Glitter & Grease - Table of Contents (tentative)
Where Was I? Angelic Organics is born out of an inferno and a dream.

I. Farming
A Brief History of the Farm. The Peterson farm, from 1930 to the present.
My First Garden. A major melon failure in a soybean field.
I Just Farm. Farming is tough; John explains why he does it.
The Barn Is There. John acknowledges farmers and CSA shareholders for resurrecting healthful farming.
Opera. The farm is a cosmic stage.
Farming Full Tilt. Can the crew beat the rain?
Too Old for That! John's mom carries her walker while running down the hospital hallway; the neighbor flushes his medicine down the toilet.

II. Soil, Plants, and Weather
I Don't Believe It. John suffers his way into Biodynamics.
The King of Uganda Visits Angelic Organics. King Henry learns how his people can farm organically.
Confessions of a Plant. Observations of plant health teach us about soil.
Down in the Dirt. John intends to convert neighboring land to organic, but the herbicide truck comes and ruins his plans. In a vision, he tours the subterranean world of cover crops that would have been.
Soil Exhibit at the Field Museum. What makes soil (and food) sick?
Cold Flashes—Summer Frost. Unexpected weather humbles the farm.
When It Just Won't Rain. The farm defies nature by drilling a new irrigation well.
Barns Blew Over. Heavy downpours make both crops and weeds grow. Farmer John stops the weeds.

III. Money
Etheric Parking Space. John describes his brand new refrigerated truck and how his old truck got away.
The Crime of the Empty Machine Shed. A foreclosed farmer has to farm again.
Can Marriage Survive Low Crop Prices? Farms and relationships don't flourish when farm expenses are high and prices are low.
Staying Afloat. A farm cannot afford chaos.
Cheap Food and Flat Tires. John explains how the two are related.

IV. Buildings
Colored Pig Fountain. In a freezing, deep, muddy hole, John reflects on his early hog farming days. He recalls the majestic pig fountain he almost built and sees a phantom herd of cattle.
Insurance Agents. John diverts time and money from farming to comply with the inspector.
Straighten Up! Farm buildings lean precariously; John and his tractor coax them back to plumb.

V. Machinery
Machinery Monogamy. Farmer John writes about meeting and falling in love with his favorite tractor.
The Manure Spreader. Quest for a manure spreader that works when it's full.
And Then There Was Salad. In Greenwich Village, a friend's jazz convinces John to buy a waterwheel transplanter.
Time Machine. Turbocharging the waterwheel transplanter gets the job done quicker.
Shiny Thing. Like a monkey, John is lured outside by a neighbor's fancy machine. John wants one, too.

VI. Workers
That's Farming. A wild farm rollercoaster ride is orchestrated and managed by its own people.
"I Have to Bring My Moons." An intern candidate wants to work only in the moonlight.
Twenty-four Cans of Beer a Day. A tale of a productive but chronically intoxicated worker.
Selling Mall Art Beats Farming. Prospective workers are grateful to quickly learn that they don't want to be farmers.
Don't Work Too Hard? Morning to evening, Angelic Organics pulses and hums with work.
Would You Please Put Some Glitter on That Squeaky Ripper? Workers dance and hoe, machinery roars and tills.

VII. Off the Farm
A Dirt Floor. John farms on a "floor of dirt"; a Mexican family sleeps on one. UPS, Farm, Film. A trip to the UPS store breeds reflection on film tour and farm.
La Carpa Bouquet. John's inert hand unexpectedly catches a slippery bouquet in a Mexican circus tent.
Getting Close. Farmers score Cap'n Crunch from rush hour traffic.
Dreams Come True in New York City. New York temp worker succeeds as dancer.
The Whole Universe and Then Some. Listening to the voices of two different friends, John experiences the universe in two distinct ways.
A Mexican(?) Wedding. Parades, exploding effigies, and tacos.
Memories of Don Jose. John's celebrates the life of a special friend.
Babushka Story. A cantankerous Russian grandmother smiles to think of her chicken laying an egg.

VIII. Time and Timing
No Dinner for Darrel. Darrel dies before coming to dinner.
No Dinner for Andy Warhol. Andy dies before coming to dinner.
A Slice of Continuity Pie. The old post office goes modern, and the phone lines are no longer tacked to the fence posts. John's mom recalls the chickens that froze "in a clump on a stump."
30th College Reunion. John lives in an old schoolhouse, the barn is an office, the boar-pen is a gothic trellis. John reflects on what has happened at his thirty-year college reunion.
Near Death: Vegetables—One Degree; Me—One Second. One spring, the ripper comes unpinned from the tractor, nearly killing John. The crops come within one degree of death.
The Winter of '36 by Anna, John's Mom. John's mom and neighbors struggle against the record cold and snow of 1936.
Endings. John's eighty-five-year-old neighbor dies in a farm accident and John's mom lies dying of cancer. The two were friends since childhood.

What Next? Thirteen years after the inferno that launched Angelic Organics, an empty stage in New York City makes unreasonable demands of John.

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