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Farmer Johnís Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables

Gibbs Smith, Publisher, announces Companion Book to the Film The Real Dirt on Farmer John, winner of the Slow Food Int. Film Festival Golden Snail Award for Best Documentary, and 30 other awards.

"This is a delicious book, equal parts food for the mind and belly. Relish it."
~Michael Pollan, The Omnivoreís Dilemma~

Farmer Johnís Cookbook: The Real Dirt on Vegetables (Gibbs Smith, $29.95, Paperback, 1-4236-0014-2, 360 pgs; June 2006) takes folks out of the supermarket and onto the farm. Including 225 savory recipes and preparation tips for more than 35 fresh vegetables, this book offers menu ideas to last through the year.

Recipes are grouped by season and by vegetable. With numerous cooking tips, serving suggestions, and evocative descriptions of each dish, Farmer Johnís Cookbook is teeming with ways to use basil, cabbage, tomatoes, or whatever is plentiful. Also included in the book are tips on long-term vegetable and herb storage and preservation methods.

"There is much more than recipes in the cookbookís 360 pages..."
~ Mother Earth News ~

This is not simply a cookbook about an end product to be worked with in the kitchen; Farmer Johnís Cookbook is a journey from field to feast! It features color photographs of the vegetables growing in the fields, and of the crew harvesting, washing, and sorting. It builds relationship with the vegetables, and deepens the understanding of the farm on which they are grown. It explores Rudolf Steinerís Biodynamic method of agriculture. Ranging from reverent to hilarious, it features stories, fresh insights and unusual revelations by nutrition experts, shareholders, farm workers, and Farmer John.

About Farmer John and his Farm, Angelic Organics

Lifelong Illinois farmer John Peterson is a true pioneer in the real food movement. He runs Angelic Organics. With 1300 shareholders, Angelic Organics is a leader in CSA and Biodynamics, helping to connect people with their food, their farmers, and healthful living.

The film The Real Dirt on Farmer John documents the dramatic failure of Farmer Johnís conventional farming operation and its resurrection into a thriving, organic CSA farm! The feature documentary has won 31 film festival awards and has been seen in theaters and on television throughout the world. Visit for more information on the film.

Additionally, Farmer John will soon release two books that comprise the story upon which the film The Real Dirt on Farmer John is based. They are Farmer John on Glitter and Grease: Short Stories on and off the Land and I Didnít Kill Anyone Up Here: Farmer Johnís Uneasy Autobiography. Visit for release updates.


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