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  It's Whole Earth Catalog-style authenticity for the 21st century...  

~ Newsweek ~

  This is a delicious book, equal parts food for the mind and belly. Relish it. 
~Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma ~

  Filled with amusing anecdotes and insights into the human condition, this is not your average cookbook but it does have recipes for every vegetable from asparagus to zucchini.  
~ Bennett Gordon, Utne Reader ~

  This is such a good book, every market farmer should have one.  
~ Lynn Byczynski, Growing for Market ~
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  Farmer John, with boa and pitchfork, is provocative and passionate about cultivating not only delicious vegetables but also a vibrant community of farmers and consumers dedicated to the values of sustainability.  
~ Alice Waters, Chez Panisse ~

  Whenever I want to eat something I shouldn't, I take my clothes off and look in the mirror. I just stand there looking at myself. Then I decide not to eat it.

I found this gem in one of the outlined boxes marked "Overheard" in the newly published Farmer John's Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables by Farmer John Peterson and Angelic Organics. The realization that I was not alone in employing this useful tool to curb a food lust gone wild sent me into fits of gleeful giggling.

For families wanting to eat well with fresh and vital basic foods, Farmer John's Cookbook is a fun and funky guide. It is also a book to consider as a Father's Day gift for dads who cook and like to laugh.  

~ Helen Chesnut, Victoria Times ~
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  The book is arranged seasonally by crop, offering recipes and information on storing and preserving the exotic or misunderstood vegetables like sunchokes, rutabagas and kohlrabi. Familiar staples like corn, tomatoes and spinach are also represented, but jazzed up with an eclectic international pantry of condiments and spices...readers vicariously experience life on this unique farm in this farm kitchen bible presented with missionary zeal.  
~ Publishers Weekly ~

  As a chef, I know that without superb, seasonal, pristine product, I really cannot get too far. I have used the extraordinary produce from Angelic Organics, and I can attest it has made a substantial difference at Charlie Trotter’s. The stories and recipes in this glorious book thoroughly connect the farmer to the kitchen. Congratulations, John, you've delivered a real winner.  
~ Chef Charlie Trotter ~

  A charming companion cookbook to a popular documentary. Goes straight to the heart of Peterson’s indomitable spirit: fresh, home-grown, organic produce…Just as with the farm, this isn’t Peterson’s project alone—shareholders contribute recipes, tips and testimonials throughout the text, giving it a communal feel. A warm, earthy celebration of agriculture and the journey from field to your table.  
~ Kirkus Reviews ~
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  Farmer John’s Cookbook is a must-have for any gardener, CSA or farmer’s market customer. Part storybook, part tutorial, the recipes are sensibly divided into seasons...  
~ Ashley Ernst, Columbia Daily Tribune ~

  The Real Dirt on Vegetables has given me new, delicious-sounding ideas on how to eat some old favorites. Young Turnip Salad with Apples and Lemon Dressing, Celery Salad with Walnuts and Gruyere and Potato Beet Croquettes are a few recipes I plan to try. Recipes suit vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. Then, of course, there are the tales and stories from Farmer John himself – honest, offbeat, often poetic and always insightful… The book is a testament to John Peterson’s enthusiasm for providing highest nutritional biodynamic food. He is unique in the way that he combines an artistic approach with the hard work of farming. What he has accomplished is inspiring.  
~ Kristy Korrow, Biodynamic Magazine ~
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  It's all good stuff: good-tasting, good for you and good for the Earth, too.  
~ Joanne Sasvari, Calgary Herald ~

  As one who cooks a lot, I examine recipes critically. The ones here sound good. Before reviewing the book though, I decided to try one of the recipes. With plenty of tomatoes and basil on hand, I chose Roasted Tomato and Basil Pesto. No big surprise, it was scrumptious!  
~ Chris Smith, Seattle Post Intelligencer ~
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  His life generated a movie, and the movie spawned a cookbook without peer—not only a big, brightly illustrated bag of recipes that will send you flying to your local farmers market, but also a physical and spiritual examination of the secret life of veggies and a re-chronicling of the struggles and triumphs of Farmer John. Every recipe sounds savory and lip-smacking, or sweet and tender. Farmer John’s Cookbook is, like the man, unconventional, spiced with delectable sidebars such as...this overheard remark: “If I ever get married, I want a nice frying pan.” Farmer John’s Cookbook will quickly find a place on your kitchen shelf, your reading list, and your veggie-loving heart."  
~ CurledUp.com ~
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  …there is much more than recipes in the cookbook’s 360 pages, including comments from the cooks, letters from CSA members, excerpts from Farmer John’s weekly newsletter, essays by nutrition experts and even a few poems. These tidbits spice up the basic fare and offer readers the flavor of an unusual and admirable farm.  
~ Lynn Byczynski, Mother Earth News ~

  Our compliments on the most entertaining cookbook ever!!  
~ Marsha Gravesen, Biodynamic Association ~

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