Real Dirt Mission Statement & Guiding Principles
Mission Statement
The Real Dirt on Farmer John will be an accurate, fulfilling, moving, and inspirational portrayal of the life and farm of John Peterson.


Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle: Prejudice
Viewers will be challenged and inspired to examine more closely their prejudices and judgments about others.
 An inspiring, thoroughly moving portrait of organic farmer John Peterson that serves also as a chilling study of superstition and intolerance in the heartland. 
- Jim Ridley, Nashville Scene
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Guiding Principle: Connection to the Earth
Through Farmer John’s powerful connection to the earth, viewers will gain respect for Biodynamic, organic food and the process by which it is grown. This will create a new possibility for relationship to food and farms.’ll get an education about the joys and curses of farm life and the issues farmers are grappling with.  
- Nina Utne, Utne Magazine
WATCH VIDEO: Farmer John: The Paint Goes, the Roofs Go...
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Guiding Principle: Transformation
The audience will be touched, moved and inspired by the realization that an unhealthy life can be transformed into a healthy one—in community, the soil, a farm, food and beyond.
 The amazing about a farm that falls apart and then is revived. 
- USA Today
WATCH VIDEO: CSA: Revolution on the Farm
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Guiding Principle: Journey
The audience will be inspired by a tale of tenacity, so they have the courage to powerfully commit to things they believe in.
 Think about the kind of courage that [Farmer John] has shown in going on this journey. 
- Al Gore
WATCH VIDEO: Farmer John: I Couldn't Comprehend My Past
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Guiding Principle: The Power of Community
The audience will be touched by the power of community to transform what one cannot transform alone.
 ...a story about imagination and the American dream, no less so than if it were about wagon trains striking out west or poets spinning verse in Greenwich Village. 
- Joshua Tanzer, OffOffOff
WATCH VIDEO: CSA: Community Building Through Farmland Preservation
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Guiding Principle: Creativity
Viewers will acquire the courage to take the risk to express their own lives more creatively.
 ... full of curious triumphs and outlandish redemptions...effectively links the political and artistic rebellions of the '60's to the ecological movements of today... 
- Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune
 A beguiling combination of agrarian ode and the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test... 
- J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader
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Guiding Principle: The American Farmer
The stereotype of the American farmer will give way to a dimensionalized, humanized portrait.
 An inexplicably compelling portrait of a low-key Midwestern eccentric…the film’s oddball charm can melt a die-hard hippie-haters heart."
- Cliff Doerksen, Time Out (Chicago)
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