Glitter & Grease - "Getting Close"
From Section VII, Off the Farm

Bob, Neddy, Vicki, and I were driving into Chicago last Tuesday afternoon, about the beginning of rush hour. Alongside us was a Subaru station wagon just like the one we were in—same color and everything. A pretty woman, maybe late-twenties with long blond hair, was driving the twin Subaru. She was by herself. I rolled down my window, pointed to our car, pointed to hers. Her face lit up like the sun. She looked like nothing in the world could have made her happier than to be next to a car like hers. What could she possibly do? She did the only thing she could do—she reached out of her window with a zip lock bag full of something orange.

"Want some Cap'n Crunch?" she smiled.

We were moving and she was moving, and this wasn't a movie set where this sort of thing gets rehearsed a dozen times before the transfer is made. She pulled her Subaru alongside us, Bob nudged his Subaru closer to hers; I hung out the window, grabbed the Cap'n Crunch on the go, and offered it around.

Her lane opened up, and she disappeared into the rush hour.

"Gotta give her something, gotta give her something," we chorused in our car. "How about a newsletter? We can give her a farm newsletter."

A few minutes later, there she was again, right alongside us, talking into her cell phone like life was a big party. Bob sidled up beside her; we were moving, she was moving. I leaned out, she reached out. I handed her the newsletter. She glanced down at it.

"They raise vegetables!" she informed her phone mate exuberantly.

Her lane opened up. She disappeared. We munched Cap'n Crunch.

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