her often. I hope that I am working on behalf all of those of you who appreciate what we do. I also hope that my work too contributes to Lora and all of the others who have “crossed over”. Thank you for being a shareholder. We hope that you will be with us in 2009!                     

Sincerely and warmly,




2009 Sign-Up Invoice Option
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2009 20Wk Shares are selling fast; we anticipate selling out earlier than ever.

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