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I watched you movie last night and I was so impressed ! It was an inspiration on the struggle to grow and create and endure in the face of a changing world. Also, I just have to think about the spiritual growth you brought to your surrounding community as well as all the healing food you provide to people who otherwise would have no access. It takes real guts. Thank you for having the initiative to put this film together to show the world what you have accomplished! 
We are starting a little hobby farm in our early retirement in the mountains of Idaho and I just wish I had half he knowledge you folks have on organics. I would have given my eye teeth to have had access to a farm like yours when I was raising my children and to start learning then. 
Why don’t you and your staff write a book on gardening and especially on the Steiner method and how you have implemented it. This information is fairly obscure to the conventional farmer and a book is better than internet still yet, for those long dark winters of reading and planning. Put me on your email list so I know when it comes out! 
A. Durfee

McKay Idaho United States

.I loved everything about this movie and want to own it so I can show others...It is the way of the future! Thank you John for never giving up....

Kathleen Stewart | Valley WA United States

I am single mom who has tried to run a small family farm myself most of my life. I am inspired by your story and am now going to look into CSA farming.  
I have always grown organically and love that you stuck to the changes in spite of the first few years of all those bugs...LOL its all about the great soil and once you have that healthy soil you have healthy plants...Now I want to own your movie so I can show others. Great job! Never give up! This is the way of the future. people coming back together to raise their food. Down with the factory farms and GMO seeds

Kathleen Stewart | Valley WA United States

I just finished watching the documentary entitled The Real Dirt on Farmer John. I wanted to say that it was a fascinating, engrossing, moving, and hopeful film. I never envisioned that the movie would end with so much promise and optimism. The CSA program and the way John Peterson worked to keep the farm alive was inspiring. I hope that your project, and farm, continues to thrive for a long time. 
Rob from MI

John, My wife and I watched The Real Dirt last night. I must say that the impact on me was pleasant and profound. You really opened yourself up and told your story, and I really appreciate the touching presentation of YOUR LIFE. I am most touched by the fact that the story is about your life, through the good times, the bad times, the worse times and the better times. When I witnessed you giving your mother a kiss and telling her you love her, while she was in her cancer condition, it just meant so much to me to be there with you. My father died of cancer, it took him away in slow motion, much the way it appears that it did your mother. I've also lost my mother, though in a faster way. Regardless, I know first hand, and recognize so much of what you have gone through with your successes, failures and losses. I also relate to your experiences with being different and misunderstood. I am confident that your movie, one person at a time, will help open peoples' eyes that different is not bad, or something to be scared of! Let's all be ourselves and respect one another. To me, that's the most important lesson on earth, and that's another reason your movie touched me so deeply: It is something that the whole world needs to see, learn and change their ways about! I wish you the best and hope that one day I can meet your in person to learn more about life!

Kimball Behning | United States

My husband and I have just finished viewing the DVD "The real dirt on farmer john"  What wonderful information regarding John's life! There is nothing like a TRUE story to awaken the spirit and think.  Thank You for your story, John, and thank you for your personality and wisdom...your mom would be proud today and perhaps she is smiling down on you, from heaven, right now!  Like you, almost did, we are losing our farm. Which is small, yet it is a farm.  We have 2 chickens left and I'm now organic gardening in containers and pots. Because, our almost an acre will be taken by the bank next month or so. we don't have anything left to live on.  Except a travel trailer. But, I'll continue to farm wherever I am.   Thanks again for your inspiring film.

Eileen McLoughlin | Elgin IL United States

oh my gosh, how I wish I lived near the farm you have-- I'd lay in furrows with the worms and mircrobes and kick my heels and swing my arms with joyousness while the seeds are planted all around me.

Grandma Lois | CO United States

I just got your cookbook and spent two evenings after work going through it. I'm a fan of cookbooks and a pretty good cook, but I learned some new things. Tonight I had to make the chocolate beet cake. The batter tasted yummy it's cooking now. I live in Colorado, but I'm originally from Illinois. The pictures on your website and blog really brought back memories. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the hard work you do. Even here in Colorado, I reap the benefits ... I wish you happiness and continued success! 
-Jackie J.

Dear Farmer John Petersen. 
Hope You are keeping well and very busy. 
My partner and I have just come home from a film night not far from where we live. We really enjoyed it. Your example proves that there is hope in Organic farming. You have succeeded in bringing many people back to the land. If we ever have the opportunity to visit the USA, we will be delighted to visit and experience the joys of working at your organic farm. 
Julian S.

| West Brunswick Australia

I watched you movie last night and I was so impressed ! It was an inspiration on the struggle to grow and create and endure in the face of a changing world. Also, I just have to think about the spriritual growth you brought to your surrounding community as well as all the healing food you provide to people who otherwise would have no access. It takes real guts. Thank you for having the initiative to put this film together to show the world what you have accomplished!

Arrow Durfee

I rented your film through Netflix and loved it so much that I bought the DVD and have shown it to many of my friends. Each has the same reaction: at first each thought he/she wouldn't like it but by midway, each loved the film as I do. So many layers to it, just like life. I have tried to garden but here in northern NM it is so very difficult. The soil is clay, the air is dry. All my veggies were miniature. I now try to support local farmers. But watching your film makes me long to work in that rich soil with its lovely aroma. I showed the film to a man this weekend. He has a few acres and has chickens, miniature cows, turkeys and veggies. He was weeping by the end of the film.  
Thank you for such a dear and inspiring film.

Diane Moreno | Ilfeld NM United States

just watched your film! well done... loved your mom chatting with you about what would she do all day without that veggie stand and her thoughts on van morrison! very sweet & funny.  
So inspiring watching your farm turn organic & feeding 1200 families: so glad you hung in there for such a happy ending. Your struggles were well worth it. 
Looks like you're doing very well now with all of this. Your mom would be very proud of you: I'm sure she's seeing all this where ever she is & loving it all!! 
Mark. victoria bc Canada

| Victoria BC Canada

Recently one of the video stores in town was closing and i came across your movie. I have taken an interest in local farming and organics so it looked like an interesting watch. So im watching the movie and then i noticed something based on the brief snipits in the movie i was like this farm was right down the road from me. I grew up in Loves Park and later Roscoe so i was constantly traveling up and down Rockton Road, never knowing what magic was happening right next door. It made me long for home and the vast expanses of farm land. What I wonder even more is that my family had a farm only a few miles if that down the road from your family farm, which makes me wonder could they have helped you during the harvests when you were a child. It just seems so amazing. This movie touched me so much and brought me back to a place that is so beautiful that looking back i never truly appreciated. Thank you

eric swanson | albuquerque nm United States


marc michel | Ireland

I loved your movie "the real dirt on farmer john".  It was beautifully 
filmed and very inspiring.  What an incredible difference John has made in 
this world.  The whole movie warmed my heart. Thank you. 
Marcy Scott 

| NYC NY United States

hey john -- today i met a new-to-us csa member that LOVES your cookbook. and her mother loves it too. the cucumber risotto is a fave of hers. she wants to read the book back to front and front to back b/c it is so full of fabulous information. but you know this. i thought you would want to hear some praise where praise is due :) 
-farm friend

| United States

John, i'm writing to you on behalf of my mom. we watched the documentary about you and my mom who is a nature and farm lover pushed me find you via net. so i send you her message: your work and the world that you made is fantastic. i liked if i could come to you and see you but as iranian its very hard to come to usa. so just say hi :) 
-film fan

| United States

I just watched your film, You are amazing, and good and love grows inside 
of you! Thank you for being you! Never stop, Never,never never stop! What 
an inspiration! Thank you! S. Turner

| United States

Dear John, 
I loved your film! You are an inspiration to all of us. 
I have been gardening most of my life but never could get that green thumb; my gardens were always so-so. After learning about GMOs in 75% of supermarket foods I’ve decided to go all organic and plant a garden this year after a long hiatus. 
John you are so knowledgeable, may I suggest you write a how to book on the home garden. I know there are a zillion gardening books out there but with your wit and experience I’m sure a gardening book by you would shine above the others! D. Higgins

Deirdre higgins | United States

I come from farming families on both sides of my lineage. I ran in the 
movie "The Real Dirt on Farmer John". Between tears and Great hope, My 
heart was uplifted! I wrote down the links at the end of the film and have 
been finding CSA farms in my area to get involved with. I just wanted to reach out and say Thank You to John for his Brilliant Spirit and all of the devoted beings who have created such a wonderful Farm, believing in Peace and Harmony in our World starting with Earth. I am in California and far from Angelic Farm but, hope to make it there 
someday and have been rejuvinated to continue my passion for organic 
farming!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Amber Wheeler | CA United States

Dear Farmer John, I have just finished watching your movie, The Real Dirt on Farmer John. What an amazing story of love, passion, grief, and persistence. I am so inspired by what you have achieved on your farm, particularly in the community development aspect. What you are doing is what I dream of. I have spent the last 5 years developing a small, mixed, biodynamic farm on the west coast of BC. I've faced very different challenges to farming, from legislative barriers (like Joel Salatin says, 'Everything I want to do is illegal'), to arguing with a sow grizzly over my pear harvest!  

I actually watched the film twice in a row because I loved it so much. I cried when John's mum died, when the old farmer/neighbour nearly came to tears talking about how things have gone down hill and they are paving all around him, but I really lost it at the end when you did the new barn raising! I'm almost in tears again just writing about it! What a beautiful testament to the love you've managed to gather around you. I tip my hat to you both and wish I lived closer.

You can visit my site at: 
Warmest regards and best wishes to you all! Kristeva Dowling 
Howling Duck Ranch

| Canada

Thank you so much! The Farmer John pins I saved and will give them away at our upcoming screening....! Please tell Leslie we love her CD, she has an angelic voice!

Linda Immediato | Portland OR United States

Hello, I recently watched your film, because I'm trying to learn more about biodynamics (mainly because I want to teach people how it interacts with wine), which I downloaded from bit torrent. I would like to pay you for this. I wasn't interested in buying a dvd, I prefer to download, and this way it costs less for you as you don't have to make a DVD for me. Might I suggest that you could set up a download link on your website and a donation option? It seems to be that would fit in rather well with things like your "weigh and pay" system on Farmer John's mother's cart. You wouldn't even have to pay for bandwidth for the downloads, as your film is quite available already on many bit torrent sites.

Nick Gorevic | paris France

Your CD plays at my house, your voice is so beautiful Lesley and calming, I can see why Farmer John fell in love with you, you could be ethereal without body, just open your mouth and sing and people will instantly fall in love with you, like an angel. Yes, your voice has a "very calming" effect and all the songs are wonderful! Any stress, put on LESLEY: just like an angel touching our hearts and making us slow down, it is an instant return to: stay quiet, peek into the whispers of life instead of all the bamboozles happening in this era.  THANK YOU THANK YOU. I've listened to your songs over and over, every one is excellent. Next I'll have my children when they visit, listen--they will love you too. 
HAPPY VALENTINE'S to you and to Farmer John.  May you love one another forever, no matter how the world twists and turns itself.  Your friend Lois/nitehawk from Colorado 

Lois | CO United States

Dear John, I loved LOVED LOVED your movie, I feel the best i've felt in a long time. thanks, A.L.

Annalee Holbrook | Lummi Island WA United States

even 'farmer john' from 'the real dirt on farmer john' csa film was not convinced for quite a while...until he started, and has now such a successful and dynamic farm, and is inspiring many thousands around the world thru his wonderful story of how he turned his farm around.

Vizor Graham | Australia

dear bumblebee and Farmer John, I drove down the mountain today and am doing my email and was thrilled to hear from you. And to know that Farmer John himself has my love too is important--your life story with Farmer John and his life story enchanted me, gripped me in my heart in a way that was really special and unique. How I wish you both lived closer, I'd be pushing oatmeal cookies into your mouths and taking you for hikes up in the high wilderness--people need to be loved and spoiled happily, forever.  I can hardly wait to receive the DVD for my very own and then share it to my three adult children (they will fall in love with both of you too).  And the cookbook? I will NOT have it on my shelf-it'll be on my kitchen counter and be used and used and spotted with stuff from my cooking and fingerprints and I will have you right there with me -- both of you. You have made me so happy today with your email.  I love you both. How I wish I could have known you LONG LONG AGO, and loved you both so you would have had more support in the "trying times" -- yet those times made you both STRONGER.  Hugs to you from the mountains, Grandma Lois

| Westcliffe CO United States

I thought her songs were so creative they almost brought tears to my eyes! I enjoyed them so much I watched the music videos several times. What talent!

| United States

Last week - in real life -- I got some cheese from some cheesemaker pals. that night I dreamt about delivering cheese within our local food system - except that it wasn't. i was headed to manchester, england and then to dublin. in an inside-out train. somehow it was inside out but everything was perfect, especially the windows. strange. but it has food in it so there you have it to read. i wish i could see the train again because it was most compelling.

Georgie | United States

I found your film to be the most personal; heartfelt and relevant documentary of the decade, at least. For me it was both cathartic and inspirational; filled with many close parallels to my own life. The black and white footage of John's farm auction took me right back to our own on March 23rd, 1985. How did we all get the same hats? Our family farm has been gone for 25 years now. I'm still amazed that the developers managed to reshape every inch of our land without disturbing any of the secret graves. I guess now the nieghbors will never know for sure. I would like to share some stories and images; but suffering from limited typing skills and Luddite tendencies I will try another time. Farmer John is my Hero.

Curtis Shimek | Anoka Minnesota United States

John, I just watched the movie and I want to be there, on your farm working. What a wonderful tribute to your mother, your father and your uncle. I have been in a state of depression and your movie really moved me and has given me a reason for thought and a reason to continue. Sandra DuTeau

Sandra DuTeau | North Augusta SC United States

Hi Farmer John, I saw "The Real Dirt On Farmer John" as part of the Sunday Bloody Slamdance film festival at our local Labia Cinema. What an inspiring film! CSAs are a relatively new concept in South Africa, but I'm lucky enough to be a member of one, their site It was so inspiring to hear you via Skype after the film - it would have been nice to have video - because we don't get snow in South Africa (except on mountains of course). I wish you and Angelic Organics the best of luck for your future endeavors.

Richard Wooding | Cape Town South Africa

dear john, you've to know i watched your film now severall times and you're a little (no, a big) heroe for me. Its so nice that in the land i dreamed as a little boy, that i once wanted to live, that there are so nice persons as you and your friends. will try hard, at least once to visit your farm!!! i'm so deeply impressed!!!! if every american would be just a little bit like you, the whole world would be very very differend.i'm brougth that i could shake your hand and that i could host you in my little bar here in far europe on a small island. believe me, i'll come to visite you one day, because i've to see what great thing a person like you was able to create. john you're real great and now i know, why our tortured earth will have at the end a future, because of persons likes mr. john peterson. sorry for my english, but i hope you'll understand it. best wishes and hugs from chania to you an all persons you love!!!!!!!!!!

rudolf reigler | Greece

I watched John's film in one of my classes a few weeks ago and it really inspired me. I would love to do an internship/volunteer on your farm. I grew up on a farm in Romania myself, and would love to get close to the Earth again. Please let me know if that would be possible. I really appreciate it! And keep on doing what you are doing; maybe if more people would be like you, then the world would change. Thank you and Namaste.

Alina Vrabie | United States

Hello John, 
As you can see from this Czech TV documentary:, the box scheme has finally arrived into Czech republic as well. AND, what is most important: the farmer couple you will see about 5 minutes to the film, were inspired by you. They attended the meeting with you in Prague and this is the result. There are about 10 box schemes operating now, all of them have people on waiting lists as they do not have enough produce! 
Thank you

Tom Vclavk | Czech Republic

Thank you and all at the farm for this year's vegetables. I'm so happy and thankful to be part of your co-op. I really enjoyed the blog entries and read them with interest every week.  The photos from November are so beautiful!  Getting organic food from a farm here in Illinois is a strangely fulfilling thing for me and I often think of, and greatly appreciate, the people who make it possible. You have helped my family adopt a better diet as well. We're looking forward to next year's season. 
-Illinois shareholder

| IL United States

Just watched Farmer John, and loved it. As fellow organic, small farmers, wish you and yours all the best! Organics, changing America, one kohlrabi at a time.

Tara | United States

Just wanted to let you know that we had watched "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" last night and were truly inspired. That video should be a MUST SEE for everyone as an inspiration to pursue their passion and a great message of not allowing others with narrow minds to keep you down and to just stay tenacious. Look at the wonderful payoff and legacy of what Angelic Organics became. All our best to you in your continued success and we thank you for sharing such a great an unique American story.
Julien and Jerry M.

| United States

We just watched "The Real Dirt." WOW! THANK YOU!!! I am totally impressed in so many ways that I can't really even find the words to tell you! John's life, Taggart's work, your work at AngelicOrganics, you are all so beautiful and the story is exquisitely told. Kudos and Love to you ALL!! "The Real Dirt" is a testimony to my firm belief that the secular is sacred and each of us has such a powerful story to tell. John's story is captured so beautifully in the film. Thank you all for the poignant weaving and telling of a life story! I can hardly wait till Feb to bring this film to my community! I have waited a long time to see the film and am so excited to share it now!

DaLaura Padovan | United States

Dear Buzzy Bee, 
I saw you singing in the field. I saw you with your SWEETheart when the big stinging came and how you hid with each other. I saw how brave your sweetheart was when he told the "man who did mean things" how he felt. Now I see BEAUTIFUL food and people beeing together. I want to come out of hiding. I have a stinger too. 
Lucy from OR

| OR United States

I am an organic CSA farmer in new york. Love the film (one of the few films I whole-heartedly recommend to people that I can guarantee will lift their spirits)!

Nancy Grove | NY United States

Love the cookbook. I inserted some of the recipes into our weekly newsletter, and have had multiple members tell me that they were planning to purchase the cookbook, because they enjoyed the recipes so! And, just for the record, i support the pink boa.

Nancy Grove | NY United States

I fell in love with Farmer John watching the film: THE BEST. how precious that he didn't give up. I laughed, I cried, I ballyhoo'd, and I shouted with happiness as I watched his life story. I'm so glad you honeybees found one another. A small part of me was hoping you were closer location; I'd come dig potatoes and pick corn and harvest with all of you and be so happy. I live and garden the last 2 decades in the mountains, high elevation, 9,000feet elevation, all organic, quite interesting with 100mph winds at the strangest moments challenging the gardening. and in the bowl of the Wet Mountain Valley 7,600 feet there, people look at me weirdly and swear I can't garden at 9,000'. So I'm considered "odd" raising everything, and it was good to nurture myself with the film The Real Dirt on Farmer John. 

Nitehawk | CO United States

Truly inspiring! It will be the likes of you that can hopefully help save the planet and life as we know it. It is up to all of us, but sometimes people need someone to look up to. I lived in IL/IA back in 85-92, and I know how closed-minded folks can be. Most of my high school friends from back there are now working in some crappy factory,drugged out, pissed off, and bored. I would like to see your farm become the norm. We have several farms like this in our area and an excellent farmers market, that I love going to weekly. Thanks for not giving up when times were bleak, and thank you for being an inspiration to us all!

Phillip Heinze | Olympia WA United States

I loved the bug song/video. It's frightening to learn about what is happening to our pollinating insects around the world.

Phillip Heinze | Olympia WA United States

Being a farm girl myself, I could really connect with this movie and cried, many times. I loved the positive messages it provided about CSAs, farming and in life in general. I am looking forward to receiving newsletters from the farm and look to you as a sense of inspiration as we start our own CSA. Thank you so much!

| Green Mountain Falls CO United States

Such a masterpiece ! Great songs, Lesley! 
Mark Head, MD

mark head | taos United States

Dear Farmer John~ 
Thank you for sharing your story. I recently had the good fortune of seeing your film at school in a class called Planetary Psychology. I attend the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. In class we discuss the psychology of alienation from the elements, from the natural world, and ultimately from ourselves and each other. Thank you so very much for your film and your farm. I am so very aware of the harm and destruction we've subjected our planet to; it's refreshing and inspiring to see how we can reclaim our relationship to the land as you did. I believe this film is a great motivator for many people who need a little extra push. I appreciate you and your work. 
How's the farm? How's your mom? How has the film changed your life and your outlook? What are your recommendations to help our planet? 
Wishing you all the very best, 

Chanda Mollers | San Francisco CA United States

John, thanks for a beautiful film and for sharing a beautiful life. Inspiring! The beauty of your hard work goes well beyond the crops at harvest.

My daughter who is volunteering at a city garden suggested I watch your movie The Real Dirt on Farmer John. I felt I had to email you and tell you how much I loved it. Even where I grew up in Rhode Island I remember my connections to the local farms and spent a good part of my life wanting to be a farmer. For many years I worked as a farmhand and for many more I worked on a dairy farm as the evening milker (among other things). Anyone who chooses this lifestyle has my greatest admiration. It is hard but gratifying work. Your movie is a wonderful representation of many aspects of life. Wonderful!!! I highly recommend it to everyone and wish you all great success.  
Lorrie B. 
ps I would love to work on your farm!!!!

| United States

I watched your documentary the other night and was so moved by it. You are courageous, brave and loving. Coming from the concrete jungle of Boston I never realized how close to the earth farmers feel and the vibrancy and connection it creates. I wept when the old gentleman in your documentary held back tears due to him seeing the farmland being used to build houses on- concrete foundations etc on the land he worked with his bare hands as his parents before him. You are as true and real and alive as the planet we call home. I wish you great spirit blessings, John.

Shane L. | Boston United States

That John dude is an amazing story. I loved the mom. she's awesome, and the girl who made the comment about how she used to worry about her figure until she started handling tomatoes. That was so freaking awesome. Farmer John's story is an awesome one. It happened so organically. I only hope that more farms like that crop up around here. I think John should be going around on tours and educating people and creating templates of his success. This is the only kind of franchising I would love to see.

Mahmoud B. | United States

john, just saw your dirt farmer dvd and were profoundly affected. we also farm here. -eric and kath 

eric & kath | Spain

I thank you for the wonderful story you are telling. I am a fervent believer in the value of storytelling as a powerful way of communicating and interacting. The community supported agriculture story is an important one and one that needs to be told often.

K.V. | United States

Your - hand's down - the best vegetarian cook book I have ever stumbled upon!

K.V. | United States

Our first season as shareholders is coming to an end and we are saddened by the prospect. It has been a tremendously rewarding experience for us, on many levels. 
From an organic level - our bodies thank you for bringing sunshine, rain, earth and sky to our tables on a weekly basis; our minds thank you for nourishing them with clean, healthy and powerful vitamins and minerals.  
From an emotional level - we thank you for giving us the peace of mind of knowing where our food comes from and that you have as much of a vested interest in our well-being as we do. 
From a relationship level - we thank you for the opportunity to teach us how to build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with the world around us and for helping us recognize how invaluable a healthy relationship with our environment is to fostering a healthy mind, body and soul. 
From an ideological level - we thank you for helping us align our beliefs with our actions and live with more congruity and in a healthier way.

K.V. | United States

Dear Lesley, I want to thank you so much! I received your lovely cd in the mail today. I like listening to your music, you sound peaceful, happy and your songs make me smile! They also have a good message behind all of them! You are very talented! Fondly, Jessica J, ag student

| CA United States

Just saw your documentary for the first time this weekend and I am so inspired I am getting involved in a local CSA in my own community. What an awesome story, what an amazing person John is!!! His story has given me so much hope for our future! What honesty, humility and courage. Thank you!

V. G. | United States

"You can't possibly know how your film affected me. It gave me courage to keep going. Life is so hard; I never had any idea how hard it could be until I came here and found myself making my own way. But your film made me realize to never give up. You will simply never know the great number of people your film is giving courage to." 
Stockholm: hotel cleaning immigrant from Ethiopia

| Ethiopia

As for the CD and DVD - I am really happy to have a copy of this. It really lifted my spirits after a hectic week full of loony clients and stress. I couldn't stop laughing while listening to it!  I just love Lesley's irreverent sense of humor, that girl's got chutzpah! Not to mention that her voice has an intonation that is reminiscent of the best female Irish folk singers. Must start wearing my Lesley Littlefield button!

Amy S. | United States

I just got to give you guys credit, and the people who did the filming, editing, the invisible production team, great job! Bravo! Bravisimo! 
It takes real courage to put your private life out there for people to examine and judge like John has done, and this movie makes me proud to be a citizen of humanity! Most importantly (for me), I find the movie a tool in my hands for the education of those around me who have little idea of, how, or even, what, it takes to feed, cloth and shelter themselves with out modern big agribiz to do it for them. I have this deep sense that it is important for ordinary people to begin the process of reconnecting with the skills of their forefathers (at least emotionally), especially now, in this uncertain time. Who knows what will happen " if " (or is it "when"?) Humpty dumpty's proverbial artificial agricultural time bomb "wall" comes tumbling down. How will humanity, once again, intelligently and successfully begin to produce food, clothing and shelter with their own labor, without benefit of the traditional agricultural natural science, our forgotten inheritance? Only with great difficulty I fear. How will humanity do it with grace and art? Nature is so beautiful, speaking to us of what must lie behind this incredible, if fleeting , existence in these bodies on planet Earth, a planet of a remote star in a remote Galaxy. Humans so easily forget to value beauty and art properly. The movie so gently reminds us what it means to be human and make mistakes. 
I feel a personal responsibility to pass on the old time agricultural skills I have been so lucky to receive, and I received so much. I can see it is the same for you fokes too, and though the movie, now your knowledge, ideas and experiences can and have effected me and my friends, and who knows how many countless others, in a very useful way. 
Again, Thanks, really, truly, heartfelt "thanks" for all the effort it took and suffering you had to go through to make the movie something beautiful I can hold in my hand today.

Rebecca McCarty | OR United States

Hey John :0) 
I couldn`t sleep tonight and was watching tv. I saw the film about you in the middle of the night. Wauv there is still people who makes a difference out there in this crazy world. I was just happy! You are an inspiration, true and not afraid to be who you are. Thank you for sharring your life, I was so moved. I will try to find the Dvd here in Denmark, so I can share this wonderfull story with people I care about. Most of all my two boys, who both are a little bit hippie like you :0)They would love it! My son Patrick is traveling in vietnam to the end of may. He have so many great ideas, and this will tell him, that things can come true, even in a world that only cares about money.My other son Jannick has just as many thoughts about changing the way people think about themselves an others, and would love this movie! Sincerly hearthug here from Denmark to you :0) Pia Lona Hansen

Pia Lona Hansen | Frevejle Denmark

I LOVE the recipes I've tried in your cookbook, John, particularly the carrot rice pudding, beet-carrot etc. veggie burgers, and kale with ginger. I'm trying to get to them all while swamped with plant starts and other farm duties here in Idaho. Hope all is well with you! 
Best regards, Faus

Faus Geiger Corlett | Corral ID United States

I just wanted to let someone know that the movie that was produced about the Angelic Organic Farm is such and inspiration to my family! It was exactly what my husband and I needed to see, it is possible to have a garden that not only feeds, but educates and in the end is essentially taking care of not just the farmer, but all who are involved. I can say that there is a farm in my future....thank you so much for showing that this is still possible and is being done! Thank you time and time again, more folks need to know about these things, and how to get involved. Keep up the hard work, I'm one that has been inspired and i know that there are many many more that will be inspired! 
Thanks again for reading this, and take care and smile a lot!

N.D. Williams | OR United States

We live at Green Gulch Farm, which is a Zen Buddhist community that's been farming organically since 1972. We cultivate about 5 acres of cool-weather, fog-loving crops. We also run a modified CSA during our 6-month growing season. After seeing your film, I thought we should have a copy of it for our library for all the apprentices to watch, and actually for the whole community to watch. Wishing you continued good luck in your work, 
Green Gulch Farm, CA

M. Sopko | CA United States

we went to your movie last night and took two friends with us.  We all really enjoyed it and spent quite a bit of time talking about it after. I got to experience some farm life in Utah and Wyoming as a child, but the children of today don't have a clue. How precious it is to have this film footage. Great job!!!!  You are to be commended.

Sam M. | Vancouver WA United States

Great film!  Great job that you guys are doing! 
-Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College

| IN United States

Dear Farmer John, 
I’ve been an Angelic subscriber almost from the beginning, and you never cease to amaze me with your continual reinventions, pushing the envelop and uniquely nimble mind.  I was at the premier Chicago screening of The Real Dirt last night and cannot stop thinking about the film.  I spoke with you briefly before the film began (I’m the one that sent the story about the “worm” -it was really a caterpillar- years ago which got published in the AO newsletter) and wished I had the opportunity to speak with you afterwards to share how profoundly the film impacted me. I wish you the best of luck with this project and look forward to the publication of your books.

Victoria K. | IL United States

good on 'ya - i'm so happy this spectacular film is finding outlets to reach the masses. although of a different subject, but in respect to a life experience and a vital perspective well told, the comment on the cover of an exceptional book - bloodties - written by ted kerasote states, "the world is lucky to have this book".  i feel the same affection for your film.  thanks for making it happen! 
-Sharon M.

| United States

Last night I saw The Real Dirt at the Olympia Film Festival, here in Olympia, WA. 
I want to express my gratitude to you for your work, both on the farm and on producing an inspiring,educational film. 
As I exited the theatre I actually heard people saying, "wow, that totally makes me want to go work on an organic farm or join a CSA!"  What better response??!! 
Thanks again, keep up the amazing spirit! 
-Sarita R.

| olympia WA United States

I had the fortunate opportunity to see the video at the recent Land Trust Rally conference in Madison and listen to Farmer John speak afterwards. I Loved it!  Please add me to your list for notification of events, film releases etc., etc. Keep up the wonderful pleasures of life! 
Annie B.

| United States

I was greatly impressed with your documentary on Farmer John - it is masterful. I cannot tell you how many people I told to see it when it was shown in Ketchum! 
-Becky S.

| Ketchum ID United States

Greetings to you from Bellingham, Washington.  I grew up in Iowa and was a young hippie on rented farms through the 1980s...  so sympathize with your Salem witch experience.  It was probably, in hindsight, a combination of economic panic, the continued reverberations from losing the war in Viet Nam, and the way kids were so different from their folks.  ????   As awful as your experience was...?  Perhaps you got off lucky considering the plight of those folks imprisoned for "Satanic child abuse" in the same period.  They put them away in Washington state in the dozens.  (All let go later.)  Weird times, eh?  Has your neighbor properly apologized? 
Love to your darling wife. 
Saw your film last night on our local POV program on PBS.  Love you, love your work.  You have inspired my husband and me to sign up for our local subscription vegetable patch. 
-Lynn F.

| Bellingham WA United States

John's story is one that we can all look at and relate to in some way. The most extraordinary achievements have been made by humanity's willingness to bounce back and try again and John did it with such grace, humor and vigilance that makes him a true revolutionary on this planet. Bringing back the people to the land, FARMS CANNOT BE A ONE MAN OPERATION, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. Actually few things in life can be done alone, COMMUNITY is sooooo important. We need each other! I think the Native Americans would be proud!! Keep on spreading the love John and re-claiming our destiny on this planet as a Mutualistic Symbiotic species! 
Your friend 

Katiana Giacona | United States

I just watched your movie and I felt compelled to write and tell you how touched I was by your story. There are so many lessons to be learned from your film about tolerance, perseverance, family, our environment and food cycle. I can't thank you enough for making this film!  
I grew up in Colorado, actually in one of those suburban neighborhoods that was encroaching on what was formerly fertile farmland. In fact my best childhood friends were the farmer's children who now lived in one of the ugly tri-level houses that sat on the land their parents used to farm. There was still about 20 acres of land and most of their out buildings and some horses remaining behind their house. So I grew up literally playing everyday on the skeleton of their farm. Riding tractors for no real reason, marveling at the aging tools and farm equipment rusting in the barns and shop. It really instilled in me a sensitivity to the loss of that way of life and I suppose that is why your story touched me so deeply.  
Thanks again and best wishes to you!

Brian Neill | Longmont CO United States

Thanks very much, John, for your farmer-crazy artist soul and the work you do on all these aspects, like the beautiful film that I enjoyed. It's an example for me of being true to your feelings and dreams. You're a torchbearer! Your supporter Marian.

Marian van der Veen | Utrecht Netherlands

My husband and I just watched your documentary. What an amazing story and fabulous journey you've had. I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are. We are in Florida, but if we were closer we would come visit your farm often. Thanks for sharing your experience!!!

Heather & Scott | United States

Funny how a film can make you love someone you've never met, but it happens all the time. Love you Farmer John! Love your story, your ups and downs, your courage and humor and creativity. What a life of contribution you've made - and you seem to be having a grand time too! 
All the best always, 
your fan,

Laurie Q

For myself angelic as an adjective is dear. As a figurine,[mostly caucasian,] I am turned off by the Angel thing. Angelic Organics is Love, Beauty, Balance and in harmony with the Mystery. 
Best to you all, Margo

Margo M | United States

Hello Angelic Farms 
We enjoyed watching "the real dirt of farmer John" movie, and would like to know if overseas supporters could join on-line and perhaps help out at the farm in a virtual way. We would love to visit, but could never afford to get to USA to do so, so we thought that maybe we could help virtually instead. 
Belinda and Tim

belina & tim | New Zealand

The first always the hardest. Three years later, people are still discovering the film about you. Me included. So you are a little uncoventional, eh? But you sure are doing something right.  Keep up the good work. 
Debra K

Hi there,  
Thanks a lot, I received the DVD from the Netherlands yesterday, that's great !!  
It's a fantastic story telled in there, I cried like a child watching it. American rural history is so close to ours in Europe. I recognized our story when I was watching the decline of your agriculture, the rising of residential quarters in place of good lands, the disappearing of rural languages - even if it has an other meaning in Europe -, and so on ... We lived the same here, until today!  
My grand-parents were farmers too, they grown organicaly, even if they never had to name it so. It was traditional agriculture, no less, no more. Myself, I'm feeling a greaaaaat hole in my own soul, 'cause my father, aunts and uncles decided to not continue farming - maybe it was better, regarding to the industrial agriculture which was rising at that time - and sold our lands to residential purposes... I only have one aspiration, is to go back to land, grow organicaly (we call it non-senselly 'bio', in France, 'organic' as a real meaning), but how to do it ? Land is so expensive... Nevertheless... no time to cry on ourselves, there's so much to do on this Earth.  
I'm gardening, keeping bees... Also organising an 'AMAP', a kind of CSA, more or less. We lost so much in 50 years !!! Knowledges, social organisation and so on. It is global, not only in 'native societies'. In a certain point of view, we, peasants, are western natives, carrying a thousands years old tradition ! Now, the ones who have memory must transmit all this...  
So... thanks a lot for that shipping.  
Thanks again, 
Kind regards,  

Eric P | Netherlands

Dear Farmer John and Community, 
Thank you for sending the encouraging note with the Christmas gift ideas. We were there in the fall to see the farm, CSA and the Learning centre. We were on sabbatical traveling a few weeks at a time, after 16 years of a CSA in the highlands of Ontario. We are sharing your story with the DVD and helping "grow" other farmers with the inspiration. Thank you and keep up the hope beyond hope. My husband Godfrey uses the description for farming as a "dis ease" that is catchy. Once you have it, you can not help but farm, in spite of all the challenges. BLessings of the CHirstmas light to you all!!! Farmer Jean

Jean Waverley Brook Farm | United States

Dear John... 
I watched the documentary film about your life and the lives of your farm last night. I was moved to tears. 
What can a man do when he goes for his dream and hard work? Yes John I am not a farmer, but I do eat, I like your lifestyle very much. Keep up the good work, and don't forget your roots, the Scandinavian people are hard working. 
Yes John your film was on the state runs television cannel (NRK) it was a good show indeed. I am a traveling man from Norway visiting many countries all over the world, been living in the states for a couples of years, in South Africa for 10 years and so forth. Never in my life have I been googeling on a name before ,just to let you know how much that film ment for me. Thank you John.

jon petter oie | kvitsoy Norway

Just talked to Weleda’s Tom Donohue who is also a musician in and around NYC. When his band plays “BBJ” they always dedicate it to Farmer John. One rehearsal they decided they loved the movie so much they watched it instead of playing music.  Just wanted to pass that lovely piece of information on to you.

| United States

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that you are doing well...  I watched "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" about 1.5 years ago and about 20 times.  I tell everyone I know about it.  I haven't had one person say they didn't like it.  You are a really great man to open the eyes of so many people..  Keep up the amazing work!  Your mother would be very proud i bet...

Ben Northenor | United States

Hello to all of you working on the farm from Stuttgart, Germany! I saw the movie last year and just spent half a year in Southern Illinois. Looked at your website again now and just wanted to tell you that I think it's wonderful and very important what you all are doing. I wish you good luck and all the support from humans and angels you need! Have a beautiful summer!

Natascha N. | Germany

years ago i had a dream about a tremendous - really tremendous -- number of chocolate bars (hershey's 8 oz ones, but now they are stupidly only 6 oz. i think -- it's that whole underweighting thing, but who cares really b/c it's just hershey's) anyway...there were stacks and stacks of them and one of my good friends was there. just standing there in front of them. i think she figured it was a compliment.

Georgie | United States

i had a dream last night, but it was sadly (perhaps) interrupted by one of my kids waking up and hence waking me up. three italian guys sitting at a long table. i was presenting them with fabulous broccoli. the broccoli was the focus, not the italian guys, as i emphasized to my husband. it was nice looking broccoli. there were white plates. then i woke up.

Georgie | United States

My Uncle Bill, one of six kids, passed away a few weeks ago. He grew up on the family (former) dairy farm west of you in Lancaster, WI, 29 miles north of Dubuque, IA--in the family since 1850. Your movie deeply touched me since only his oldest of nine seems to want to keep the farm. So it's in a trust for 10 years. I'd have to save a ton to buy it ... Do you think a woman who has only had a flower/veggie garden and some hort experience can farm? anyway, I laughed, cried, felt hope for the first time in a while. My mom was so much like your mom, but mine died when she was only 48, or else I know she'd help me with my Joan-of-Arc-saves-the-farm idea.

Patricia Eisenberg

I just watched my recording of "The Real Dirt..." which was broadcasted on TV here in Norway in June. The movie was great, so honest and real, and really touched my heart! It was so sad to see and hear your evidence of about how rumors in a rural community can be really devastating to human beings and it was so joyful to see how you were able to find a new purpose for your farm, giving so many people the opportunity to get healthy food for their families and to participate in organic farming! I am so happy to finally see organic produce in my local supermarkets. Finally the supermarket chains realized that people actually want this stuff, that they are motivated to pay more in order to get the real stuff, which is both more tasty and more healthy for our bodies.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the experience you gave me through your film. It really warmed my heart, something I needed right now. 
I hope you continue to have success with your farming and with all the knowledge and creativity you share with so many children and adults - you really leave significant traces! The world needs more people like you, and by that I'm not only thinking of organic farming, but all that you stand for! :) 
Warm Scandinavian hug from Norway... :)

| Kristiansand Vest-Agder Norway

I stumbled upon "The Real Dirt" looking for "King Corn" in my library and grabbed them both. My husband and I just loved, loved, loved "The Real Dirt" ... what an incredible story, what a beautiful film, and what an inspiration you are. There is no more important relationship than the one we have with our food and you give me hope that we can turn things around in this country. Thank you for not giving up on farming and for telling your story!

Lauryn Shapter | Fairfield IA United States

I just watched "The Real Dirt" and wanted to thank you for making such a great story available for all to experience. I live too far away to join your CSA, but will join one of our local versions soon because of your inspiring story. I hope I can find one that epitomizes the uniqueness and individuality that John's has. If I am ever in the neighborhood I hope to drop by. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, farms like yours are priceless for a hundred reasons besides the food they provide. 

Laura C. | Austin TX United States

Just out of a weird coincidence, I saw a DVD of interest to me at the library here in Kalamazoo, "the real dirt on farmer john", so I checked it out, not knowing anything. What a great film. I hope one day I can visit Angelic Organics. The footage throughout John's life was amazing. I was brought to tears numerous times and was most touched by the beginning of the organic farm stand with his mother and then seeing the farm transform into a CSA. John has such courage and stamina. I am so grateful to be alive during this amazing time when agriculture is once again being transformed, for the better of the earth and all it's beings. 
With that said, I am a CSA shareholder here in Kalamazoo, and as much as I'd like to be more involved, I am a hardworking mother and professional musician. But do I have so much respect for farmers who are feeding familes and taking care of our land. 
Thank you!

Cori S. | Kalamazoo MI United States

Incredible. I dabble in heirloom organic farming in my yard in Cincinnati, so it was with a start that I discovered Angelic Organic while web surfing, because when I was a kid in the mid-70s/early 80s I used to ride my bike past your farm when I lived over on Beaver Drive. Crushed limestone wasn't too good on my 10-speed tires, but at the time I was determined to find out how far east Rockton Road went. My sister still lives in Rockton...perhaps I'll send her out your way for a tour. She needs to improve her green thumb... 
Best of luck to you!

| Cincinnati OH United States

I just watched John's documentary about his family and farm and wanted to say that it is a very inspiring story and I hope more people can remain so positive and holistic in today's society. Perhaps once I graduate I will come volunteer! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think the farm is beautiful and I hope for its' continuous success! Peace and Love

Claire | United States

two nights ago i dreamt about tomato horn worms. it was an omen or something. my dreams & reality coalescing scare me sometimes, although this is minor. yesterday, there it was in the flesh, or the worm...the first thrill of disgust at the decimated leaves on a tomato plant, the wrong hugeness of a caterpillar & that big caterpillar poop.

Ruth | United States

Lesley, I love the bumble bee song, you are so perfect in it.

Rebecca McCarty | OR United States

My husband and I watched the documentary about your life and the lives of your farm last night. I was moved to tears. I sobbed actually. 
You are such and inspiration to me and your hard work and the love of your mother and your farm encouraged me to give back. The film really made me think about my life. I was so moved at what your mother said about not enjoying what you do then what kind of life would it be. I have not been giving of myself and I am in a struggle which happens a few times of year as my mother is 81 and I am 47 and fixing to move back in with her again as she has Congestive Heart Failure and a few times a year this is just what happens. I have to take care of her. I think selfishly what a burden but know one day she will move on from this life and watching you with your mother --it just really made me snap out of it. How selfish I can be. 
I just had to write and tell you how the film inspired and moved me. I took it to mom's house today and made my sister and her watch it with me. I will be sharing your plight with many and it is my intention to get involved with your CSA and start purchasing organic and homegrown. Half way thru the film I told my husband "we have to help this man". Now, I realize I need to help all farmers. I simply need to start giving of myself period. I need to appreciate where my food comes from and Mother Earth. I will be nicer to her. 
I lift you up with prayers and good thoughts and thank you from the bottom of my heart for just being YOU!

L. Baylor | Corpus Christi TX United States

just a note expressing appreciation for your recipe service. somehow last year's intended winter project of compiling recipes to use in our newsletters never happened and each week the last minute scramble became a little less stressful with your kind sharing of easy to access recipes. so thanks very much! 
-Teleion Holon Community Farm 

| Manchester VT United States

Dear John Peterson 
We will never meet or speak to each other, but every second of my life 
now will be changed forever because you are in this life. 
Thank you for choosing to be in this life and sharing your story - You 
have brought me closer to the spiritual energies of Illinois who 
without a doubt speak through you and heal others through you. I see 
this in your eyes and hear this in your voice and just wanted you to 
know somewhere on the other side of this planet you are being loved 
and healed also. 
Keep writing and inspiration will always take care to ensure your 
ongoing truth. 
You are of greater calling than you would care to admit to and in time 
your life will be the inspiration for millions who only ever asked to 
live a good life and provide goodness to others who may have suffered 
in life, but now watch over your life and will always protect you and 
those you care about. 
All my love goes to you and my life is better knowing who you are.

| United States

I purchased the film b/c my son is wanting to start an organic farm, and I thought the film would inspire him. It exceeded my expectations!! You have brought pride and honor back to the business of farming.I would love to visit your farm, volunteer for a season and come back to NC and start our organic farm. Your expertise would be invaluable to us. We have owned this land since the late 70's, so it's not generations old, but old enough for us. It consists of approximately 200+ acres. We have already planted Black Perrigord truffles which will yield in about 4-5 years. I learned about CSAs approx 1 year ago, and I have been working on getting one started here on the farm since then. There are presently just a handful of local CSAs. I love your enthusiasm and determination. I laughed and cried as I watched your life's story. I wish you the very best. Your community is so fortunate to have you grace them with your knowledge, willingness and tenacity. Look at what the world would be missing if you had given up!! Thankfully, you listened to your mother and were more concerned about her than taking the easy road. Thanks for this inspiring film and for choosing ECO friendly packaging! Wish I was local and could share in you CSA!!

Sheila Taylor | Clayton NC United States

Hey, we just watched your film (we rented it from the library, we had no idea what it was about) what a great film, nice job! My husband and I our home schooling our two girls this year 11 & 12, our goal was to educate them on all the things you need to know but you do not learn in this film was even had a happy ending. Congrats on the success of your CSA. Certainly a much needed resource.

K. Verhein | WI United States

The Real Dirt DVD is WONDERFUL. It's a well told story on several levels. I can't remember seeing such an engaging movie that deals with the economics (and underlying relationships) of CSAs.  
As a hard of hearing person I never would have been able to appreciate it nearly as well without the subtitles. It also means I can share it more easily with friends. Thanks so much for making this available to me. David

David Berrian | Seattle WA United States

I would really like to show The Real Dirt on Farmer John to our students because it combines art and agriculture and demonstrates the need for out of the box thinking, tolerance, and more.

art professor | reedley college United States

Hi Lesley, it was fun seeing you in the film! What a great story and message. I hope the film continues to be seen. Thank you for sending a copy. I wish there was Angelic Organics in Brisbane Australia, I would love that concept! Take care and best of luck!

Kari Tapin | Brisbane Australia

I'm glad John is touring for the film. That's great.  Maybe he will help get people excited about organic farming and the CSA concept. I guess he is arguably the most famous farmer in America.

Lyle | OH United States

Dear John 
I felt impelled to inform you of my absolutely inspirational moment. I suffer from depression and was having a bad day. I decided to watch some TV to get my mind off things and came across a movie about your life. I missed the beginning but came in early enough to watch what an absolutely full life you have lived and in turn allowed others to take positive from. I was sorry to hear about your mother's passing as she must have been a large part of your life, but glad to see you continue with farming as it not only seems to enhanced your life, shareholders' lives but lived on in memory of your mother. Your story has lifted my spirits and allowed me to see that even through the tough times, perserverence is a virtue. 
Your indebted fan,

Samantha Dinos | Melbourne Victoria Australia

Thanks a lot, I received the DVD from the Netherlands yesterday, that's great !! I watched it, maybe you are the one who can be seen in the movie? It's a fantastic story telled in there, I cried like a child watching it. American rural history is so close to ours in Europe. I recognized our story when I was watching the decline of your agriculture, the rising of residential quarters in place of good lands, the disappearing of rural languages - even if it has an other meaning in Europe -, and so on ... We lived the same here, until today !  
My grand-parents were farmers too, they grown organicaly, even if they never had to name it so. It was traditional agriculture, no less, no more. Myself, I'm feeling a greaaaaat hole in my own soul, 'cause my father, aunts and uncles decided to not continue farming - maybe it was better, regarding to the industrial agriculture which was rising at that time - and sold our lands to residential purposes... I only have one aspiration, is to go back to land, grow organicaly (we call it non-senselly 'bio', in France, 'organic' as a real meaning), but how to do it ? Land is so expensive... Nevertheless... no time to cry on ourselves, there's so much to do on this Earth.  
I'm gardening, keeping bees... Also organising an 'AMAP', a kind of CSA, more or less. We lost so much in 50 years !!! Knowledges, social organisation and so on. It is global, not only in 'native societies'. In a certain point of view, we, peasants, are western natives, carrying a thousands years old tradition ! Now, the ones who have memory must transmit all this...  So... thanks a lot for that shipping. I knew about 'the real dirt on farmer John' from a german friend, and you can be sure that I will make it know around me here in France.  
Thanks again,  
Kind regards,

Eric Verney | France

I love your bee song! I'm a great lover of bees and I plan to start beekeeping this spring. The video for that one is priceless. I roll on the ground every time I see it! I also really enjoyed the video of your Farmer John song. You guys crack me up.

Walker marchal | sedona AZ United States

I just watched your movie. I am an organic farmer (small scale) Holistic Health Practitioner, & your movie was absolutely awesome. I am so happy fr you & what you have accomplished! Keep up the good work!

Melissa Doxtater | Lebanon Pa United States

Hi John, I just watched this story of your life, farm life. I have always wanted to live with the land and the animals like you have. I grew up here in the city and have always longed for life away from here. This film hit my soul and made me sad that I am living this city life that i dont love. I do love animals and have cats and dogs. They are my life. But somethin is missing. When i was a kid and went on field trips, I remember one in particular on a ranch where we spent a week. I cried all the way home and went into a depression. I have delt with depression for about ten years now. I am a veterinary technician looking for a change. Your story inspires me do do something more for the land. Its where i know i belong. I would love to work with you and your people. My kids are grown now, 24 and 18.. its time for me.

laura bormann | roselle ill United States

I made a personal connection with Farmer John through watching his movie, and shared the film with people who cried when they saw it. I am in touch with many filmmakers right now who are testing their voice through art and message regarding food and farming. I am hoping to connect with John Peterson, have a conversation, if possible. 
My project is  
It's about the real-food revival, bringing the diverse culture of American people together, preserving regional tradition, getting muddy on the back roads. It would be disrespectful to John to move forward without at least asking for his thoughts.  
~ Charlotte 

| Montara CA United States

Thank you for The Real Dirt on Farmer John! My partner, Evan, brought this film home from our neighborhood video rental store in NW Portland. We are both very interested in local, seasonal food and organic, biodynamic farming. Much to our surprise and delight, we soon learned that we had both grown up in small towns very close to the Farm! Evan's grandfather built a house just down the road! I lived in Milton, WI as a child and Evan and I spent a few years living in Madison, WI before moving to Portland, OR. I remember Angelic Organics at the Dane County Farmer's Market and Willy Street Co-op! I have watched this film over and over again because it reminds me of home, the Mid-West, the heartland. While Oregon is the land of agricultural ambrosia, I always feel my connection to the food and growing seasons of the Mid-West. I adore the ways in which this movie reveals the significance of local farming and preserving farms in our rural communities meanwhile linking this rural abundance to urban lifestyles. I appreciate John sharing his own personal story, his family history, challenges, victories, dreams, and I love his style and creative flare! Thank you for blending human creativity with the natural art of the earth. This movie may make a difference in the world by illustrating farm culture and work as creative (and fun) on many levels. Dressing in festive costume and filming the beautiful essence of the land, while producing pure food is supremely radical! The relationship between farm and art (and joy) as created and represented by John is so wonderful to me and I hope that others will be inspired by his visions, natural instinct to farm, and the community that he has since created. Farming, or our food source in this age, is important for all humans (funny how a lot of humans forget this..) and thanks to this film for showing that fact.  
I hope to actually visit the Farm some day! My mom still lives in Milton, just a short trip up I90. Also, John, you and any member(s) of your staff are welcome to join me in Oregon for some of the most amazing Upicking! I am always looking for fellow foodies to show off and revel in the berries. The blackberries that grow here could feed an entire country, I'm sure.  

ellen Gates | Portland Oregon United States

wish i could git sum

Ed Campbell | Miramichi New Brunswick Canada

we love u

Ed Campbell | Miramichi New Brunswick Canada

The Real Dirt already has made a difference in the world. My Granddaughter watched the film and the next week, the whole family joined their local CSA and took a tour of the farm!!

Loretta Callahan | Milwaukie OR USA

Love this book. I've never seen so many recipes for brussels sprouts!!

Loretta Callahan | Milwaukie OR USA

Thought you might be interested to know that I am showing The Real Dirt to my Art & Society (400 level Sociology) class. I showed the first half today, and the students really responded to it. It's great to have such a wonderful resource for this class. Thanks, and keep up the good work! Wish we could take a field trip for one of your walking tours. dsfarrell

Deborah Farrell | New Albany IN United States

Hi Farmer John, 
I just saw your documentary on TVO in Toronto, Ontario. And I just wanted to say may the Greatest of Sacred spirits (or God or whatever you consider the holiest of holys….you know what I mean …THAT universal LOVE that connects us all)…May that Love continue to bless and renew your farm and your growing family of partner farmers. And your companionship and your romance. 
I was very moved by your life story, and feel on the verge of breaking through and making a commitment to Food of some kind. Your Film has inspired me especially the resilience you and your Mother and your precious bumble bee lady-partner have shown and, well, your life is inspiring. Your story has strengthened my resolve to find someone like you and Angelic Organics here in Ontario. And the life force I'm sure will lead me ultimately 'home' to that place eventually. Thank you again and blessings on your growing and sharing and living and loving this year. And every year until you too return to your sacred soil. 
Nuru in Toronto

| Toronto ON Canada

To Farmer John, I saw "the real dirt" yesterday and I kept thinking about it, letting the scenes and the story go trouhg my mind over and over. 
The thing that strikes me most I think, is that you stayed true to your feelings from the beginning. And this way wasn't the easiest at all, and that finally you managed to make that fruitfull. That's really inspiring to me. I wish you good luck for the future!

Judith de Vries | Zutphen Netherlands

Watching this movie made me boil over with emotions. Everything from anger to love. Listening to the community put on of there own down and not taking care of John made me feel like I was living in my birth place which is a farming community.  
My husband kept telling have to watch this, and we finally got around to it yesterday while my children were at school.  
I am going to get our school which run a destination conservation group to watch the real dirt on farmer John. I think John sparks a nerve on every level whether your a farmer or consumer, or is it art lover or farmer? Eco warrior or Boss.  
I think we found our next family vacation destination for next year.

Krista Embertson | Calgary Alberta Canada

Dear Mr. "Farmer John", 
Sorry for the "nicname" but I don´t remember your formal name... 
The truth is I´m a 24-year-old Mexican with a lot of hope with his country and the way things can change in a third-world reality... 
I´m working right now on a County Project for METEPEC County (50 KM away from Mexico City) the county has been, historically speaking, an agricultural county...known for it´s corn, squash, pork meat, and many other produce. The population demand and growth in Mexico City has demanded land (for Homes especially) from the farmer...and, as I´m certain, you are already guessing, farmlands are already decreasing it´s land and, especially, their wealth... 
I´m thinking about a plan like yours...The things is I need the know-how, and how to talk the Mexican Farmers into it...The next phase would involve the infomration and invitation to the surrounding community to be part of this inspiring project... 
I would love to be in touch with you (I know you are a busy man) or someone willing to share the knowledge and experience of a farm like yours, to others... 
I still remember, in the documentary, that your trip to Mexico, made you understand man´s deep link to the Land...I don´t want this to be forgotten in this part of the World...there´s still hope! 
Thank you for your time, and congratulations for everything you have achieved... 
Rodrigo Alfaro

Rodrigo Alfaro | Metepec City Distrito Federal Mexico

John - I loved the documentary "The Real Dirt". It is making me want to join a CSA here in NJ. I am glad that you persisted in your convictions. It is wonderful that your CSA has grown into something that is blessing so many people and families.

Dave Robbie | Delanco NJ United States

I loved the Bug Song. That is great! I think you are really talented.

Dave Robbie | Delanco NJ United States

WOW! After just viewing the film I wanted to tank everyone involved, especially John for one of the most facinating and important films I have ever seen. As a small farmer myself, it was both informative and inspirational to see what y'all are up to. Thanks for all of your sacrifice and diligence - the world is a better place because of it and keep up the great work. 
With love, 

Billy Hume | Sechelt B,C, Canada

G'day Farmer John, I just saw most of "the Real Dirt".Beautiful Story of a good person making it through much adversity.Thank you for your honesty in telling it.You inspire me good Sir.Homage to you and all sentient beings of the ten directions. Brad

Brad . Tolman | Sydney New South Wales Australia

G'day Farmer John, I just saw most of "the Real Dirt".Beautiful Story of a good person making it through much adversity.Thank you for your honesty in telling it.You inspire me good Sir.Homage to you and all sentient beings of the ten directions. Brad

Brad . Tolman | Sydney New South Wales Australia

Hi John, I just saw The Real Dirt and it was absolutely brilliant... and what a blessing to have that wonderful mother in your life... As we say over here... You are a Legend ! 

Wendy Churchill | Ballarat Victoria Australia

Farmer John shares so much of his personal life story in this movie; his sucesses, failures, and eccentricities. It amazes me how much John is willing to share with his audience. I wanted to slap the neighbor that spread the vicious lies about John! The movie was different than what I expected. I thought there would be more about how to run an organic CSA farm, or the benefits of being a member of a CSA community. Perhaps we will see a follow up movie? "The Real Dirt on Farmer John's Friends?" It could be a powerful and life changing documentory if it showed the health benefits to CSA partners from eating farm fresh organics.

Lyle Bayless | Dayton OH United States

I like the CD quite a bit. The humorous folkiness reminds me of Melanie, although Lesley sings better. I also like the thoughtful tunes. "Oranginess" is sort of Donovan-esque. I wondered if you were a "people are evil" type nature guy, but the lyric to "Farmer John" puts things in good perspective. The CBOT! How funny is that? "Ya gotta live," right? Also, the song that sticks in my head the most is "Four More Times," not because of the lyrics but because the sprightly melody is infectious. So, when you were in a bug suit cleaning the windshield of your bug, were you wiping off dead bugs?

B. P. | Gainesville GA United States

just a note expressing appreciation for your recipe service. somehow last year's intended winter project of compiling recipes to use in our newsletters never happened and each week the last minute scramble became a little less stressful with your kind sharing of easy to access recipes. so thanks very much! 
Teleion Holon Community Farm

Bonnie Levis | Manchester VT United States

The concept of community sustained agriculture is a message the world needs to embrace now more than ever.

-Producers of the film, "Food Matters"

| United States

We enjoyed the vegetables and the eggs immensely. It feels so good and so right to be eating the fruits of Angelic Organics. Thanks to all of you for all of the work.

Kathleen L. | IL United States

Our screening of The Real Dirt was a blast! Twenty-two people showed up (which is a crowd in Milford) and they enjoyed the film very much. It really is well done with a good message. Working together we can do great things and we must! Thanks so much.

Paula & Bruce W. | Milford United States

Hi Farmer John, 
My name is Rachel. I am 9 years old and I am Loretta's Grand daughter. I recently saw your movie the Real Dirt on Farmer John.  
I really liked the film. It made me think how farms effect people. After we watched the film, my family signed up with our local CSA. We've gotten a lot of different fruits and vegetables that I had never heard of before. Last week, we visited our farm in the Capay Valley. We got to tour the farm and get onions and pumpkins! This is a very neat program and I'm glad we joined.  
Thank you for telling people about CSA's. It's awesome. 
Rachel Pelote

Rachel Pelote | Livermore CA United States

I showed your Bug video to eldest daughter, home from college, and she said 
"what a pretty voice!"  --and she is a critic too!

Scott Wenger | Ferndale WA United States

Hello, I belong to a village of Catalunya, in Spain. I have seen a reportage of tv only, John, that you are a very good person and I hope there was more people as like you, the world serious a better place. Thank you and a lot of luck!!

Herman | Catalunya Spain

I grew up on a farm. Well, farm land. My mom loved horses....We were in the middle of farm country. Although I knew little about farming and still wouldn’t claim to (we rented out much of the land to the local farmers and kept only one field for hay), at 42 years old, I still claim to have the best playground a child could ever have had.  (My first show and tell was bringing a full horse skeleton to 1st grade that my sister and I dug up on the farm…we also brought fish eyes that we plucked out and tried to dissect the lenses from).

 ...I love what you’ve done and what you’re doing. And, I love the way you’ve done and are doing it. I should say you and all those who have supported you. I love and support CSA’s. Thank you, thank you. Thank all of the CSA’s in Michigan and all in Southern California. I will never stop buying locally grown foods. I will never stop thinking about what I put in my mouth! (Even though I’m not as careful always about what comes out!)

| La Jolla CA United States

I recently saw the documentary on Farmer John and was just blown away. One of the best films I have ever watched.. My dad sold his farm in the 1960's basically because taxes were getting too high..If only we had that land today..almost 300 acres...I dream of one day playing my guitar and writing songs near fields of plenty...I enjoyed your songs and especially to know that hey come from the heart of a real person...

David | Upstate NY United States

I recently saw the documentary on Farmer John and was just blown away. One of the best films I have ever watched.. My dad sold his farm in the 1960's basically because taxes were getting too high..If only we had that land today..almost 300 acres...I dream of one day playing my guitar and writing songs near fields of plenty.. 
I enjoyed your songs and especially to know that hey come from the heart of a real person..

David | Upstate NY United States

I have just watched your film. My done good. 
Thanks so much for just being there in the world. How wonderful and true. 
Here's to all farmers, even the back 
yard organic farmers like myself - hope we roam long and till well. 
Best and blessings and many many thanks,

K | United States

i really love your film, 
it is wonderful, courageous, 
funny, heart-wrenching, moving 
and educational, 
and a really great story to share. 
so thank you for putting it together. 
i would so love to be driving down koah road 
and see a farmer and his partner 
dressed up as bees, 
singing joyfully amongst a gorgeous biodynamic crop... 
a vision for the future, 
all the very best to you, 
and thank you also for your inspiration 
and for being you, 
and for blossoming into y o u 
so beautifully 
with csa

Lisa | Koah North Queensland Australia

I have been listening to your songs over and over and they are lovely, witty, intelligent,  FUNNY, unpredictable, amazing musical twists and turns of the unexpected with notes and words and absolutely beautiful!!!! 
-Laurie M

| Santa Cruz CA United States

It was Farmer John's movie that gave me faith right when I was considering quitting it all. At that time everything was on my shoulders and I was burning out and beginning to feel kind of hopeless! Once I saw your movie I knew 100% that my faith would create what was needed and it was destined to work out. 
After that final hard time, things began to turn very fast and happily into a much easier and lighter road! Right after I saw Farmer John's movie I read the E-myth book which showed me I was simply going through what many go through when turning labors of love into business. 
At that point I forgave myself for my many mistakes which all lead to new beginnings, approaches, ways and lead us to this good place you find us in now. So happy you join us now in this awesome place of now! Ahhhhhhhhh........ 
Laurie M

| Santa Cruz CA United States

Hi. My name is Essie Hicks and I live in Olympia, WA. I am a student at South 
Puget Sound Community College, and a mother of four beautiful boys. I grew up on a farm in Potomac Maryland which is now a golf stadium. Losing the farm to the golf stadium broke my heart. I loved your documentary. My Environmental Science teacher assigned it to my group, and it really touched me. I wish the farm I lived on could have been saved.

Essie Hicks | Olympia WA United States

Also the Lesley Littlefield CD is AWESOME! She has such a cool style that is sweet and funky and ORIGINAL and she is a d**n good singer!

Katiana Giacona | CA United Kingdom

My husband and I watched the documentary, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, last night. It was great! We own a Christmas tree farm in the western mountains of North Carolina and can relate to the many struggles that people who work with the earth feel on a daily basis. Thank you for the insight into your life and we are happy that you were able to get beyond the many obstacles that came your way.

Mary Coan | NC United States

I have never been to the midwest and for two years thinking and pondering the question,  what it is like to farm? It is truly American and worth holding on to. Thank you for the film and showing the valleys and through quest and faith, the victorious summit - just great. 
I've always wished to work the land, my grandfather that I never met had a farm, it was sold by the time I was born and yet I believe that this love for the earth is in my blood too. It is what I've always wished to learn. Didn't waste time, signed up for CSA in my community and waiting to hear back. Oddly I am 10 miles outside of Boston, but why not here too!

Holly Drumm | MA United States

I teach juniors and senior business students about the power of our own projections onto others in a university class called 'Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations.' Utilizing your experience [in the classroom would be] a powerful real life example of the terrible consequences when we don't have skills to manage differences in effective ways. 
-V. Murphy

| Aurora OH United States

I could see you conducting an event called “Farming Man” as a sort of constructive midwestern take on Burning Man. I’ve always meant to organize Watering Woman. 
I’m glad to see that all’s going well for you, as you certainly deserve it.

Carol | United States

I'm looking forward to starting my second season. I love you guys and could go on and on about your wonderful farm and veggies. My husband and I don't share our box with anyone else, so I cook like crazy to avoid wasting anything. I even got a second freezer in anticipation of this season and plan to fill it with yummy things to enjoy during the winter.

| Chicago IL United States

Dear John, I graduated from Beloit in 1972; how could I have missed you and the farm? You did look familiar but I was on field terms for a good part of that time but...when I saw you were in San Miguel I almost flipped, since that is where I too have landed (when not living in LA). I am a photographer, shoot for magazines, and have a huge punk rock archive, and here in Echo Park we have ducks, and compost, and still that connection to the land that is so important. We bought land in Nayarit, Mexico, too, with 5 friends but somehow could not make it work together; but your whole story just really touched and inspired me. I work with non-profits too in San Miguel; so much of that land getting developed now it's tragic; new golf courses in the desert and still not clean water to drink! So how can we make it work in Mexico? OK I know I am babbling but I feel like I know you! Thank-you so much for the film, best, ann summa

Ann Summa | Los Angeles CA United States

It's so fun that the film is finding its way all around the world! 
My brother was home from China in July.  
He told me, "I saw John Peterson's movie for sale on the street in Shanghai. I was walking home and there it was, at one of those street vendor's DVD stands. I could hardly believe it!" 
He bought a copy from the DVD merchant for something like 7 yuan (about a dollar) thinking he would bring it back to the States and show you his find. But then he loaned it to some British friends in Shanghai and hadn't gotten it back, since they wanted to show it to someone else and then took off for home-leave in England before he could get it back from them.  
"Our friends really liked it!" Leif told me with a note of wonderment in his voice.  
"They really liked it," he repeated, "they said it was like the best movie ever. " He went on to tell me all the stuff they liked about it -- the details of which I can't remember (sorry). 
Sorry about the pirating stuff John. Hope it doesn't bother you. I'm not completely sure the shanghai pirated version comes with chinese subtitles --but if it does, you could think of it as a blessing in disguise. You can pirate their subtitles and offer the film in Chinese to the large immigrant population here in the States. Anyway, your movie is getting to an audience that would have been very difficult to reach via official, legal, channels. And now, with the Olympics going on in China, maybe even some westerners are chilling out with your film in their hotel rooms.

Jennifer Cannell | United States

...I have never been to the midwest and for two years thinking and pondering the question, what it is like to farm? It is truly American and worth holding on to. Thank you for the film and showing the valleys and through quest and faith, the victorious summit - just great.  
I've always wished to work the land, my grandfather that I never met had a farm, it was sold by the time I was born and yet I believe that this love for the earth is in my blood too. It is what I've always wished to learn. Didn't waste time, signed up for CSA in my community. Best to all at angelicorganics.

Holly | United States

- a dream about fried eggs floating in a big swimming pool. but i don't think it was food, i think it was fertility. MANY years ago. hmmm. not too many fried eggs, just enough...i think it would have been frightening had it been a swimming pool FULL of fried eggs, but it wasn't.

Ruth | United States

Dear Farmer John, 
I heard your interview with Bob Edwards the other day and really was inspired to find out more about you. Your energy, perseverance, wit, and outlook is an inspiration to all of us struggling to find meaning in our lives and I look forward to learning more about your adventures. Take care and keep giving people hell.

Christopher D. | United States

Lesley (and John), 
I picked the dvd up at the rental store on impulse last night – one because of the subtitle “it ain’t easy being green”, second because of the quote from Al Gore and thirdly because of the photo on the back cover of you and John dressed up like bees. I am so inspired. I loved the film and the video and can’t stop telling people about it. Wishing you every continued success and happiness.

Debbie Y. | United States

Last night at the screening where I sang (which was in a beautiful location, and reminiscent of our Germany tour – surrounded by vineyards and grapes!) there was a guy there who said could never choose a film to be shown at his local film series, because the theme had always been ‘bring a film that changed your life.’ He’d never seen one that had changed his life. But last night he saw The Real Dirt, and told his wife, “this is the film I want to show at the series!!!!!”

Lesley Littlefield | San Francisco CA United States

Hello Lesley, 
I showed your Bug video to eldest daughter, home from college, and she said "what a pretty voice!" -- and she is a critic too! 
Your fan, 

Scott | United States

We thoroughly enjoyed the Bee song as I play old-time guitar and ukulele and we just bought a bee hive last month and I've been walking around the gardens strumming the ukulele and making up impromptu bee songs. Our three year old daughter Shantidevi follows me around and sings her own impromptu ditties. Thank you both for being alive and sharing your lives and art (same thing) with the world.

Pete Calanni | United States

My youngest kid just watched The Real Dirt. One of her favorite parts was the scene in the store bringing back all the bags of stuff instead of having going on a real date. She loved this part. Her idea of a dream date is taking a sludge hammer to a foundation to begin a remodel!! She has visions of mitre saws and backhoes. Here are some pics of the hair salon she remodeled from the subsoil up ... She wanted me to be sure and tell you how much she enjoyed the film and wants to move to John's farm and pull weeds and turn compost.

Loretta Callahan | United States

I can't thank you enough for your Recipe Service! I've been having to type your recipes into the weekly newsletter, which is very time-consuming (time? who has enough of that resource?). This is awesome! And many of our members love your cookbook, too. 
Thanks again, 
Indian Ridge Farm & Bakery

Tony and Barclay Daranyi | Norwood CO United States

Thank you for doing this Recipe Service. It really saves me time and my shareholders love the recipes. 
-White House Gardens CSA 

Debbie Fox | United States

Many Thanks Angelic Organics for the wonderful recipes, my share holders really appreciate it!!

Pat Nudd | Cedar MN United States

This is my first year in the Angelic Organics CSA. I got my first cabbage last week and can hardly wait for another. I have been a lifelong "fan" of cabbage. I like it raw, cooked, in sauerkraut, in kimchee, etc. But after tasting Angel Organics cabbage, I feel I have never had cabbage before in my life. I decided to make cole slaw with it for my 4th of July dinner. As I cut it up, I sneaked a little bite. And then another. To my amazement, it was sweet and snappily crisp. I don't ever remember cabbage like it. Usually cabbage is a little rubbery and faintly stinky. Now I know how old it probably was, riding across the continent in trucks. How will I ever go back, now that I have had the real thing? 
Thanks for doing what you do. I hope, in my lifetime, we will go back to eating locally from farms like yours. One of the "silver linings" in the energy crisis and the waning age of fossils fuels, might be a return to local, organic farming.

Lynn Barnett | IL United States

I watched your documentary on TV Ontario, Ontario's public television network. I live in Northern Ontario and many young farmers here are going through similar obstacles. I am with the local food security network and we are presently supporting 4 CSA initiatives. We can learn a lot from you. We are having a movie showing this fall and I'm going to push for yours. 
Great job.

Christian Howald | Canada

John, Leslie, and Team - I'm a film graduate from the University of Utah. My wife is from Peru. My wife's family has just more than 100 acres near Motupe, Peru that we're going to try to get going this coming year. I believe all are children of God, and that God is the great farmer of the Universe, and author of creation. My view on your film is consistent with my view on life. I LOVED the music video by the way and the message that Leslie gave with "The Farmer John Song" ! I honestly haven't seen something that funny in long time - it was GREAT! God be with you!

Jacen Brewer | Salt Lake City Utah United States

god bless you

| country United States

Dear John, 
I have just had the pleasure of watching 'the real dirt...' and wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It resonated with me, as my ex partner is a little similar to yourself and faces some of the issues you did.. growing up in a farming family, unsure whether to stay on the farm or it sustainable.. does he follow his interest outside farming?.. how does he reconnect to a community that treats him in a manner in which you were treated ( and may still well be)... and dealing with depression... Your film gave me a better understanding of why my ex stayed were he is.. and i only hope that the universe crosses his path with your film.. that way he will know he is not alone and that there is light out there... 
many thanks once again :-) 
kind regards,  

matthew schiavello | Thornbury Victoria Australia

How are you these days Farmer John? Well I hope. I just saw the documentary The Real Dirt On Farmer John and I really enjoyed it you are certainly a unique man. I appreciate that you have a vision of life that includes your passion for the land as well as your adoration for the arts. I was most impressed with your tenacity, when things didn't work out favorably you didn't quit you formulated a new plan and preceded in spite of past shortcomings. I am a musician shopping for representation so I hear: sorry, we're currently at full capacity and we can't help you without a recognized recommendation so often that I was considering removing those words completely from my vernacular. But I keep calling, writing, e-mailing and visiting anyway because the whole chore it part of the process. It's good to hear stories of people finding success without having to compromise themselves or their vision. Hopefully, someday I'll write you and tell you my success story. Until then best of luck in all avenues of life.

Jonathan Randal | Dumfries Virginia United States

So i had this dream last week - I think. Suddenly, someone I was talking to had "egg on their face" but it appeared like an egg stigmata from their ear to the corner of their mouth. (By the way, that means just the yolk in the egg stigmata dream. and stigmata is used as a reference to spontaneously appearing from within.) 
And there was another one about choosing some really good truffles over a friend somehow - but it is too vague now. I don't think it was a permanent exclusive decision... 

| United States

Oranginess is wonderful. Your voice is very special. You are lucky to have such talent. I have listened to that one song for over an hour today (I had to drive to San Diego, so I had a lot of time to listen). Oranginess is a great story. It sounds like you have a big heart, and it comes through in your voice.

Jason B. | CA United States

John's movie has been like therapy for us lately. It is so inspiring to see someone who is committed to farming and to themselves as a creative person despite the reaction of some old-timers in the community.

| Fairhaven MA United States

We will be saving John's "Glitter & Grease" and autobiography books, whenever they come out, for our son Massimo who is 3 and a half now. Maybe in 20 years he can show them to his therapist when he tries to understand what was up with his parents!! At least they will prove there are other creative people who believe in farming and being true to themselves!!!! 
-Kate L.

| Fairhaven MA United States

John, just wanted to thank you for the movie, The Dirt on Farmer John. It's a special movie, honest and sweet and it even has a happy ending. Thanks, and I wish you and all your farmers the very best in all you do. 
P.S. your Mom was really great 
-Jessica A.

| United States

My Husband & I live in Ohio so really can't join in, but I wanted to let you know we watched your movie recently. I thought it was pretty cool and your ideas & you are so down to earth, as we are. Anyway, just wanted to say hello from Ohio.

Terry and John | Ohio United States

This will be my second year, we share a box and I can't wait for the year to begin. You are all so great!

marge howard | highland Park il United States

I grew up in Roscoe and swore I would never come back to the mid-west to live because it was not progressive. I guess if I do I'll live in North Boone! I live on Whidbey Island off the coast of WA state where my children go to the Steiner School, Whidbey Island Waldorf School. We moved here for the school and have a small 5 acre family farm where we raise our own food. Cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs,turkeys and of course vegetables. Bravo to the work you are doing. We all need to start thinking about sustainability and you are a beautiful example. All my friends are watching this movie and its fun to say that I am from the same area. Best wishes on your continued work. 
Marybeth Dickerson

Marybeth Dickerson | Clinton WA United States

It was Great! Very Emotional! 
How lucky you are to have so much of your personal family history documented on film-Wow! Hope you will go down in history as one of the great stewards of 21st century American farming. Thank You and Yours! p.s. In your movie, during the "troubled" times (when the local sheriff was sending his men out to see if they could bust you-- you should have played the music from "Alice's Restuarant" (when the cops were trying to charge him with everything..) Similar in a bizarre way :)

| Vancouver WA United States

Kia ora. Greetings from New Zealand. Just wondering how you folks are faring at this time of flooding. Our thoughts are with you.  
Alistair Munro 

Alistair Munro | New Zealand

we loved it. we're going to tell all our friends and family. must see in the 21st century to survive. or make all the mistakes over and over, again. 
much love and kindest thoughts. slan.

lenora teigland & michael kelly | san leandro ca United States

Kia ora from New Zealand, 
We're dairy farmers in New Zealand, running 2 small farms by today's standards. We saw 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John' last night and both enjoyed it more than anything we've seen for ages. It was entertaining, educational, emotionally charged, at times sad but ultimately uplifting, - truly inspirational stuff. 
We have, in the last few months, plucked up the courage to change our fertilisers to organic ones and seeing this movie has increased our confidence in this decision and gives us more courage to make more changes. In a time where many small dairy farms in New Zealand are being amalgamated into bigger ones it is easy, as the 3rd and 4th generation of family on our land, to feel that our way of life is nearly a thing of the past, so it is uplifting to realise that there are other ways forward and that what we are trying is not so unusual. Also, as farmers are encouraged to adopt more and more high tech systems and approaches, one can be made to feel positvely backward for deciding to continue to farm in more traditonal ways, ie in our case an all grass sytem, rather than buying in feed from other areas, or even palm kernal from other pacific islands. On a personal level we grew up seeing our parents and grandparents not only run their farms, but also grow the meat, fruit, and vegetables that their families ate. We have continued to do this while our children grew up through the 1980's and 90's, at times feeling like dinosaurs as many of our friends acted as if these things were quaint hobbies rather than ways of living. 
I am now keen to get a copy of the DVD so I can share it with my family and friends. Thanks for being prepared to share your story John. It cannot have always been easy to bare yourself and share the sadder times. Your energy and enthusiasm are to be admired.  
Kaye & Ian.

Kaye & Ian Bell | WAIMANA Bay of Plenty New Zealand

I watched The Real Dirt on Farmer John last evening on TV Ontario and I don't mind telling you I cried for John's trials and triumphs on becoming the kind of farmer that modern man desperately needs. It was difficult to watch the old-timer lamenting the loss of good black soil beneath the concrete of subdivisions. We're killing the goose that lays the eggs. I know we need farmers like John and Angelic Organics all over America.

| Peterborough Ontario Canada

I don't know whether you can believe this, but between my last comment above and this one I received word that my dear mother-in-law passed away after a brief battle with cancer. This woman was a local politician and a maverick and first introduced me to the works of Rudolph Steiner and the Waldorf School. It truly is a small world isn't it? And we are all much more closely linked than we can imagine. 
I am a city boy but spent 3 years on a dairy farm when I was 10 to 13 years old. I may be one of the few people in this part of the country who still remembers shovelling cowshit off a sleigh in the middle of winter, pulled by a team of horses. It was hard cold work but heavenly!!! On that farm I saw birth, growth, and death. I learned to tell the weather by wind direction. I learned to keep machinery oiled and greased. Learned how to cut a tree and drop it where I wanted. Learned to care for the soil. Cut oats, wheat and barley with an old-fashion combine, "stuked" it, loaded it by hand on a wagon and eventually fed the thrasher. My kids are tired of my farm stories. I still get nostalgic when I pass a freshly manured field. It's one of the best smells in the world. My teenage kids think I'm crazy. Maybe I am. So here I am, forced into retirement at 55 because of diabetes and ill health...trying to become the artist I've wanted to be all my life but never explored. Johh, you are an inspiration. You are doing the work that absolutely must be done.  
Kindest regards and best wishes for your success. Thanks for letting me tell you about this. I know you of all people will understand. 
C. Osborn

| Peterborough Ontario Canada

-Just finished watching it- as recommended by my dearest friend~ 
-Completely inspiring, and timely, for me, at least...

James Clark | Chicago Illinois United States

Enjoyed your movie, especially all the footage your mom filmed.
Lisa Schoenrock

Lisa Schoenrock | Galena Illinois United States

I grew up in an exurb of Chicago so I can relate to the environment depicted in the film. I went to high school with sons and daughters of farmers, some of whom became farmers themselves. 
I think the underlying issue that John Peterson was tussling with in the film was the meaning of life for himself, outwardly a sturdy descendant of hardy Scandinavian stock but inwardly a person quite different from most of his neighbors, something that can prove to be a big problem in a small rural midwestern town. 
I think the fact that John kind of fell into organic farming which is now one of the hottest things going was a kind of miracle. He was ready for it in some ways by virtue of his upbringing and love for brutally long hours and hard work but, despite all the past problems and aimless searching, I found the film to be optimistic about the future and I found myself pulling for old John, quirky as he might be. He seems to have found a way to blend the stolid farming ways of his folks with his creative leanings and talent. Sounds like a life. 

George Hawley | Sarasota FL United States

Wow, so much to say... I LOVED your movie.. I cried, I laughed, I was moved. I'm from Indiana and now live in Los Angeles.. I left Indiana when I was 20. Our families are so similar... I think you are such an amazing person with a beautiful soul. I just wanted to say that you such an inspiration. Keep doing what you're doing, but always follow your heart.


| Los Angeles (By way of Indiana) CA (IN) United States

Dr. Farmer John, 
I grew up in Canada and had a career in agriculture of sorts - in my 20s I worked in marketing for an ag. chemical company until I had spent long enough there to have an attack of conscience and quit. I later spent 10 years in rural Saskatchewan where I watched the farming industry in western Canada become corporatized, threatening many ancestral family farms.  
In 2004, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where I worktraded on an organic farm and learned about Masonobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming philosophy. I lived off-grid in a rainforest and learned how to grow food organically. It was there I met my boyfriend, Farmer Dan. Farmer Dan and I spent 2 yrs in monsoon rains in rubber boots, in all the struggles and joys that come along with "working the land". 
Farmer Dan and I watched your movie tonight, and I wanted to reach out and tell you how moved I was by your documentary, how I identified with many of the storylines you told, and enjoyed your interweaving of theater and farming. A graduate of theatre in college, I too ended up in the theatrics of farming!  
Thank you so much for sharing your story in such an intimate way. We understood well the struggles that come from attempting to farm as an artist in a community that does not understand your vision. I appreciated your courage and felt that you truly are an angel, fulfilling a mission the older generations just couldn't see. Your mother was a dear - I just loved this window into your life. Thank you! What a gift! 
Muddy Boots in Hawaii

Jill Morgyn | Fairfield CA United States

John, I didn't kill anyone down here, either. But I took over Pop's hobby farm here in Pike County 5 years ago...and they've been trying to run me off ever since. I've been robbed, threatened, harassed...for the crime of trying to turn the place organic, and refusing to grow corn and soybeans. For speaking up. And well, maybe I shouldn't have threatened that crop duster. VEGETABLES! Imagine that! Damned witch- thats what they say I am. I got tears running down my face as I write this, because who knows what today will bring? And because YOU GET it..and you survived. You are my new role model. Bless you, John. Finding you may have saved my life. Cherie-Marie down here in Pike County.

Cherie-Marie St.Martin | Hull Illinois United States

Dear John, 
I saw Real Dirt today on our TV and was touched to tears. I live on a communal farm in Israel which like yours collapsed in the 80s as did many others in the country . some survived with the industries they developed and then later managed to rebuild the agriculture back with modern farming methods, but many never got back on their feet again. Our farm was one of the latter. we are situated in the hills near Jerusalem and all of the 65 families now rely on jobs in the city (like myself) of on social security because of their age. The best years of my life were when I was farming and I do miss it so. I admire your strength and tenacity and love for the land. May you go from strength to strength. 
E Albert

ernest albert | Israel


Listened to Bob Edwards this week and ran across the interview. Can't wait to find the movie. I grew peaches (tree ripe with about 4 days of shelf life)here in East Tennessee for 13 years and had to "just say no to farming". 96 acres worth when I was in my 20's and 30's. Mapping soils for a living now. Told my wife I'd farm again when food costs what it's worth. I'm afraid it's about to happen. Loved the interview. I'm inspired again.
Mike Searcy
Dandridge, Tennessee

Michael Searcy | Dandridge TN United States

1. I know that while John found these methods breathed life into his farm, he is not alone. I interview wineries in Napa California all the time and I know many folks there practice bio-dynamic farming, especially, the stirring and counter stirring of the organic fertilizer. Some even have special egg shaped containers to do this. It seems we as a species are realizing the earth is our mother and she could die if we are not careful. 
2. I just bought old farmland and I'm planning a small farm for my family and extended family. I want to be as organic as possible. I was given your movie as inspiration AND IT WORKED!

Andrew Glazier | Livermore Ca United States

Dear Mr. Peterson,
Yesterday I saw on Swiss TV the interesting documentary about your wonderful farm.

I congratulate you on your tenaticy and perseverance. I' d never been to USA, I have Swiss relatives in Gilroy since 1930. My mother comes from Spain (Cuenca). I have to visit someday your beautiful country.

Greetings from Lugano

| Lugano Switzerland

Thank you for following your heart and soul. Thank you for letting your self receive the lessons and choosing to become ttender and well from the journey. How touching.  
Please receive (if and only if this appeals) free tickets to the Ani-miracles 
seminars in California for you and all your friends. 
Info is at 
Thanks, Dr. Laurie Moore

Laurie Moore | Santa Cruz CA United States

What a beautiful story of the ebbs and flows of life. What a beautiful story of connection to the soil and to land. Your story had completely shifted my perspective on that. I come from MidWestern farming people and seeing your home movies they could have been from my family. i shared your movie with my AP Environmental Science students. They got it. You opened their eyes to tolerance, play, hard work, and love of the Earth. Thank you for the courage to share yourself so completely. Thank you for the courage to continue in the face of such adversity. Your story is so compelling, real, inspiring, and profound. I love you!

Joan Stevens | Los Angeles CA United States

I would love to see the real impact of peoples intolerance and story telling on others. I would love to have the opportunity to reflect on how my own actions in that regard have hurt others. I want to see a model for how to clean up the messes I've made in the past and the great healing that can occur as a result.

Joan Stevens | Los Angeles CA United States

All i saw was the trailer on your site and it brought me to tears. 
I've bummed around the world for a decade before moving back home to a small hillside glacial morain farm in western NY with a wife who was a rural rice farmer from Cambodia and a year old son. 
Six years later we do a small CSA called Gong Garden CSA with only 35 shareholders. 
We're interested in learning Biodynamic methods, i found a cows horn the other day from a farm up the hill and it hit me, yes Biodynamics is ouir next step. 
I'm a bit of a farminig anomalty here as my wife is Cambodian, i'm 22 years her senior, from here, i wear Amish overalls and Tibetan shirts. Our farm is hand built, we're wheelbarrow farmers. We live in a small 440 sq. foot house, now with a daughter added, and we practice Buddhism. 
You know what it's like to be "outstanding in your field". 
Thanks for sharing your story. We look forward to finding the whole movie to watch, soon as we find it and go to a friends house with tv!

Pete Calanni | Arkwright NY United States

hallo john and all farming people in angelics farm,
my name is peter, yesterday we saw the movie in our biodynamic farm here in obergrashof-dachau/germany.
we were ''uuuhu''
we have a special question regarding the small,wonderful, red weeding and cultivation tractors at the end of the movie. is it possible to buy such old tractors in the middle west? for us they seem to be ideal for most of our cultivation-works in the vegetable we grow. we are cultivating about 50 ha and about 40 different cultures and are also engaged in the production of biodynamic seeds! ciao peter

peter stinshoff | dachau bavaria Germany

We are enjoying the heck out of your cookbook. We love reading it, we love cooking from it. It's become one of our top three favorites (along with Nourishing Traditions, and The Joy). 

Mark Silver | Portland OR United States

I saw your film today for the first time. We live on 32 acres of what was a farm ages ago and I am now inspired.
Thank you!

Roger John Samuels | Beaumont PA United States

Farmer John,
You are the greatest!! I recently saw the film about your struggle to achieve your vision and I still shake my head in disgust at how a few small minded people in your average small town can turn ones world upside down! You were just cut from a different cloth and dared to deviate from the norm. This alone has brought many complete ruin and any lesser man would have probably just given up. That IS what makes this country so damn great is individuals just like you following their visions all the way to fruition. One question though John. What did you do with the bodies? You know, from the cult!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! After I got over my initial anger I was almost in tears with laughter as the utter stupidity of the question/statement. In closing, please keep up the fight! You are so desperately needed in this world and I hope to one day come through there and meet you. Man if I could just get decent produce here in Washington, D.C.! Most is so tasteless and bland. I long for a great tomato sandwich of my mis-spent youth! Thanks again! Very Sincerely,

Glenn Ralph | Washington, DC United States

Rock on everyone at Angelic Organics! I'm so proud of all you manage to accomplish. All my best to you!

Marimonica Murray | Crete IL United States

Hey John,  
My family has a farm in northern new jersey. We have been around since 1914. In the early 50s we had to sell part of out farm due too eminent domain. The garden state parkway now runs through where part of our farm used to be. Over the years my grand parents and parents have molded this small farm into a well established garden center and nursery. We are still on 5 active acres, two of which we use to grow organic vegetables and bouquet flowers. I just wanted to say i loved your film and it brought tears to my eyes. Being around for so long i have heard many stories about how my entire town used to be farms, and now we are the only one left. We are just 15min from the lincoln tunnel and NYC so you can imagine what the rest of the area looks like. After seeing your film and doing some research i am staring my 1st annual food bank. Just wanted to say keep up the good work. 

Farmer WIll | NY NJ United States

Way to go! I tell everyone I know about the film. It's such an inspiration. When our weather warms up I'm going to get my husband to wear his kilt on the tractor. Won't be as hot as a boa, but it's a start. Love you guys, Dale of Simple Produce Farm

| Stanwood WA United States

thanks, John! You RULE! RULE! 

| United States

Farmer John, the movie, the movement all makes me so hopeful. I cheer for y'all and hope to be a summer intern one day. Big love to y'all!

LeAnne Gault | Greenwood MS United States

You had to love doing it all !

Dub Matson | Sebastopol Ca. United States

I have been a Chicago shareholder since the farm's earliest shareholder days, at first sharing a box with a co-worker (who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had been looking for local organic foods (she's now a survivor)) and then having my own box each year I am in town (only missed a couple and I sorely did miss my goodies). Since having a box alone I have acquired a dehydrator, a juicer, a crockpot and a food saver vacuum sealer. :) 

| IL United States

Wow--this movie has changed our world. It helped us make a difficult decision. My husband and I are thinking about moving back to the Midwest from California. Watching Farmer John made us realize that sustainable farming is something we want to support and possibly get involved with once we make the treck across the Great Plains. We also came to the realization that feather boas are popular in corn fields--now that's something I can relate to.  
Great film! Great guy. We love you Farmer John.

| Brisbane CA United States

Dear John, 
My 83-year old mother & I just watched your film (my second time, her first). We are both organic gardeners. Her only question once the credits start rolling was well, did he ever get married to that girl?  
Well? Did he? 

Sylvia & Cyrilla | OR United States

Just saw your documentary for the first time this weekend and I am so inspired I am getting involved in a local CSA in my own community. What an awesome story, what an amazing person John is!!! His story has given me so much hope for our future! What honesty, humility and courage. Thank you! 

| United States

There are no words that can adequately express how deeply my heart was moved in viewing your documentary! It is the best documentary I have ever seen! I admit that I'm absolutely prejudiced towards Biodynamics, the counter culture, and motherly love, etc. however, I believe you have created an unparalleled contemporary presentation of a farmer's rite of passage that America needs to hear! I would like to find a way to support that vision!

Chef Jem | CA United States

I never thought farming could be so interesting! You really bring a creative side to it. 

Dan | Lake Charles IL United States

I also lost my mother to cancer, long and painful she suffered, I am glad you pushed on. I am running a summer camp for underpriviledged kids and would like to get them into Bio-dynamics and organic gardening as a follow-up. We cannot garden during the summer because of the work involved in the camp. My friend ran the barn peonia farm in New harmony, Ind. they grew using bio-dynamic principles.You are doing a great thing John Keep -up the effort, my father and grand father lost their farms in '86.

Scott | United States

i was so moved by the real dirt on farmer john, and on so many levels, first the simple human, daily yearly story that comprises a life, how he navigates his family and friends and the necessity of making a living. how he had to deal with the misconceptions of his neighbors, how he would make the escapes to mexico. i related to ALL this. then the triumph of being part of the organic birth of a meaningful community, based on growing and supporting the growing of real food. the whole film just inspired me. it is the kind of film i would like to watch with people i care about and love, and would like to loan to anyone who i think would enjoy and be inspired by it. thanks, i love what you're doing.

Julia | United States

Do you still have a service to other CSA farmers where you send out updates and recipe idea we can use in our own boxes? I have a small market farm in SW Wisconsin and think Farmer John rocks! Thanks for all the support your work gives the rest of us out here.

| Blanchardville WI United States

My daughter goes to Beloit College. On a trip up there in 2006, I heard review for Farmer John documentary on NPR Madison. I just spent a week in Beloit and we drove for 3 hours trying to find your farm. We had not planned going there, so had to go to Beloit library for address. We even consulted the Sheriff's office in Caledonia. You are the world's best kept secret in the Rockford-Beloit area! My father sold IH farmall tractors and we grew up with fresh organic everything in farm country south of Niagara Falls. I relive my child hood every time I visit Illinois and E. Wisconsin. I commend you on what you are doing and someday, before my daughter graduates, I hope to visit your farm.

| Tuscon AZ United States

Mr. John Peterson,Thank you for refreshing all the loving memories of my mother & her love & understanding. Your story inspired me to consider you a friend I would proudly acknowledge. Thank you for being you !

Dub Matson | Sebastopol Ca. United States

70 and still trying to have a successful summer garden. I'll try harder after seeing your struggles.Thank you for making me realize all of your progress from hard work and determination.

Dub Matson | Sebastopol Ca. United States

Years ago, a friend and I visited Angelic Organics one damp overnight and shared hot cocoa and garbage bags for warmth around a bonfire waiting for the clouds to clear so we could see a once in a lifetime star shower. 

| IL United States

Today I saw your film on TVO 
I cried for myself 
My eyes have been opened to the state of our world which i have done nothing to stop 
Your film has started me n a journey to participate in the healing of my childrens world 
Thank You 

Jason Gillooly | Dorchester Ontario Canada

I saw the story on TVO [TV Ontario] a public broadcasting station from Toronto. What came up for me watching the program? Almost all of the above feelings, almost all of the above experiences one way or another!! I am amazed at what you have been through and never actually given up, what you have been through in your life so people can take any good person's individual life and cause so much trouble and predujice! I have been through the loss of my husband in 2005, and have just been able to look forward with a sense of "the need for adventure, the possibilities that are still in store". I was interested in the fact that you used Steiner's biodynamic model and that it helped you so much. My children and grandchildren live outside Chicago, and my grandkids go to the Waldorf school outside of Chicago. They have been on trips with their school for a week long stay at a working farm in Wisconsin, so I was doubly interested in YOUR farm. Sure would like to visit...maybe stay and work awhile over the next few months. My little dog and I make lots of trips to Illinois!

Linda Longman | Hamilton [Province] Ontario Canada

Only really saw your video about the guys certainly made a big point in a big buzzy way!

Linda Longman | Hamilton [Province] Ontario Canada

Although Farmer John is rightfully the star of his own movie, you are the star of the bug song. I would argue that you are the bumblebee, and he is the other bumblebee. I still watch that video every couple days and love it.

Jason Blasdell | United States

i just love your childrens songs on the cd you produced. i need to order one as we do a lot of birthday parties and kids' tours on my farm. we love u guys! you're wild farmers and that's cool.

Darlene | United States

Your movie touched me so much to write to you and say "Thank You". I'm sorry for what you had to go thru, but you got to an amazing place now.I love your mom. What a spit fire. kind and loving she is. And I find fascinating how you implemented "biodynamics" on your farming. You should come to Brasil and help us out.

Adriana Ferraz | Sao Paulo SP Brazil

Wonderful voice. Great words.

Adriana Ferraz | Sao Paulo SP Brazil

Today, I saw this film for the first time at the San Francisco Public Libraryi's Environmental Film Festival. I am so happy that I saw this film - I remember when it was listed among the green films several yrs ago in San Francisco at the world environment day festivities. This film helps lift despair against overwhelming odds, hope when there seems to be none and triumph of the human spirit and what one person can do. It speaks to everything that is dear to me, to truth, to our American Spirit, to trying and going on when all seems doomed; how to combat depression- how to keep going. I am very moved by it. My family lives in a landmark Dutch farm house in Bklyn, NY - we spend much time in NJ which will soon be the first "built out" state in the US. No more room left - once the "Garden State". The message of the CSA's and the effort to preserve what remains of the small farm is so very critical - and needed for this country. I just hope this message spreads like wild fire, to help inspire so many others who want to preserve small farms in America, provide nutricious food and preserve this quickly vanishing way of life, before it is too late. God Bless you Farmer John.

| San Francisco CA United States

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWO WOWOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOOW WOWOW WOWOWO...... Just went to see film. We all cried - very moved.It will inspire people like us to get together and get farming biodynamically any old how!Seems we'll all have to team up pretty soon anyway - out of necessity. I want to be a farmer!!! I want to be close to the land and lifes natural cycles. I want out of my job that feeds tires me out and keeps me away from being on the land - feeding it and nourishing it and enjoying it's trials and tribulations. JOHN, YOUR FARM AND YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MUM - ARE TRULY DIVINE. THANKYOU.

Richard and Natasha Gall | RD1 LYTTELTON HARBOUR New Zealand

Dear John 
I showed your movie to our film society last night and I just wanted to say - thank you! I've been showing movies here for ten years and this is the best we've had for a long time - I was by turns amused, saddened, moved and inspired, so much so that I've just ordered a copy to show to my friends who didn't see it last night. 
All best wishes for the future. 

Nick Bucknall | Bishop's Castle United Kingdom

I just had the sheer pleasure of having a copy of "The Real Dirt" delivered to me by netflix and WOW!
It was really so amazing! What an incredibly moving movie it was. I'm sad it took me so long to see it.
I knew it was going to be good but I was deeply touched by the story. I want to go out and join a CSA right now! Get my hands in the dirt. Aaahhh...I also loved the way you did the photo gallery. Very sweet, the best I've seen in a movie's special features.

I just had to write you and tell you how much I loved it.

Thinking of you and wishing you well out there in that beautiful New Zealand land.

many blessings!

Crystal Saint Onge | United States

Dear Farmer John, 
My name is Jessica, i am a 12th grader at Summerfield Waldorf School and farm in California. A close mentor of mine lent me your movie yesterday. I must tell you that i was deeply touched by that movie, its probably one of the first movies in a long time where i have cried. You shared a lot of yourself to the world in that film and i respect you for it. 
For my senior thesis i am studying the relationship between the farmer and nature, the importance of the farmer, the responsibility and also the gift of being a farmer. I found in myself a love of nature and of farming after joining the waldorf system in my junior year. This love has led me to studying biodynamics and your movie supported all that i am working toward. I just wanted to write to you telling you how much i appreciated seeing your journey as a farmer, your transformations from conventional to biodynamics! It was amazing and i think that i will use clips of your film in my presentation on the farmer, and nature. 
thank you

Jessica J | CA United States

After seeing Farmer John's documentary (a fantastic film, full of so much meaning and relevance to us all), I decided to order your cookbook! 
Farmer John's Cookbook is even more incredible than the documentary, if that's possible..I've already tried two of the recipes and they were both beyond belief almost, in terms of flavor and originality! 
This is just simply an extraordinary cookbook, definitely an "essential" one, and as far as I'm concerned it is the #1 cookbook of all time, in terms of its offering superior ways of preparing and cooking (and understanding) fresh vegetable dishes....and its beautiful use of the perfect blend of herbs and spices, for each recipe...also awesome! 
Just amazing...

Dave Marks

Lizzy and I cried our way through it, as it was such a great story. Had to wonder how such a prolifically perfect story was all caught on tape over his years, but decided that it's just the magic of movie making and putting together tiny pieces of footage. Anyway, it was a great story and inspiring, and there is a couple in Spokane who is thinking of trying to start one up (CSA) and I'm on their email list now.

| ID United States

I just watched Real Dirt tonight. WOW! I was very moved on all aspects you touched on. My husband and i both cheered alound when you got to the part about starting an organic farm! We just adopted an organic diet in May 2007 (at age 55 for me). I am a diabetic. Because my body was no longer gettting all the poisons and junk in my food supply, I have been able to reduce the amount of diabetic precsription medicines by half. (I was on 5 Rx's) I no longer need the blood pressure med or the pill for my heart rate. My allergies are also much better, and only occaionally need one of the 5 allergy Rx's I was taking daily. THANK GOD FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO ARE MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE!!! I am also a "metafizzler" and a musician. I teach private voice lessons and am well aquainted with artists and performers and just plain wierd folk (by other people's standards) that seem normal to me, since I AM ONE. My heart went out to you both at the burning of the log cabin and the art work. I can only imagine if my piano and music library were to come to some demise. I slaute you in your vision and the broad humanitarian scope of your endeavor!!! You are a fantastic human being, and after watching your incrediblly well written and superbly told story, I feel like you are my family. So, like it or not, in the middle of Oklahoma you have been adopted by Cousin Karen

Karen Smith-Pearson | Oklahoma City OK United States

This movie was so unreal. I went crazy over it and am now forwarding it to everyone I know. I am dying to know how many books, dvds you have sold, etc. Not because I am nosy, but because I am cheering you on and want you to prosper and spread your infectious energy. John, you are a great man and wish nothing but success and health for you and everyone working on your beautiful farm.

| NY United States

Just watched your film and it really moved me. I could watch a whole movie just on your mom. What a wonderful person. Your mom reminded me of my grandmother and great aunts. What will our world be when this generation of hard working people are all gone? They have so much to teach us. Loved your film and good luck with the farm.

Angie Hughes | Quilcene Washington United States

This is a wonderful movie. --And the music videos are too great. We want more!!! I would like to buy a copy of the DVD to lend to our CSA customers. Thanks for persevering with getting the word out. Best wishes to your farm community!

Scott Wenger | Ferndale WA United States

Excellent Film! 
Your struggle gave birth to a very important movement to heal our earth & ourselves! 
Sending thanks,gratitude& love, 

mary jadernak | chicago illinois United States

Thanks for the movie! I adored it! The surviving spirit of the American farm family shines through.

Lucy Peden | Troy KS United States

I was able to rent The Real Dirt from Netflix in which Farmer John somewhat channels George Bailey, although George didn't have to suffer through slander and damning ignorance. I'm also hoping Farmer John has succession planning already in place so his heart is lightened and his burdens eased.

| Chicago Illinois United States

I just saw your movie, which moved me to respond (and I usually never respond!) Among the many things that stood out for me was the destructiveness of your neighbors' own fears (projections) onto you, which had such isolating, emotionally devastating consequences for you, and yet has apparently not really been acknowledged and taken back by those that partook in it. I teach juniors and seniors business students about the power of our own projections onto others in a university class called "Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations". I am thinking of utilizing your experience as a powerful real life example of the terrible consequences when we don't have skills to manage differences in effective ways (by exploring and integrating them). Thus your life/movie might make quite an impact in a way that you may never even have thought of! (On top of the other real difference you make as a farmer and artist on so many lives)... Wishing you much continued success in all your endeavors! (Now you got me interested in your book "I didn't kill anyone up here!")...

Verena Murphy

I bought your video The real Dirt on Farmer John..I teach an agriculture class, art and an ex diaryfarmer wife. I am still the wife. My family found the video very valuable to family memories, struggles and dreams. My husband seeems close to the same era of yourself. He grew up on the sheltered farm, off to college came back looking different. When my son 16 was watching the DVD he said that's like Daddy. It has taken years and years to prove to the community that he is not a screwup. The struggles of our family farm still continue, but after watching the film it just shows creativity and imagination may someday turn things around. The last scene in the film looked just like the landscape from the barn on our farm in Virginia!

| Dewitt Va United States

Dear John and others involved,
Yesterday and today I saw the film on DVD. I ame very impressed, also of your dear father and mother, John. Your mother started filming already in 1950! So lucky you have all these films saved. I ame not coming the U.S.A. c.a. is too far away for me. But I ame very trilled and full of respect for those "alternative" Americans like you. Make the U.S.A. more beautiful! (Like an insect that stings)
All the best from fryslan and (also summary in English), where I work.
Zwanny Wouda
I would like to come but I do not dare so far away. And I ame to old? (55)

Zwanny wouda | Leeuwarden Friesland Netherlands

Dear John and friends- My husband Skot and I rented "The Real Dirt" via netflix. I found it to be insipiring and refreshing. I grew up in Michigan, near many Amish farms and have a great respect for the farmers' way of life and skills of perserverence. Thank you for using this medium to work out your personal mysteries and life's challenges. We loved this documentary and its message! Keep up the good work! I am soon to be a teacher with summers off- maybe we will visit on our way north! We love you, Jamie and Skot Phrea P.S. Come visit us on your next trip to Mexico. We'd love to have you at Kerrville Folk Festival, also. Check out their website-its almost that time of year!

jamie green | ingram texas United States

Hey John,

I don't know if you remember me. Just wanted to say 'hello' and let you know that I was really touched by your film. I had no idea that you were going through such issues when we were friends in the early '80s.

Beloit College Class of 85

Mary Chambers | Genoa City WI United States

In the past month, I have seen two stellar documentaries: "Super Size Me," about the detriments of eating fast food, and "The Real Dirt on Farmer John." Both movies have made a tremendous impact for different reasons, but the one common thread is the benefit of eating fresh, wholesome, organic food. John is an amazing guy. I see no end to his endeavors, however outlandish they may seem. He is an inspiration to city and country folk alike in that he has the will and the drive to make his dreams come true. What an amazing movie, one that I will not forget for a long, long time. How I would love the public schools to be able to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to schoolchildren on a daily basis, instead of processed food, loaded with sugar and fat.I just wish his farm was closer to my house!

| Carmel IN

Dear Farmer John-I was so inspired by your tale that I brought the copy I rented from the local store to my boss, an organic farmer of thirty years in Alachua, Florida, the very next morning. He was considering bankruptcy himself this year due to this spring's late and heavy freezing having suffered our crops badly. He too is/WAS, in lack of faith and inspiration... only the eagerly awaiting customers keep him going sometimes, and the workers... The problem is that sometimes things don't go as planned on the farm, for a myriad of reasons, as you well know, and we suffer a momentary financial low. Most of us keep going there to work even when he can't pay us for a few weeks because we know he will when the crop comes in and, in the meantime, we are well fed by the lush organic vegetables. This is my sixth year on the farm, although I am now only part-time. We are a small eight acre farm named Spring Song Organics, just outside Alachua Florida, near Gainesville, which is one-third of our market. The rest of our produce travels the day after it is picked to local stores, restaurants and farmers market in Tallahassee and St.Augustine. Our small farm supports four to five families yearly, some temporary help, and the farmer, Jeff Baptist and his family because we can grow something all year round. Your film has so inspired this farmer that he asked me the next day to look into turning us into a CSA farm to help get us started. I am beginning to research the concept of CSA- Thanks for making your beautiful, beautiful film and inspiring us organic farmers down here in Florida! I think we have to buy a copy of it because the one I rented hasn't made it around the whole crew and it's already due back at the store!

Marcelina Michel-Trapaga | Alachua Florida United States

Didn't want to watch film, glad I did. Lots of roller coaster memories from my farm youth. When my Dad sold the farm it was the hardest thing for me to see and feel what he was going through. Seeing this helped to heal a part of my sadness and helplessness. My wife and I are vegetarians and she insists on ONLY organic, not an easy thing to do in Hawaii. Your community approach to farming came too late for some, but I pray not for the planet. 
I would love if you had available a t-shirt "know your food, know your farmer", I know you wore one in the film. My thanks and blessings for what you have done and continue to do. Aloha, Robb and Alyssa

Robert Drown | Honolulu HI United States

I just watched your film and I loved it. I'm glad you made the film, and I think it's great that you had so much footage from your childhood to add into it.

| United States

I love the bug song. It's quite different to just come out and admit that you, as the bug, would have killed anyway, had you not been killed. It keeps anybody from being an innocent victim, and makes it a more interesting tragedy. Then again, there was the bug karma thing about the pesticides, so maybe the farmer would have had it coming. :)

| United States

The movie, The Real Dirt on Farmer John, will become a classic. I watched it. I cried. I laughed. I mourned. I celebrated. I cried again. I smiled many times, with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for sharing your story. I expect to watch it many more times.
The Family at Pheasant Fields Farm

| Silverdale WA United States

Wow...I had no idea of the emotional power and scope of THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN really knocks u for a loop. What an outstanding slice of life and Americana!! 
I was born in the Chicago area and it was nice to see that connection. All that amazing footage from the early years by Anna and John were saved for this amazing work of posterity! Two good elements for any documentary are laughs and tears ... and your film has plenty of both! No wonder all the awards! 
I hope more farms like Angelic are popping up all over....I trust that is a trend?

Joe Vecchio, Home Intl | United States

Try this: Play Lesley's songs to your older offspring on a "captured audience" road trip or on the way to school in order to stimulate lively discussions about life, death, and pesticides [The Bug Song], creating and transforming treasured memories [Purple Maple Tree] and moving on after relationships change [the River Song]. You might have to be as creative, whimsical, and brave as Lesley to entice discussions about these important and serious subjects.

Wendy B | Houston Texas United States

Dear John
I happened to watch the film today. I am not a farmer, not even close, but your story goes much more further and deeper. I am about your age, experiencing a long period a lack of interest about life because of my failure in business (I am a Graphic Designer) and after watching the movie-your optimistic point-of-view after what you have been through, I am inspired, and have urge to get up and start again. Thank you!
Eitan Harel

Eitan Harel | Ramat Gan Israel

An acquaintance just told me about your movie and I watched the trailer and the clips for "greenies". I can't WAIT to see the movie! 
My grandfather was a coal miner who always managed to grow a beautiful backyard veggie and flower garden, no matter how harsh the climate or how rocky and barren the soil. Of course, he didn't use chemicals. I have fond memories of growing up playing/working in his garden and in the one he planted in OUR backyard. 
I've had my own garden since my kids were tiny, and THEY grew up sitting in the dirt with me, pulling weeds and planting seeds and marveling over the miraculous food we grew. 
My son inherited my grandfather's passion for growing. Nine years ago, after a near-fatal bicycle/auto crash, he used a small cash settlement to buy five acres of land and started working the soil before he had even healed from his injuries. He now has a successful organic farm and CSA and continues to pour his heart and soil into his work. He has changed the hearts of everyone in our family by his inspirational labor of love. We all tell his story to anyone who will listen. 
So, finding this movie and watching the trailers was just a gift. It makes me so happy that you are able to deliver your story (and philosophies) to the world through the film media. And I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for what you've done. 
Farmer James' mom, Susan

Susan Fulsome | United States dream is a United States - and World- that is food- sovereign. Towards that end I will renew my Angelic CSA box for the Chicago cousins today!  
thanks, David in San Francisco 

| CA United States

I watched TRDoFJ for the third time last night and finally made it here to say hello. I grew up in Nebraska in the 60s and 70s and went to college in the Chicago area in early 80s. I have seen the decline of the family farm and stood by handwringing.

The line that sums it up best for me was the older farmer talking about his gall bladder surgery and how he hated to see so much concrete being poured into the good dirt like so many scars. Brings me to tears every time.

It takes a brave person to go through all that and still rise to the challenge of wanting to stay and plant again. this is the kind of transformational magic we need in the midwest, not corn ethanol.

Claire Green | Santa Rosa CA United States

Just saw your documentary for the first time this weekend and I am so inspired I am getting involved in a local CSA in my own community. What an awesome story, what an amazing person John is!!! His story has given me so much hope for our future! What honesty, humility and courage. Thank you!

| United States

Your cookbook has a secret life of it's own. It arrives cleverly disguised as modest, quiet, and shy but when night falls, it dons different costumes to cook up bedside fun!

Wendy B | United States

The Farm's film, website, and cookbook [I just finished reading it last night] opened reflections on many levels in many realms of my life.
With a Deep Bow of Gratitude,

| United States

I just had the sheer pleasure of having a copy of "The Real Dirt" delivered to me by netflix and WOW! It was really so amazing! What an incredibly moving movie it was. I'm sad it took me so long to see it. I knew it was going to be good but I was deeply touched by the story. I want to go out and join a CSA right now! Get my hands in the dirt. Aaahhh...

I also loved the way you did the photo gallery. Very sweet, the best I've seen in a movie's special features.

I just had to write you and tell you how much I loved it.

Crystal Saint Onge | United States

Dear John Peterson, 
After waiting too many months, got a copy of the REAL DIRT. Thank you Thank you Thank you. As the absentee (with tears) owner of a 120 acre Farm built by my great grandfather (and I'm 64) near Hope and Newbern and Columbus Indiana. How Beautiful. I write to you. As someone who reads Rudolf Steiner's books and lectures (light and patience in confusion) follows the Kimberton Farm Calendar, tried teaching children by Dr Steiner's principles, and is scared to read stuff about farming (too much longing - too hard) but Gardens some, I connect. How amazing that our Family Farm still survives: the house,the barn, the sheds, old implements and tools from my great grandfather and my grandfather. My Father did Aerospace and Electronics instead of farming with asthma, built weapons, computers, radar, research. I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa when I could, and after they died kept on learning, sorting, visiting, coming out from under the black sheep. Our Woods are still quiet by the Creek. You have gone on through and on ahead. Radiant. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 

Lucy O'Neal | Eugene OR United States

Loved "Real Dirt"! Grew up on a dairy farm in MN. Dad sold the farm after developing Parkinson--I can relate to you somewhat. . . My husband & I live on 80 acres in Northern MN, garden and have some farmed. Your movie really hit home with me. = I thought your Mom was so sweet--she reminds me of my own hard-working (still!) Mom of 84 yrs. old.

Jane Mattila

Farmer John,

I just wanted to say hello, I saw the Real Dirt on Farmer John last night and it prompted me to look you up online. Im gonna spend some time perusing, but wanted to send you some love. I really enjoyed watching your story. That Sheriff or whoever he was was a fricken idiot! I applaud your efforts and your vision and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. It is fascinating.

I have friends that have a goat farm in Holbrook Arizona a few hours from where I live in Phoenix. I intend to show them your movie, they are fascinating people as well and they would really benefit from a csa type idea. All of the work they do is just too much for 2 people in their 60's. I love the community idea. I wish they would try something like that. It would be a win win.

Again, thank you so much for sharing your story.

Peace and love from my family to yours, Cliff and John and our 2 great danes Argus and Daisy

Cliff & John | United States

Dear John,

I just watched your documentary and loved it. What a wonderful contribution to society your story is. I am looking to find a CSA farm near my home. Thank you, again.

PS. What a beautiful, loving woman your mother was. How blessed you are to have had a woman like that in your life.

June Patch | United States

My grandmother died recently, after a couple of months of lingering ill health. I was with her in hospice to help midwife her crossing -- and it is a crossing, I saw for myself. In any case, what I wanted to relay is that she was craving watermelon and my parents got one downstate and brought her some, but it was awful, and all she could tell me on the phone was how much she wanted watermelon. So I brought part of the orange one that Angelic Organics provided, and she was so happy -- it gave her huge joy and relief to have this craving met. In the end, I think it is the biodynamics, the love, and the joy you put in the making of things that makes all the difference to us. So thank you for all you do, please relay this to everyone, it matters. It inspires me.

Maria Lace | IL United States

Dear Farmer John, 
My name is Jessica, i am a 12th grader at Summerfield Waldorf School and farm in California. A close mentor of mine lent me your movie yesterday. I must tell you that i was deeply touched by that movie, its probably one of the first movies in a long time where i have cried. You shared a lot of yourself to the world in that film and i respect you for it. 
For my senior thesis i am studying the relationship between the farmer and nature, the importance of the farmer, the responsibility and also the gift of being a farmer. I found in myself a love of nature and of farming after joining the waldorf system in my junior year. This love has led me to studying biodynamics and your movie supported all that i am working toward. I just wanted to write to you telling you how much i appreciated seeing your journey as a farmer, your transformations from conventional to biodynamics! It was amazing and i think that i will use clips of your film in my presentation on the farmer, and nature. 
thank you 
Jessica J

Jessica Jones | Summerfield CA United States

Writing from Dublin, Ireland, to say how inspiring I found The Real Dirt, which I saw on TV last night.  
Watching the film I was struck most by the horrible effects of prejudice on the human soul, and so inspired by the poetic approach you have to the land that brings together culture and community - the movies of your childhood and your mother were very moving - what you are doing now seems like a continuum of that good and groovy feeling of plenty and happiness from your childhood. 
My husband sells organic vegetables. 
Keep up the good work. 
Michelle, Dublin

michelle rogers | Dublin Ireland

We are freshly committed to supporting sustainability and becoming one of the conduits of information to people who might otherwise remain dangerously mainstream. We believe a periodic infusion of angelic organics may be just the thing!

If ever a "fringe" film needs to get into the mainstream, it's this one! A final thank you ... for blending art and earth, education and song, food and freedom.

Also, having finally seen the Farmer John movie (yay!) we are curious about the "Lamrod" character in the Farmer John song. Please forgive if this is something we clearly ought to know - we are learning as fast as we can and have maybe missed some of the history of those who went before us - is this character based on a real person or "type" of person/group of people? We tried spelling it backwards and got nowhere. We tried googling the name and came up with a stunt artist... We cannot resolve the question ourselves and so are going to the source. Thanks a million.

Neelima Julia Baird | United States

We are charter members of the Garden City Harvest CSA here in Missoula, heading into our 11th season this year (and 5 years into an extra winter share to fill our root cellar for the winter). We just wanted you to know how deeply moving and inspiring your story is. The film, like Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal Vegetable Mineral," is a wonderful ode to local food, CSAs, and real farming. Your family footage is literally priceless. Here's hoping it will inspire others to care about their food and the land as much as you do.

On a more personal note, when our son was two, one of his board books was "Clifford on the Farm," replete with the pastoral idyll of the small farm. In a cynical moment, I was angry at the book for perpetuating that image of farming as the facade behind which industrial farming hides. Then I was out with our son at our CSA garden and as I watched him pull and eat a carrot right from the ground, and later, help gather the eggs from the hens, I realized that for him, at least, that book was his a reality and not the sham it is for most American children.

My grandfather was a farmboy from Iowa who became a school teacher but passed his passion for gardening to my dad. So I grew up with homegrown food and I'm glad to carry that on with my son now.

Thank you for telling your story so eloquently and poignantly.

All very best wishes,

Steve Allison-Bunnell

Steve Allison-Bunnell | Missoula Montana United States

I saw the film tonight at a church sponsored viewing. Wonderful in all ways. I saw so much in the film that was right out of my childhood and adolescence. And then I went to college as a drama major, so the 60s episodes were also akin to my experiences. Here I am now, in Virginia, depending on Social Security, and once again have my hands in the dirt. The evening was a joy, and I love the website.

Janina Shoemaker | VA United States

I love Lesley's CD - her voice is beautiful, her songs original - and it all sounds so fresh - give her my compliments on a great CD! Do you know how it was recorded? - so 'present' - like she's here!

Stephanie Falconer | Australia

We watched your film last night. It really touched me, I've grown up in this small farm town that is being over run by retirering baby boomers from California.They move here because they love the small farm town feeling but now we have a Walmart sitting on the spot where a beautiful dairy farm onced graced our town. Barns are coming down, pastures torn up and housing developements with names like old Stone farm, and Sharon's meadow are popping up on top of ferile black soil. We are clinging to our farm for dear life, and when visiters come by to take pictures of our barn or by produce I try not to stab them with my pitch fork, but rather smile and act like I enjoy hearing how they just moved here and love the quaint farms that remain. I wish people would see the beauty of old bones the majestic barns that are rapidly being torn down and used for great hard wood floors in paint and plaster palaces. I love your mother, I get your pain, I hope you have much success in the future!

Patricia Erickson | Sequim Washington United States

By chance I picked up your film at the video rental store. It was great. Many thanks.I often visit rural France and am distressed to see 'development' creeping in there too. I am heartened by your creating new communities including cityfolk and interns. I loved "The Bug Song". All best wishes.

| Upland California United States

The Bug Song was hilarious! Great.

| Upland California United States

Dear John 
You have made a good effort in promoting organic agriculture and healthy way of eating food. The problems you have undergone during the various stages of converting are many and all your efforts have paid up. The important thing is to conserve the soil/dirt in the way it is created to be. I am looking forward for the release of your film in India where many small farmers practice organic farming since many years. This film will help farmers here who are still using chemicals to look back on organic farming. All best for your tour and I hope you will visit India wherein you can meet a lot of like minded farmers and organizations. 
Founding Member 
Caring for Creation 
Bangalore, India 

Shanta Manohar | Bangalore Karnataka India

I bought several copies of the cookbook already for gifts and friends. I welcome one more; it is so enjoyable to read and so good to cook from! Some lucky people will be receiving the great goat soaps too! Thanks again.

| IL United States

We are enjoying the last of our winter share; that cabbage always stays with us for a while. A few of your tasty carrots...I don't know how we go so many months without those and your beets. Thanks for all you do for our family...we appreciate it! 

| IL United States

I watched your film today. I ordered it through Netflix and it arrived in the mail today. I put it straight into the DVD player and watched.  
It really touched me. I grew up on a farm in a farming community and so much of your childhood was familiar to me. As you told your story I felt it happening. I cried when your father died, I cried when you had to sell most of the farm, I cried when the gentleman said that it hurt him to see concrete going over good dirt. I cried when your mother died, I cried again when the new barn went up with everyone helping, and I'm crying now.  
Your story is so important. It's heartbreaking, tragic, inspiring and beautiful.  
Thank you for sharing. 

Kristie Roberts

1/14/08 - Dear John, we missed your movie when it played in Portland, Oregon theaters. My husband rented the movie last Friday night, despite neither of us are farmers. My husband, a bridge engineer I married late in life, says rototilling, hay, and cowshit is an area in which he has had "zero" interest working in since he was born in 1937. Me, I sunburn red as a tomato, even in April. No matter. We loved the movie. I am buying a copy for our friends and relatives today, because your mom and you prove that to be a crop-worthy human, we must be willing to stoop down and pick ourselves up again and again, like we’re a new potato. Good luck with the rest of your story. Your mom was really something. Too bad you didn’t have children to pass her genetics along. PS - We especially noticed how you never once mentioned the word religion. Sharon Wood Wortman 

Sharon Wood Wortman | Portland OR United States

I can't believe it's been almost 8 years since I worked at Angelic Organics. I can still feel my hands freezing while harvesting broccoli on a cold, damn cold October morning. But then the sun rose, and I looked all around me, at the mist, the field, my fellow harvesters, and the sun piercing through it all and warming me, and I felt that there could be no better place to be. I long for that moment again. I still tell people it was one of the most important times of my life.

Matt Hohmann | United States

Lesley, when you sang in the Santa Ana, opening for John and his fine piece of work, I enjoyed your music, as did 99.9% of the audience, so, sure, get lessons from the Italian Tenors, and the Most Beautiful Shannon, but, know that you have to keep what you have that is so fine. You touch this heart with your voice. Just keep writing and singing, girl. You mesmerize, baby.

Tom Frazee | San Miguel de Allende GTO Mexico

I am really happy to have a copy of this CD and DVD. It really lifted my spirits after a hectic week full of loony clients and stress. I couldn't stop laughing while listening to it! I just love Lesley's irreverent sense of humor, that girl's got chutzpah! Not to mention that her voice has an intonation that is reminiscent of the best female Irish folk singers. Must start wearing my Lesley Littlefield button!

Amy Siedlecki | Portland OR United States

After seeing the movie on tv earlier in the year, it was released here in small town Castlemaine, Australia, and I organized an event around the movie, which for a small town we had near 150 attend. Farmer John was fantastic, really generous with his time afterwards, and the feedback since has been exceptional.

The following day, the Spring Fair at the local Steiner School was going on, and many of people there had seen the movie the night before – he has created a great buzz in town – I think I’ve received 4 emails in four days of people wanting to turn their bd farms into some form of csa operation. He has kick started something important and inspirational.

I managed to pass on my sincere thanks to Farmer John directly last week, but again wanted to say thank you – and to everyone over there at Angelic Organics who allow him to travel around sharing this amazing story.


Graham The Food Garden | Castlemaine Australia

I am really thrilled to receive my first newsletter from you, and it is quite amazing timing. 
Recently I was in a theatre in Castlemaine, called the Theatre Royal. It is about 30 minutes north of where I live, in Central Victoria, Australia. I was there to see a concert performance of homeless people, called the Choir of Hard Knocks. In the foyer, I noticed a poster for the forthcoming movie about Farmer John! 
I was so thrilled to see that the movie is coming to the big screen. Even though I have seen your story on TV, I told myself to remember to go and see it! 
So imagine my surprise to receive your newsletter today. Life's amazing 
sometimes, isn't it? 
Thank you for the newsletter and I must tell you that friends of mine have set up an organic farm and they have called it Angelica Organics, even before they knew about your farm (which I told them about). 
Best wishes for your ongoing success, 
Kind regards,

Denise Dalton | Drummond, Victoria Australia

I'm a friend of John's (he likes to call me "bowser", "trouser", etc.) and I've been enjoying your music. The "Farmer John Song" must be one of his true stories---I can tell! In my secret identity, I too am a composer:  
Keep up the good work and say hello to that busy friend of mine, 
-- m

John, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the screening of your film here in Brisbane on Saturday 1 December 2007. As I said to you on the night, your film was transformative for me, because it gave me an opportunity to face just how disconnected I feel from the "dirt", living in the city as I do. 
I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I envy your love of the land, your close relationship to the soil and the seasons, and your embeddedness in that 'country' (our Australian word for 'place') that is your home. 
Reading the comments from others who have watched your film below has brought tears to my eyes again.  
Thank you for your leadership. It's not that you should do what you do to be of service, it's that when you do what you love, you **are** of service. So, please, just keep doing what you love! Your heart has been a good guide this lifetime, and your willingness to be open and humble has allowed many, many people to come home to themselves. 

Yollana | Brisbane Queensland Australia

glued ,glued glued! Total heart and mind. My boundaries melt with you guys. Thanks a million.
Thank Yu beautiful mama, devoted, and clear. I'm reviving from the loss of my own 70s brain wash .
The river the flowers the bees..... this is our earth, our landing zone as much a any generation's. How in the world we got to be the most hated generation.....I'll never know.
Can I have a mama to teach me like you got taught? Sending love and wishes for a million fruitful, big and peaceful , fun harvests. God Bless You Guys.
Whole thing brings out my real qualities that got stufffed after the 70's. Yayyy!

Hi John
"'Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words"... That was how we felt as we travelled your journey via 'The Real Dirt' and we want to thank you and your team for inspiring and moving us. We laughed, shed tears, despaired, got angry, indignant and hopeful with you.
We're on the other side of the world but we might as well be next door: our journey here, albeit a much shorter one, has so many themes that echo yours. We currently live within an eco-village (an intentional community) where we started an organic dairy farm about 8 years ago. The dairy morphed into an integrated mixed farm with beef, chickens, pigs, bees, a cheesery, a shop, educational services, local food feasts and, more recently, an organic free-range egg business. We've dipped our toes into the vast pool of understanding that is biodynamics and have made our own preps and would like to go fully BD one day. We have dreams of turning it all into a fully-fledged CSA (we already do a kind of subscription farming with the raw milk and meat products). Along the way we became parents to Oliver. He's our anchor and focal point when the madness gets too real!

At times it has been tough - I guess because we felt and continue to feel grossly misunderstood - and yet having the opportunity to work with the land and the animals has been such a joy. Our farm has given us several university degrees worth of knowledge, a spiritual education and an emotional workout that should keep us in good stead for anything that comes our way in the future.

We'd like to pay tribute to your beautiful mother. What an angel! I lost my mother to cancer three years ago and I miss her terribly. She was a kind and loving woman who had 66 short years in this lifetime to nourish us all with her gentle energy. Her funeral was so wonderful - at the centre a coffin painted with butterflies and 500 mourners who laughed, sang and cried together.

We've got our place on the market because we can't fight the system any more and it seems the system is drawing strength from a source we haven't been able to tap into. Bureaucracy is crushing innovation, passion and heart-driven enterprise, even within our own community! Our enterprise just doesn't meld with a system designed to service dollar-driven corporate interests. We've chosen to have some time off - hit the reset button as it were - and see where we go from here. Perhaps we might do some traveling and would love to come to visit.

Anyway, good luck, good fortune and many blessings.

Julie and Pat
The Village Organic Farm & Kenilworth Organic Produce

Julie and Pat | Conondale Queensland Australia

I saw the Real Dirt on Farmer John last night and I do believe it's the best movie I've ever seen. I cried, I laughed, I got mad, I was elated, I was glued to the screen for the entire film and was sad when it ended. I just want someone to let Farmer John know the whole theatre here in Hobart Australia loved your film and thank you for sharing it with us. I hope to one day have the opportunity to visit Angelic Organics, I feel to me, it will be like mecca.

Michelle Turner | Hobart Australia

Farmer John, 
I love your cookbook which is truly much more than a cookbook with your stories and info intertwined. To be honest with you, I haven't made an effort to try many of the recipes. They appear to be a bit exotic, but I have tried many of the recipes that have been included in the newsletters from AO and have liked most of them. I love to cook and enjoy experimenting with recipes, so I will make a more concerted effort to use the cookbook.  
I am sorry to hear that you will not be on the farm this growing season as I had hoped to meet you and see the farm from which comes those wonderful food boxes. 
At my church, Fox Valley Presbyterian in Geneva, we started in January organizing a new task force called Healing Our Planet Earth (HOPE) . The impetus for the formation of this group was the issue of global warming, so we will be addressing many topics in the future. I am hoping that the group will agree with my idea of focusing on the topic of food this fall. A friend at church saw "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" on PBS and recorded it fortunately, so showing your documentary should be helpful in gaining interest in locally grown food. My plan is to promote the purchase of food shares next fall for the 2008 growing season. Perhaps we could even get enough people to have a drop-off at the church. 
Best wishes to you and the farm for the exciting year ahead. 
An AO food share holder, 
Linda Sonner 
Batavia, IL

Linda Sonner | Batavia IL United States

I first saw The Real Dirt on Farmer John at the EcoFarm Conference. It brought me and the rest of the packed room to tears. I also heard John share about CSAs on a panel. Bob and Lesley were there and you showed the video about the hippy who doesn't like tractors. Those who have depended on wonderful and creative but more or less clueless people to get farm work done felt a great, if not somewhat guilty pleasure at seeing the hippy college kid chased off the farm.  
Before I close I want to express my appreciation not only for the farming inspiration, but for the story-telling inspiration. Our farm has a wonderful story and it\'s telling is in the works.  
Thank you,  
Phillips Creek Farm

carrie jones | Banks ID

Hi all, 
When we received popcorn in our boxes the other week my 8 year old son was soo happy! (It was a favorite last year as well). As soon as we got home he started shelling the corn off the cob (not sure which he likes more - shelling it or eating it :) We haven't popped it yet but are looking forward to completing the popcorn experience (we might even make caramel popcorn with maple syrup...yum). Also, we have really been enjoying the delicious squash. At first I was overwhelmed by the amounts of beautiful acorns, delicatas and sweet dumplings. Then I recalled a squash soup recipe we liked and now my counter top is looking a bit empty. The soup has been so warming and nourishing. Thank You for all your efforts - we are fortunate to be on the receiving end! 
Take Care, 
Dawn Susin-Konters

Dawn Konters | Angelic Organics Shareholder United States

I first saw The Real Dirt on Farmer John at the EcoFarm Conference, I think it was three and a half years ago. It brought me and the rest of the packed room to tears. I also heard John share about CSAs on a panel. Bob and Lesley were there and you showed the video about the hippy who doesn't like tractors. Those who have depended on wonderful and creative but more or less clueless people to get farm work done felt a great, if not somewhat guilty pleasure at seeing the hippy college kid chased off the farm.
Before I close I want to express my apprieciation not only for the farming inspiration, but for the story-telling inspiration. Our farm has a wonderful story and it's telling is in the works.
Thank you,
Phillips Creek Farm

Carrie Jones | Banks Idaho United States

John. Loved it!! Saw it on PBS.  
I drove truck for you two summers in early 70's, remember? Hauling peas, corn for Green Giant in Belvidere, IL. It was a wonderful lesson in independence you gave me, when you entrusted me with the keys to that big International, seemingly having no doubt I --a 110 pound thing in leotards and cargo pants --could do the job. (your Dad died I tbink just the year before). I took away the most important lessons of my life doing that. So thank you, and I can't wait to read your prose. I would like to see a schedule of your upcoming appearances. It would be fun to see you again. -Julia Suits

julia suits | United States

my friends and i just saw your film in Sacramento. sustainable agriculture, delicious nutritious food, and art are the subjects most near and dear to my heart (if i had to make a list. .), so your film really hit home for me. ( i cried more than once. .)
i thought you did an excellent job of putting real people, lives, places and faces with the generic and possibly dry (and huge!) topic of "farming".
the humanity and artistic eye of the film will draw interest from folks who might not otherwise care to learn about The Farm Bill.
my fiance', Troy, and i have a dream of having a farm someday, or at least raising some of our own food, probably "back east", where we're from. i'm passionately interested in educating (especially young) people about nutrition, self worth, and raising and preparing good food. i'm a natural foods chef, and volunteer at Three Stone Hearth, a co-op kitchen (first of its kind) in Berkeley which uses only locally raised produce and animal products, directly from the farmers. the kitchen sells its food as a CS *Kitchen* to a community of whom many volunteer there. for now, i have written a post on my two blogs in celebration and promotion of your film.
thank you and blessings to you and your angelic community!
here are my blogs:
~Tiffanie Short

Tiffanie Short | Sacramento CA United States

Dear John,I have just this moment finished watching your documentary.I would like to congratulate you on your film and the telling of your story. Being from farmland in the Springfield, Ohio area and born in 1954,I found it incredibly moving and inspirational. Also,I am SO Happy for your successes! Thank you for sharing your story which I just viewed on the cable channel CULT.May you have continued success and happiness in your work and life's ambitions! Sincerely yours, Tom Kirkpatrick

Tom kirkpatrick | Bondeno ferrara Italy

Farmer John made my day! By coincidence I read about movies in one independent movie theater eating my "falafel".  
Another chance to good work was blown up the week before - by strange circumstances which are out of my power. 
Anyway I still miss the countryside of northern New Mexico, where I have been the last year. Helping in house and garden, and horse pup picking was my daily task.  
I'm not sure why do I apply as a desk top pushlisher without a chance to hear a coyote, feel the sunshine on my cheeks and have the wind in my hair?  
Actually I got the little cinema room just for me. my private home movie. 
I thank you Farmer John and all of your community for inspiration and the teaching about what is possible in a community. God bless your mom! Amazing spirit with 80 and some years! Upps, shame on me with my half of the years! 
I wish for myself a life full of collegues or call it community and I feel lost because it just seems a dream. 
Thank you for being so bold to write in times when you where down and didn't know where to go. 
Thank you for sharing with all the world! 
I'm yet happy to imagine that I will see the film again. Or that I will find my farm and coyote neighborhood!

Moni Mellien | Hamburg Germany

Dear John!
I didn´t see your film, yet - I am sorry - but your film is just about to be released so I have to wait until it´s shown in german cinemas.
Nevertheless I would now like to tell you my appreciation for your work, for all you´ve done in your life and for bringing farming back into human´s minds! Maybe you will soon find some time to call your attention to a comparably admirable person like you called Sepp Holzer from Austria: He found a way to built a "Garden of Eden" (i.e.: a kind of paradise) in the most coldest part of Austria on his mountain farm and meanwhile has several projects all over the world to help people to grow their own vegetebals and fruits WITHOUT any chemicals, without manuring and without irrigation (i.e. needing water to grow up any plants). All his success relies on diversity and absolutely avoiding monoculture. Maybe both of you could find a way and some time to exchange your knowledge and communicate to each other. I am sure that mother earth and we all would benefit from it!
I wish you all the best success for your film and all the best and lot´s of love for your life!!
Your´s sincerely
Claudia Lindner

Claudia Lindner | Gorxheimertal Hessen Germany

dear farmer john, 
i had the opportunity to see "the real dirt on farmer john" in a german cinema some days ago. live on stage was farmer john himself!  
you can work your whole life in an office and there's no need for any changes in one's life. but one can't work in a garden or farm without beeing transformed by nature. 
this movie is about beeing educated by the land, in the best possible way.  
very touching and moving! 
my congretulations 
with best wishes 
bio-dynamic gardener since more then 25 years

Rolf Bucher | Boll-Eckwaelden Germany

I appreciate very much that I had a chance to see this inspiring film even in the Czech Republic (in the cinema Aero in Praha), and to meet with Farmer John in person. I am a supporter of the first Camphill community in the Czech Republic (Camphill Ceske Kopisty), and I realize how it is difficult to get people together, and start to run the new type of a farm based on the biodynamic agriculture. After seeing this wonderfull film I am convinced that the agri-culture is the real basis for any other human culture. For me it was particularly inspiring to get to know that Farmer John has been inspired thoroughly by the teaching of the occult spiritual scientist Rudolph Steiner. I consider Rudolph Steiner to be one of the most significant prophets in the Western Europe who showed the best alternative way of survival and how to get back to both the more natural and spiritual way of living. God bless you, farmer John. Jindrich Bajgar

Jindrich Bajgar | Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic

Hey! I loved the film. Saw it at the Gene Siskel Film Center and it gave me a PERFECT gift idea for Christmas. My family's story is strikingly similar to yours. My aunt manages a small family farm in central KY and rife with development all around, she is wondering how to make money off the land. Passed down from my grandfather who was a tobacco farmer, my aunt farms cattle, corn and hay at present. Is there any chance of the DVD being available by the end of the year? Thank you, Kindly,
A CSA Shareholder and Drag Performer!
Kristen Cox,
Chicago IL

kristen cox | chicago il United States

Dear Farmer John, sometimes things happen and you can't really remember why or how. You know there was a connection that brought you there, but the moment it occurs can elude the conscious thought. Some people are more aware than others...perhaps some are drivers and some are passengers on this space ship. I think I might just be a passenger. I don't know why I started crying. The intimacy with the vegetables that I had almost forgotten. The memories were shaken from dormancy in a eruptive display with the core pushing the lava through the ripped earth giving way to the grieving sobs. How long has it been since I have seen, touched, or smelled vegetables in the dirt up close? Haven't had anything to call my own since youth, too young too understand what had happened. So young I couldn't help but to know what the land provided as it was just about my height. The lost flower child who sprouted in the garden to be pressed into potpourri in the concrete jungle. Disconnected, suffocated, muted from life. Yet, as life goes the cycle can return. Rebirth. Only until the truth is understood on a universal level can we as individuals begin to heal. Farmer John, you got it. Many cannot comprehend what you kept repeating. Magical. The magic of the cosmic universe and the truth of relationships between all. We are one with all that is. We discover, on our own journeys this little bit of information, which uncovers the roots of our being. The truth. You speak the truth. I appreciated your movie as it triggered emotion and allowed me to release more of the toxins that have polluted my soul. I hope you are shown some of the true magic of Hawaii, as the ancestors here can show you the way. I know you can listen. Incredible this place is even for a mere visitor seeking refuge to heal the wounds. Hallelujah for mother earth. What an amazing, insightful life you have lived Farmer John. Many, many thanks for sharing your wondrous journey with the world. You are only making it a better place. Aloha. Sarah

Sarah Johnson | Honolulu HI United States

I saw the little Bug and loved it. Would like to see more of her.

Glenn Martinez | Waimanalo HI United States

Tonight, in Hobart, Tas. Australia, I went to see The Dirt on Farmer John. John was there, and so we got to hear his comments afterwards. I think he is a wonderfully creative and lateral thinker - so admirable on many levels, not the least for withstanding the hostility of his own community.

There was one sentence used in the movie about connecting people through the soil. I found that phrase to be very moving but didn't expect that later in the film it would unfurl into literally connecting people to the soil through the CSA movement.

For ages I have longed for shops to label food not only 'local' where applicable, but to provide info about the farms the food comes from and the methods by which it is grown. That way consumers would really have some choice and control over what they eat. Barbara Kingsolver's most recent book was a great find in terms of the importance of eating locally grown produce and of supporting farmers' markets.

I think the CSA movement is a great way for those of us tied to city life to rekindle our connection with the soil and with farming while still nourishing the earth. I also think this fantastic movement has the potential to save and pass on to future generations the agricultural knowledge and appreciation of place that would otherwise be lost when farms shut down.

The drought here is deeply worrying, but the severity and the consequences still seem lost on politicians and many city dwellers. I hope this movement takes off in Australia. I think it is a beacon of light in the face of the corporate takeover of family farms, urban sprawl on to 'heritage' agricultural soils and climate change. I think it offers our worn out farmers both physical, financial and emotional support. It's the best news in ages!

Thank you!

| Hobart Tasmania Australia

I love this cookbook! I came upon it by chance and have made about 20 recipies so far, all to great success. The recipies are easy to prepare and delicious. I really appreciate how the book is set up to follow the harvest season, something which few cookbooks do. I really like all the illustrations and photos as well. 
For future editions, could you add comments about which recipies can freeze well and at what point? I'v ecome across only 1 recipe so far that explicitly says it can be frozen. I am sure, however, that many more are suitable either in whole (freeze at the end) or in part (freeze and finish at time of serving). This would be a great addition to those of us who are still learning our way around the kitchen! 
Thanks so much. 
Sarah S.

Sarah Stone

It is with reverence for the infinite spirit that gave life to Lora Krogman's form and will continue to bring endless teachings to every life she created memories with, that I bow my head in compassionate meditation for your healing.  
Many Blessings, 

I was moved, really moved. As an Austrailan I'm embarassed that our P.M. won't sign Kyoto or accept the reality of global warming. My friend, a sheep & cattle farmer for 40 yrs. has recently been trying to improve his soil and farming techniques, but has been thwarted by a decade of drought. I'm sure you'd sympathise. My background is horticulture and have a keen interest in BD and permaculture [I expect you are farmiliar with this system developed by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren] & would love to soon farm my own plot. In the meantime I wish I could show my friends your film. Can you make it available for home users to buy. Pleeeease!
I love that you've shared your life so honestly and openly with us. Thank you.

Bronwyn Plarre | Melbourne Victoria Australia

parabems pelo seu trabalho maravilhoso
e a mae que deus lhe deu ela te colocou no lugar que algumas vezes voce quase partiu !
tem um proverbio que diz a chance de que alguem que semeia muitas sementes em algum momento colhera muitos frutos !
esse e voce prova de que acreditando acaba alcançando .
desculpe lhe escrever em portugues mais eu achei melhor .


leandro fonte

Congratulations on your marvelous work!
and to a mom that God gave you, she put you in a place that sometimes you almost left!
There is a proverb that says: the possibility is that someone who plants many seeds in certain moments will collect many fruits!
this is your test, when you believe it, you will stop searching/reaching.
excuse me writing in portuguese, but I think it's better.
yours truly,
leandro fonte

leandro fonte | santo andre sao paulo Brazil

Hello John, 
I saw your movie yesterday 7/29 in Los Angeles and i like it very much, i find it inspiring, touching, and humorous. Your mom was a wonderful lady, my hat's off to her.  
I came to the US as a refugee in 1975 and since then i've been living in the metropolis which is so far away from the farmland and farmers. About 10 years ago i realized that the conventional food and city life is not very healthy and started to get into organic produce and i truly like the idea of organic farming. Your film gave me a chance to know this country better and to appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into producing food that is good for the body as well as the environment. I am currently not a member of any CSA but i go to farmer 
markets all the time now. 
I am so glad the organic and sustainable farming is being practice in my homeland Vietnam,,, thanks to the help of the American Friends. 
Peace and best wishes to you and your team, 

Lien Pham | Dowey CA United States

dear john, 
your film opened my mind. it revolutionized my way of thinking, it inspired new things within me. 
i want to become a farmer or become involved in the organic food industry. can't i become an intern on your farm? 
thank you so much for all you have done. 

maddison doyle | rome lazio Italy

Hey John 
I just saw the film here in Italy on satellite TV (I'm Canadian, I've been living here for 16 years). It's a great, inspirational story. I'm glad to see that you have survived all your life phases/tests/trials and have come full circle back to your land. Everything along the way was preparing you for this moment. You must not regret any of it and be proud of what you have achieved and can now share with others. You're a shining example of how we can live well and be gentle with our world rather than exploiting it, its animals and its people. My condolences on the recent loss of your mother and the past losses of your father and uncle. I understand how you have suffered as my father committed suicide when I was 20. These pains make us stronger and more compassionate. Anyway, here in Italy, organic produce is becoming popular but what's really amazing is that people in smaller towns (like where I am) still live really close to the land. The produce in supermarkets - although there is a small selection because they sell primarily what is part of their specific regional diet - still has dirt and bugs on it! And people go to the farm up the road to get eggs right from the coop! Even store-bought eggs still have a bit of hen poop on them! Food tastes real here. Not so when I go home to visit my family in Canada and especially in the US. It's so sad that something so basic to human existence has become merchandise and not nourishment anymore. I think your story is a very important one for the people of America. You keep spreading the word! Thanks for sharing your life. :-) Bonnie

Bonnie Rubins | Correggio Reggio Emilia Italy

What an inspirting story! After searching your website seems as though it is not available due to the upcoming film release. Good for you! Here in my home town of Santa Clara, CA there is the last remaining 17 acres of public land that had been used by the University of California for Agricultural research for over 80 years! It is called BAREC (Bay Area Research and Extension Center). For 4-1/2 years a grassroots committee has fought the City Council and Developers from changing the zoning from Agriculture to Housing. Last week the Council voted unanimously to change the zoning. But we have 3 weeks (7/17/07) to gather signatures on a petition to put the final decision to voters. Our goal all along has been to keep the zoning Agricultural and to create a 17 acre organic Urban Farm for the community. We live in Silicon Valley, CA. Before this area was renamed to describe the \"High-Tech\" industry, for over 100 years it was referred to as \"The Valley of Hearts Delight\" because of the incredibly fertile soil, and numerous orchards and crops. This is what I remember growing up as a kid. It is now all covered with concrete and asphalt. Watching your story... really inspired me to get involved with this grassroots effort to save these remaining 17 acres. You can check out our website here: My best wishes for you John. I know the film will be a HUGE success and inspire others also! 

| San Jose Californai United States


I loved "Real Dirt...". I have consumed organics for a few years now, in Brazil, even though they are quite expensive here.

I also try to stimulate people to always buy at least one organic product when they go out shopping as to stimulate the production, and eventually, reduce its price.

Organic food is the only break in the paradigm of conventional agriculture.

Love and keep up the good work.

maysa blay | rio de janeiro rio de janeiro Brunei Darussalam

Our food last week was delicious, so I’m really happy to be a member of the CSA’s been about 9 years since I last did it, I think.

| Chicago IL United States

...the cookbook is a real to read (and I WILL find the time to read more of it) and very good recipes. Great to have it all compiled into one book. I feel like I hit the jackpot by signing up for veggies this particular year!

| Chicago IL United States

i picked up my week 2 box and it's wounderful.........this is the 2nd year of being a shareholder.....last year i thought to just "try u out" so only signed up for last half and winter...........well, i loved it so much that this year i signed up not only for the 20 weeks but for 5 years!!!!!!!!! I'm an older broad so i figure that i have to live long enough to eat the "paid for" veggies......(chuckle chuckle)

| Chicago IL United States

that wounderful.......funny....informative cookbook has been on my night table and i've been looking it over most nights....i think ive read it over twice by now.................sooooooooooo looking forward to each growing season's recipies to try!

| Chicago IL United States

I just wanted to let you know that the peaches and nectarines from last week's fruit box were fabulous! Very tasty and juicy. Much better than the ones we received last year. 
I've never seen such a full first box of veggies, and it was wonderful to eat them after a winter of not so fresh veggies. There's just no comparison between the veggies from the store (sad) and the ones from Angelic (alive). 

| Chicago IL United States

It's so exciting that farm season has started again...

Hooray for the cookbook! Last night we made the radish greens with miso and it was TO DIE FOR!

Now I'll eat radish greens any way, even just steamed, but it was fun to find a way that other people would eat them too.

| Chicago IL United States

Dear John, 
I saw your film a few years back at the Tilth Conference here in Washington. I am a small organic farmer and I was in a large conference room packed with organic farmers all mesmerized by your film. There were lots of laughs and tears of recognition in the group as your story unfolded. Thanks for the soul gift. It is great your film is gaining audiences around the earth. I just can't wait to buy it on DVD so I can show it to everyone I know!! 
Please keep on making art and caring for the rest of us by farming. 
Barbara Greene 
Washington USA

Barbara Greene | Belfair Washington United States

I have gotten vegetables for several years from Angelic Organics, and I'm really enjoying the cookbook this year. It has lots of great ideas for vegetables I'm not familiar with, and I love the drawings of the various herbs. Often I get herbs in the box, but I'm not sure exactly what they are. The drawings are a tremendous help in that respect.

| Rockford IL United States

i grew up on a farm in iowa and i really enjoyed the film. it reminded me of so many people i grew up around (being creative and in love with the land they are responsible for). another friend of my parents used to write amazing plays for the community each year while milking cows.

I write to you from Chile, South America. I imagine that, since you have spent time in Mexico, you speak a little Spanish. I hope that you understand my letter. Yesterday I saw your documentary on HBO and I thought it was wonderful. Hopefully others from my country can create farms like yours. Here it is very difficult to find something in the supermarket that is not genetically engineered or cultivated with the use of chemicals. I come from the country side and had a very happy childhood there, but it is very difficult to survive off of what a farm produces. Because of this my family moved to the city. Now I live in the city and I feel nostalgia for the country life. I feel great happiness for you, I wish you the best in the world, I congratulate you because of your initiative and your innate artistic ability. Many blessings for you and your farm.

| Puerto Montt Chile

Hello, I want to say to you that's the most important film I ever saw. You are a Hope for the world. I will wish that kind of project could be made in my country: México. Thanks about the words you said in the film of our Mexican country workers. 

| Mexico

hello my name is kashi, 
ALTHOUGH I am only ten years old I have been continuengliy inspiered by your work best wishes kashi! 

| Melbourne Australia

Dear Farmer John.

Greetings from Australia!
I've finally had a chance to see the The Real Dirt on Farmer John documentary. It was a truely wonderful feast for the eyes and mind. Very moving and very inspiring.

What a roller-coaster you've been on. I was so glad to see how things have worked out for you through the CSA organisation.

While viewing your documentary, I felt a kinship with you, in a parallel way, of how fate takes us all over the place. My Father is a retired Graphic Artist...My main love (well, apart from my partner and my family ;-) is doing detailed illustrating, and my dream is to have a full-time career as an illustrator of Children's Books (and to write them too... though the market here in Oz for writers is very competitive and the industry here these days is very conservative [ a budgetary sense].). Watching your documentary today just confirmed to me that dreams really are worth persevering with. The woes that my parents have gone through over the last 18 years have made it a bit hard for me to be positive with my dream, but you have inspired me to 'soldier-on'. And I thank you so much for that.

My partner and I are hoping to visit the USA again sometime in the near-ish future, and I'd love to incorporate a visit to your farm (...we'd better start saving those pennies for the airfare :-)

Thank you for a wonderful documentary, an best wishes for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Rogers.

[P.S. Thank you so much for replying to my email. I am more than happy to put my email on your website as you requested). Cheers from Oz!

Tony Rogers | Australia

Dear Angelic Organics, 
Just wanted to send a big "thank you" for the cookbook you sent out to all shareholders. It is fantastic!! I love the way it is organized by season/vegetable so when we have an abundance of something we can quickly look up good recipes!! I can't wait to get our first box of the season and refer to my new book for interesting ideas! Thanks again!!

| IL United States

I was fortunate enough to see a documentary on you, it was amazing. 
I wanted to tell you. 
I wanted you to know that it has reached someone. 
I have been looking for you and happened to come a across a link in a listing site. 
I always wondered how you could make permaculture/biodynamics work for the masses. 
I found your story uplifting, and thanks again, and hope you have many good seasons to come. 

| Australia

G'day John, 
I just watched the doco. My sister taped it for me a while ago (by accident actualy, she had the timer set on the 'wrong' channel). I understand where you are coming from when you are describing connection with land, its a lot more than dirt. I suspect there are thousands and thousands of farmers with very similar feelings about their land but as yet have not been able to physicaly express in the way you have done/are doing. Perhaps there is a switch that needs switching on, if they want it switched on? 
If you can, please have a look at our farm website I'm happy to say that we have also been able to turn our farm around by using imagination & creativity. We are fans of Joel Salatin & family and I think we are now going to be fans of you and everyone you work with. Id like to send you a book if I may that a friend of mine wrote that deals with the evolution of farming culture in the 'mid-west' equivalent of Australia. There are lots of similarites. Its called 'Heartland - Regeneration of Rural Place' by George Main. He did some of his research in the USA actualy interviewing Wes Jackson & going to the Land Institute. It sets a new culture of regeneration of farming communities against the historical backdrop. Much like your film but with a little less glitter. Cheers

| Narrandera NSW Australia

Hello to John and the team at Angelic Organics, I am writing to you because I feel inspired from watching the documentary which was screened on free to air tv on channel SBS on the 2nd of January 2007 in Perth, Australia.

When I looked through the tv guide that particular night as usual there was hardly anything worth watching and given that I am usually well and truly asleep by 8.30pm or so when I saw the documentary was on at 10pm I thought I'd probably miss it. But for some reason or another I sat patiently up and after watching the opening scenes I was completely enraptured in what was the life and story of the Peterson family farm.

Being a sheetmetal worker myself I know what a hard days work entails but I can't begin to imagine working the hours you work. I thought 55 to 60 hours was enough but for you to work 80 to 90 hours per week is phenomonal. Having shared in your life by viewing the film there were so many aspects I could discuss but the one scene that stood out to me was the one where you were coming to terms with the fact that were going to have to tell your Mom that you were going to give up farming because for the hours you were working and the returns you were yielding, it simply wasn't worth it. But when you talked it over with your mother she said to you that it was all she lived for and what would she do without the stall. So without hesitation you persevered and obviously one thing led to another and you have the wonderful thriving farm that is Angelic Organics.

I have put my name down for the newsletter that you produce and am looking forward to hearing about the ups and downs of your seasons. (Hopefully more ups!)

Yours Sincerely, Kelwyn.

| Perth Australia

Watched your documentary last night in Newcastle, Australia. I am a New Zealander living in Australia who did my university in Cincinnati not far (in global terms) from your farm. It was a truly inspirational story. Inspiring in so many ways. Your desire to constantly create and dream through all the periods of adversity in your life was a real lesson. As well as your ability to focus on the most important things in any given situation.

As someone in their mid 20's who has lead a fairly peripatetic lifestyle I identified with your story. I am sure there were many times when there seemed little light at the end of the tunnel, but you refused to alter your philosophies to cater for every up and down. Instead your belief in your dreams and way of life was unequivocal. An inspiring lesson for life if ever there was one.

| Newcastle Australia

I have just watched the program on Australian TV about your life. It is so great to see a farm that is working so well with the hands of many people. You maybe aware that Australia is suffering from the worst drought not just in our modern history, but possibly 1000 years. It was wonderful to see you doing so well. By the way I'm am so sorry about your Mum. She reminds me of mine. All the best for your future. You are an inspiration!

| Kirribilli NSW Australia

I wanted to let you all know that simply picking up and unpacking my shareholder's box is a sensual delight that I look forward to every week. We are new shareholders, and I suppose at the beginning that I was a little disappointed to see that we weren't going to save any money off our grocery bill by belonging - we still have to buy fruit, and a few extra vegetables weekly. But the box has had such a wonderful effect on my enthusiasm for cooking! And we feel safer eating organic, and we love having a farm of our own, and everything tastes better, so we decided quickly that it was well worth it. For us, the highlights of the season so far have been: -That round, small melon with the smooth grey-green skin and crisp flesh that is orange centrally and green near the rind - was it orange honeydew? Bite for bite, it was the tastiest melon we've ever had. -Produce in surprise colors, like golden beets, purple scallions, and yellow watermelons -Your cucumbers have been so delicious - small, delicate seeds, and not a hint of bitterness. And it's so nice not to have to peel them! -I never tried mesclun before because I thought it was pretentious yuppie food. Wow was I surprised and delighted! What a kicking flavor! -At the beginning of the onion season you sent us a big sweet onion that I cooked into a casserole with the summer squash, garlic and parsley from that week's box. It's a nice casserole usually, but this onion transformed it into something irresistible. -Those beets just melt in your mouth. I'm so glad the second beet season is around the corner! Thanks so much for your hard work!

Lise W. | Evanston IL United States

We just watched John’s documentary on S.B.S Television Australia & found it so interesting & inspiring, so we thought we would email to pass on to you our best wishes. I especially loved John’s Mum in the documentary as she was so positive & encouraging. It was a very uplifting Television show to watch, Thank you very much for the opportunity to share your story with us. 
Kind Regards

| Australia

My husband and I just ate one of your butterscotch melons for the first time this morning for breakfast. What a treat! It was wonderful. I just made fresh juice with the rest of it. Thanks for allowing us to try new things and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Allison N. | Logan Square USA / Canada

An additional delight of being a shareholder is that I have gotten over my fear of the unknown. I have a mission each week - to make a wonderful something out of everything that I receive. I totally freaked out last year when I pulled a space ship (kohlrabi) out of the box. But it became the basis for some good eatin'. I've learned that cucumbers cook up well in a soup or stew, and nothing tastes as wonderful as an heirloom tomato. Last year I struggled to use the Mesclun Mix. I finally learned to bury it in a soup, or saute it (what a nice bed for a salmon steak). Just yesterday, I peeked into the tiny organic section of my local mega-chain grocery - Mesclun Mix is going for $7.99 a pound. I'll show it some respect from now on! Please know that most of us truly appreciate the labor of love that you are doing. I am (hopefully) a cancer survivor, and I try my best to avoid chemicals, antibiotics etc. My Wednesday box is a wonderful, positive thing in my life. Farmer John & Company - I love you!

Melodie R. | Highland Park IL USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John: 
As a seventh generation member of a large Illinois farm family, I want to congratulate you for sticking things out and making your dream work. I also want to commend you for your respect for some of the richest and most fertile farm land in the world and for the family farm way of life. As someone who has seen and experienced first-hand the small minds of small town residents when it comes to tolerance of creative spirits and innovative ideas, I completely sympathized with your journey when I saw "The Real Dirt on Farmer John." 
What makes me most angry about Illinois is that at one point it was a center for innovation and new ideas, especially when it came to agriculture. But now as our industrial base is drying up and our family farms near extinction, I only see hope in men like you. Fear is what seems to motivate most farmers and rural Illinoisans - fear of change and of new ideas. Meanwhile we're being eaten alive by large, faceless corporations at every level of our lives. We must fight back to maintain agricultural integrity and quality. We must create value again out of what is now considered the lowest of low commodities. 
Upon bringing up the idea of transitioning our family farms to organic I was met with disgust and negativity by our farm managers who would prefer to continue the status quo of chemical-based, short-term gain farming. But as corporations such as Wal-Mart begin to look at organic food and meat products, organic is not "something that they only do in California" as my farm manager said, but the only long-term viable way to save our food, farms and way of life in Illinois. 
Please continue your good work and amazing vision of a better world and a return to soul, quality and truth in farming. You give me inspiration to transition all of our land into organic feed crops and maybe other kinds of organic crops despite short-sighted advice from farm managers. As far as I'm concerned it's not a choice, it's my duty to this country and necessity for our survival here on earth. 
Kind regards and many thanks, 

| Illinois USA / Canada

Dear John, 
Last summer was our first season as shareholders at Angelic Organics and we thoroughly enjoyed the vegetables. I have two young children and I am so happy to be able to feed them healthy, organically grown food. We visited the farm at an open house and it was a wonderful experience. We live in Rockford and I think that being so near the farm helps my children understand the tie we all have to the land and how dependent we all are on farmers like you. My kids are only eight years old but they know what it means to say that food is organically grown. 
Today my wife, my mother, and my friends and I saw "the real dirt on farmer john". It was excellent! Fantastic! I was really moved and I am so happy to already be a shareholder in Angelic OrganicsÖ In the film, when your mother died I was in tears. My father recently died from cancer and I think I really know the loss you felt. My favorite part was when your girlfriend sang the bug song and the two of you dressed as bugs and drove the volkswagen. It was so artistic, original, and hilarious. 
I'm an Earth Science teacher and tomorrow I'm offering extra credit to any of my students that go see your movie this week. 
Finally, from what I saw of your parents in the movie, I'm sure that your Dad would be extremly proud of you, and it was clear that your mother was. Keep up the great work you do. We appreciate it. 
Rockford, IL 

| Rockford Illinois USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John and Mr. Siegel, 
I just wanted to take a moment to send you an email to tell you how thrilled I 
was to hear you interviewed on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. I saw your film 
about a year ago. I previewed it for the Maine International Film Festival 
and thought that it was absolutely wonderful! I was unable to make it to the 
viewing of the film during the festival, and was sorry to not have a chance 
to meet you in person. I admit that I haven't been paying much attention to 
the progress of your film, so I was really excited to hear you on Fresh Air, 
which gave me an impression that your film is getting a lot of publicity. That's 
just GREAT! Your film not only addressed the issues of farming in this 
country, but it also spoke volumes of the dangers of judgement and gossip. 
I can't help but notice that the most conservative of people tend to be the 
Most judgemental...isn't that a sin? And the judgement is usually cast upon 
Those who are far better people than those doing the judging. I strongly feel that 
this will be the demise of our society. 
Thank you for making a wonderful movie and addressing so many important 
issues. But most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS! 
Oakland, Maine 

| Oakland Maine USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John,
I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. My kids and I just saw 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John' and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you not giving up on your farm. You are so blessed to have had the farm in your family. Your father and mother looked like the most amazing people. And you Father taught you so much before he passed. For that you are truly blessed!! I have so much I would like to say to you, I just canít seem to find the words.
The only thing I can put into words right now is that "I am So Proud of you and all that you do!!!!" Thank you for educating our children. Thank you for not loosing who you are, when all seemed so against you.
I truly believe that unless we all start taking better care of our earth that she will not take care of us. Thatís why I'm so glad I saw your show, your farm had not been organic for so long and then against all odds Öneighbors and bugs eating your crops, You did it! In a natural way that I believe is truly healing to Mother Earth!
I would love to bring my family to your farm sometime. I tried find out how to on your website, but some links weren't working.
Thank You For your time and all that you do!

| USA / Canada

Dear John,

I went to see The Real Dirt on Farmer John last week as part of the SF Film Festival. I very much enjoyed the movie.

The film had a lot of resonance for me. I was brought up on a family farm in Scotland. My brother and my father still run the farm. My boyfriend was brought up on another family farm in Scotland. His brother and his father still run the farm. We on the other hand live in the city of San Francisco. I full recognised your background; the conflicts and the joys of it. Your story has a universal message for farming and urban communities. I know that many family and friends back in the UK would very much enjoy your film. I have been recommending it to them and hope that it will be screened in the UK, so that they can have a chance to see it.

Best Regards,

San Francisco

| SanFrancisco California USA / Canada

With a smile, 
John...I'm a 38 year old farmer here in Mclean county. I really enjoined your film! It made me think, laugh and cry. Your life is inspirational. 
Thank You! 
Mclean County, IL 

| Illinois USA / Canada

What a wonderful person you are!! I am just dumbfounded that you are that great. I wanted to e-mail you right away and let you know that I am in the next couple of weeks going to become a share owner. I would like to first know if it would be possible to come and visit your farm. WOW I JUST LOVE YOU AND I HAVEN'T EVEN MET YOU!! Thank you for everything that you've done. I'm speechless. Will see you in a couple of weeks. 

| USA / Canada

My husband and I saw the movie about Farmer John this weekend and it was the 
best. We come from a farming background and after seeing the movie we 
wondered if my father in law had some of those same feelings when he sold 
his farm land. And what a classy mother John had. I just loved her...we 
can only aspire to be that youthful in our older years...thank you for 
sharing your story with us...thank you for getting a movie of substance out 
in the theater for others to see...keep up the great work and you are not 
alone....many share your vision... 

| USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John, 
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I loved your movie. 
I too grew up on an Illinois family farm (bought by my great great grandparents, German immigrants, in the 1840s) and so much of your film touched my heart. 
Seeing the crumbling barn buildings made me cry. I recently had to witness the barn my grandfather built with his own hands being burnt as a bonfire at his heir's keg party. 
I also understood the double edged sword of small farm communities. That's why I moved to Chicago. I was different and felt smothered by having everyone know my business and feeling obligated to live up to a standard of "fitting in." 
But now as I grow older, my heart aches for the farm and its gardens and fields. And when I think about where I want to retire, I crave that same "floor" you described in interview in the Reader. Now that I'm older, I think it might be easier to play by their rules and keep my inner life to myself ñ and the payoff is they will take care of you. 
My husband and I have been enjoying your excellent vegetables for five or six years now, we've been to the farm and met Neddy for a cheese-making workshop and now I want to THANK YOU for making this movie. I also wish you continued success. 
Chicago, IL 

| Illinois USA / Canada

What a great book!!!

Bob Bower

Had to write immediately, you all. Just returned from the Rialto Theatre, Santa Rosa where Sheila and I - at last - saw "Farmer John." 
Sheila says it was the best documentary she's ever seen. She also said it was about America, smart woman that she is. And she's right. How it used to be, how it changed, and how it's still changing. But the film is about so many things: family, community, individuality, about the environment and food and our relationship to them; it was sad, and silly, and very moving. Sorry to go on about the obvious, and I'm sure you've heard it all before, but I was just knocked out. You all should be very proud to have been involved with this film. I'm proud to know you. 
BTW, sorry to see today that you were, uh, overlooked by the Academy. So was "La Vie d'un Chien." Who needs a dumb old Oscar anyway? 
All the best, 
Santa Rosa, CA 

| Santa Rosa California USA / Canada

We love the cookbook. It is a great reference. A good guide to basic food information. Great for us Shareholders who are anxiously awaiting the first box of the season. It could use a little more basic information on cooking each vegetable "plain" (ie, how many minutes to bake this or steam that)

Melissa Prober | United States

I belong to Farmer John's CSA farm, and I liked this cookbook so much, that we bought 2 extra copies to give as gifts to friends. I love the stories, the growing, storing & harvesting tips, the seasonal organization of the book, and of course I am SO interested in the recipes. It made me feel happy to read this cookbook in the cold and dark of December.  
If you like food, like to garden, or like to eat good food, read this cookbook. It ranks right up there with Stalking The Wild Asparagus.

anna stange | United States

If you are a CSA member reading this post, get yourself out to the farm to volunteer for a day (or a few). It's such a joy to get outside, work in the ground, and see where your food comes from. I highly recommend it.

anna stange | United States

Hello Angelic Organics!
I'm a shareholder of yours. I'm writing this to say a big THANK YOU! for the wonderful cookbook. Most people keep their cookbooks in the kitchen, I'm keeping this one right next to my bed cause I'm really reading it cover to cover! Again Thank You! The instructions are easy to read (understand) and the food tastes great!
Looking forward to Spring!

| United States

When we first decided to join a CSA, we were looking at another farm, but couldn't use them because their dropoff point was too far away for us - and they recommended Angelic Organics. Boy, was that lucky! 
My wife and I have been shareholders for five years now, and we love getting our vegetables from Farmer John's farm. This is a great cookbook for a number of reasons: I love mainly that the book encourages you to get to know the vegetables and the growing season. I especially like the comments from the cooks and Farmer John on their personal observations about their vegetables, and what they have especially liked and learned about each one. It's like having a gourmet consutations while you are cooking. I haven't cooked any recipes out of this book so far, but many of them are from the newsletters, and the great strength of the recipes I've used so far is that they are simple, and that they really strive to showcase the sweet, clean, and expansive flavors of the vegetables. I plan on using ALL of the recipes in this book verbatim, but the table that recommends good spice combinations for each veggie is going to be very helpful as well for days of improvisation. It's obvious that the authors truly love their vegetables and know them all very well.  
The book has a lot of personality, like Farmer John himself, and the outtakes from his experiences over the years, including things that have been overheard, comments from shareholders, and the astounding amount of work done by the CSA team, make this book a total experience, and not just a compilation of recipes. I am especially struck by one of Farmer John's quotes, that there are certain times when he just feels it in his bones to go out and sow the field. I love that. And you just can't beat the quirky, human humor of his Overheard conversations and quotes. 
Farmer John's farming techniques were inflluenced by Rudolph Steiner, and I must admit that when I read about Steiner, he sounds like a pioneer and when I actually read his own words, he sounds like a quack. Don't get me wrong, I was interested in teaching at a local Waldorf school, and my field of interests are pretty broad, and I'm pretty open-minded: I can go from reading Noam Chomsky to Bob Woodward to George Will to Tarot cards in the same day, but it probably doesn't help that there is a little storefront anthroposophy place here in town, and that place seems a little odd itself, the kind of place that has xeroxed photographs and hand-typed articles tacked to their walls and construction-paper decorated bulletin boards. But Famer John has a wildly successful CSA and this cookbook makes we want to go back and revisit Steiner: goaded on especially by the recommendations of authors quoted in the book as saying that Steiner should be, but isn't, regarded as one of the leading intellectuals of the 20th century.  
But this is a cookbook review, isn't it? I love the organization of the book, and will find it especially handy to have this handsome edition rather than sifting through my eight thousand weekly newletters that I had been saving for the recipes. I look forward this year to starting my new life as a seasonally-aware, Steiner-reading, gourmet-cooking, veggie-eating, nature-appreciating soul!

Henry and Karin Caporoso | Chicago IL United States

I loved the movie. When I saw it in a local theater last spring, I felt so proud. I would like to buy a copy. My husband is a history teacher and I think it should be shown in schools as important local history. My grandfather was a farmer in central Illinois. A few years ago my cousin (who still farms the farm) received a yard sign from the State of Illinois for it being a bi-centinial farm. You are the force that feeds us. You are the force that is turning the tide back to healthy food. Thank you so much. We are so lucky.

| Rockford IL United States

I was a new shareholder last year. I thoroughly loved it. When I got my cookbook I was so excited. I was printing your info off the internet. The book took care of this for me--condensing both storage and handling as well as recipes. It was so nice of you to send it to us. In today's cold climate of corporate America it felt good that a business actually thanked it's patrons! I am so proud of you and proud that something so awesome is local.

| Rockford IL United States

My first impressions were that this is a great reference! I really enjoy how the book is organized by season and vegetable that grows in that season. I had been looking for a cookbook like that for a long time. I used the cookbook several times as a reference on what to do with some of the veggies I was receiving that I had never ate (or even heard of sometimes) before. The recipes are really creative. One criticism I have is that many of the recipes use a lot of butter. I use the book more as a guide to what I can do with the veggies, than cooking directly from the recipes.

| Wheeling IL United States

When I saw this movie, it made me so proud to be a part of Angelic Organics. Thanks for sharing your story.

| Wheeling IL United States

I would have never eaten beets (let alone the greens) and other unknown vegetables to my palet had it not been for this cook book. It IS the REAL dirt on nutritious food we miss out on in the "main stream" of life. I have made at least two dozen of the recipes the first year it came out. A very smart project.

Jerri Jones | Loves Park Illinois United States

I have not cooked many recipes from the cookbook yet, but I have been reading it like a regular book. It's a great vegetable reference and I'm enjoying learning about Biodynamic farming. Some of the concepts seem a little "out there", but my Angelic Organic veggies are delicious so keep on doing whatever you're doing! I bought this cookbook as a Christmas gift for a couple of like-minded friends and they love it as well.

| Chicago IL United States

Dear Farmer John, 
I have so far had great success with the cookbook. I find the recipes 
unique and different from anything in any other cookbook. As a 
shareholder, the book is a bible I use for farm veggies that I need 
help dressing up or cooking. I love the pictures and the personalized 
stories. You should be quite proud of it! It is one of a kind and I 
show it off all the time! 
We will miss you this summer but what an amazing opportunity this has 
been for you!

| United States

This coming season will be my first. I'm so excited!

Terri Mays | Inverness IL United States

Being a Christian, I was a little wary and suspicious of the whole anthroposophical and biodynamics thing, but it makes perfect sense to me now. I think you can have almost any belief system and see that it works and is for the best. Unless you're a fundamentalist - then you might have more problems than a CSA farm can fix! The boa is what drew me to the farm in the first place, by the way. My earliest memories are of my father making me work in the yard, his garden, his grape vines (all of us and the neighborhood kids would eat the sour grapes in August - he thought it was birds and put netting out - I don't think he ever knew) - our peach trees that only lasted five years at a time, who knows why, but yielded millions of peaches that had juice running down our chins and peach fuzz like fiberglass digging into our hands while picking them! As a child picking blueberries on Michigan farms for 9 cents! a quart, then going into town to the penny candy store and spending my wad. Thanks for the memories and letting me run on....As I read the cookbook, I realize the global impact this kind of farm can have. God bless you...

Terri Mays | Inverness IL United States

OK, this is crazy to admit in a public forum, but I WEPT when I opened the book the first time. Probably the second time too.  
We've been shareholders for a long time. The cookbook was well worth the wait!

| LaGrange IL United States

Thank you so much for creating this book! We are so glad to have a book that details the growing season and retrains us to eat seasonally and of course, locally. This book and your vegetables help us to move away from the "eat anything from anywhere any day of the week" grocery store shopping mentality.

Lisa Rekstad | Chicago IL United States

The recipes are amazing and delicious. Every recipe I made had great flavor. I have repeated a few we like them so much I love the seasonal organization of the book; I plan to use it as my guide through the coming vegetable season. Last year I was intimidated by some of the items that were strange/new to me, but this year I will try everything! 
I have already purchased one for my daughter who also loves it and plan on purchasing more for my sister and niece.

gerry fabbri | chicago il United States

As a CSA newbie last year, I rushed out to buy this book as soon as it was available. It was invaluable -- very friendly, forgiving, and enlightening (not to mention tasty!) -- I used it for every single delivery and through the "lean season," and look forward to the new discoveries I'll make this summer!

| Chicago IL United States

I love your CD! I listened to the entire thing. You really pull your character into your music…I love it. I am going to buy another copy for a good friend who I am sure will appreciate it as well!

| Chicago IL United States

I have become quite fond of Lesley's CD. She's my new crush, actually. I watched the DVD on Tuesday night and laughed my head off, again. I imagined your farmer neighbor watching your filmmaking process through binoculars—especially the parts where you're chasing Lamrod with the Rotovator, and when Lesley spooks the cows whilst wearing her bee costume, and when you've got helicopters and smoking, overturned cars in the fields, and slow motion, driverless Allis G’s—those are the parts that make me laugh the most.

| midwest United States

I must say that when the book arrived I was overwhelmed by the amount of information in it. I set it aside until I have a free day to really look at it.

Marcia Bregman | United States

I thank you, and can hardly wait for my cookbook. I would also like to thank you all for your hard work, my wonderful 
fruit and veggies, and wish you all a happy and fruitful holiday. 
Peace and love from all of us who enjoy the fruits of your labors. 

| United States

Just a brief thank you for the wonderful cookbook. I wish it was June already and the really good vegetables were on their way into our box .... Thank you all for your hard work thru out the year. It is really appreciated!

| United States

THANK YOU for the beautiful cookbook - we LOVE it! We also just got one for my mom for her birthday.  

| United States

Received the book and love it!! Thank you!! Looking forward to cooking all the wonderful veggies next year! 

| USA / Canada

Really looking forward to receiving our own copy of the book. I have already given two as gifts! 
Thanks to you and the rest of your team for another wonderful year of excellent veggies. We are already looking forward to June! 
All the best to you in the new year

| USA / Canada

What a treat to get the cookbook in the mail today! 
Thank you!

| USA / Canada

My name is naomi, I watched the movie - The Real Dirt on Farmer John In the Foyle festival in Derry, N-Ireland. I was very impressed by it. 
Now I'm studying in a very unique program in Israel call Arava Institute for Sustainable Environment and Peace. you can learn about it in this link - 
I was wondering if it is possible to show the film here. I think all the students can take allot of inspiration from it, and even most of our teachers. 
do you think it is possible? it might even lead to interesting projects... 
Thank you very much 

| Israel Other Country

Thanks. You provide hope to people who live far away.

I saw the movie yesterday. here in Brazil this story is quiet common.
John, congratulations this is what God made the Land for, not for Factory Farms that it¥growing world wide.

| Brazil

I'm from Brazil, and tonigth I saw one movie about you...sorry my's not so good...but I'm trying. So....I didn't know almost anything about organics...but I bying some vegetables here in my city, in the midle of the state of Sao Paulo. Probably you never listen about Mogi das Cruzes, hahaha... 
Well, before I write more, is better know if you recieve my e-mail. 
Good night, 
Sao Paulo, Brazil 

| Brazil

I am Albert, I have recently seen your film at the Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente. I watched it with a friend, and we both liked it a lot. 
It was a really touching, deep documentary. John clearly steals the show, and becomes a believable, and lovely character throughout the film.  
I particularly loved two scenes: when John remembers his uncles when he meets this old man in Mexico, and when the farmer almost cries when we see that the old farms are gone and now the place is full of houses. 
I¥ve seen quite a lot of films in this festival, and so far your amazing film is the best thing that I¥ve seen. 
I would like to thank you for bringing such a wonderful piece of arts to us! 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

| Argentina

Dear People, 
The documentary has just been shown on Catalan TV33 here in Barcelona, 
Spain. Moving, wonderful and inspiring. Thank you. It's been a sad & week 
here where I live on the slopes of the Olympic Mountain of MontjuÔc 10 
minutes walk from the centre of the city. They've been cutting down all the 
trees & bulldozing away all the wild flowers to make way for a designer 
You cheered me up a little. 
Blessings on you all. 
Barcelona, Spain 

| Spain

Dear, Sir  
I watched on tv, Catalan channel, your story about your farm from the 
beginning and I thought it was wonderful what you have reached, a 
friendship atmosphere, respect for nature and our health and your job 
teaching adults and children to enjoy nature. 
That is whay I felt the necessity to write this letter to you and to 
congratulate for your way of contributing to improve the world. 
I hope not to bother you as I can imagine you are busy all the time. 
I am a female of thirty three years old and I am teacher of English in 
a public (the government pays for it) secondary school near Barcelona. 
Thank you for your positive message 
I hope not to be unpolite daring to say to you that your mother was a 
great person as well. 
Barcelona, Spain 

| Spain

Dear, Sir  
I watched on tv, Catalan channel, your story about your farm from the 
beginning and I thought it was wonderful what you have reached, a 
friendship atmosphere, respect for nature and our health and your job 
teaching adults and children to enjoy nature. 
That is whay I felt the necessity to write this letter to you and to 
congratulate for your way of contributing to improve the world. 
I hope not to bother you as I can imagine you are busy all the time. 
I am a female of thirty three years old and I am teacher of English in 
a public (the government pays for it) secondary school near Barcelona. 
Thank you for your positive message 
I hope not to be unpolite daring to say to you that your mother was a 
great person as well. 
Barcelona, Spain 

| Spain

Hello, John.  
I just saw your documentary on Catalan TV and was very impressed by it. I have been living in Catalonia in Northern Spain for the past two years. I was a member of a co-op organic market in Ireland but have been very busy settling in and trying to learn two new languages, catalan and castillian spanish, to find out much about the organic scene here. Hope to get my act together pretty soon. 
Again, I really enjoyed the documentary. 
Adeu i adios from catalunya, 
Catalonia, Spain 

| Spain

Just saw the film on your story on TV, this was great and gave lots of 
good emotions. Wanted to say hello to John and his team, if I lived in 
your zone I would have certainly joined your products. 
Thanks for being there doing that, the good wave arrives until here. 

| Italy

Dear John, 
I am an Italian student, studying at the University of Gastronomical  
Sciences in Bra, Italy. In this period the Short Film Festival of Bra is taking place and the students of the University have had a chance to see the movie "The Real Dirt On Farmer John" and talk to the director Taggart Siegel. 
I appreciated the film very much and when Taggart said you have a Summer  
Internship, I immediately went on the site to see if it was possible for me  
to come out to the States and work at your farm for a month this summer. 
I read there is a certain difficulty in hiring international interns because it is hard to acquire the necessary work permits. I just wanted to have more information about this aspect because I'd be very happy to have the opportunity to come to work at your farm. It would also be a great  
experience for the course of study I am following. 
As soon as possible I will send all the required information for my  
application. Please let me know if it is worth for me to go on with the  
hiring application. 
Thank you for your help. 
Bra, Italy 

| Italy

Dear John, 
Thank you for the great documentary about your farm. The program aired this evening on Dutch television. We, two people living in oldest part of Amsterdam, really enjoyed the program and your effort and spirit put into Angelic Organics. If we are in Illinois one day, we really hope to visit your farm, and maybe even bring our really Dutch wooden farmer shoes to help you, just as we do over here. We wish you all the best for you and your farm. And if you are ever around, youíre always welcome in Amsterdam. 
Kind regards, 
Amsterdam, Holland 

| Holland

Dear People, 
Tonight I saw your documentary on Dutch TV. 
I was very happy that I tuned in on this program! 
As I have had a traffic accident 31 years ago I am not able physically to join in such a program, but I would like to give my respect to you and all the people that work on the farm! 
groet (greetings), 

| Holland

Hi John. 
Here in Holland on TV I saw a documentary about your life and your farm. 
I am very impressed how you survived everything. 
My English is way too poor to make a nice letter, I only want to say how  
admirer your believe in the good things. 
With regards, 
The Netherlands 

| Holland

Last night a documentary on your farm and farming was broadcasted in The Netherlands. We enjoyed it very much.  
I have one question: do you may be have a picture of your house that has the shape of a ship upside down - its such an incredible design. 
Thank you on beforehand and we wish you lots of success, 

| Holland

Dear John, 
I am still the livestock teacher at the Warmonderhof in Dronten the Netherlands where I saw your film the first time and where I met you. We had a small conversation afterwards. 
For a few minutes ago your film was on the Dutch television. Although they have cut out several pages at was as emotional to see as the first time. Also because now I was looking together with my wife and daughter. They were also very impressed by the film. 
A have made a copy off it because I want the show it to my father soon. He is 81 years old now. I took over his farm in í81 and finished it after 15 years. I am sure it will be again a very nice and emotional watching. 
Thank you again for your beautiful film. 
Dronten, Netherlands 

| Holland

I just saw the film on dutch television, very inspiring we have got an organic milking goat farm and its strange to see that the problems for farming are about the same in very different places on the earth and so are the solutions 

| Holland

I live in the Netherlands, Europe and I saw a documentary about your farm. 
I think you're doing a great job to respect mother earth and growing crops in this way. 
Keep up the good work. 

| Holland

Ajo people, 
Last evening I saw the documentary (on a dutch tv network) on John`s farm and it made me happy! good work guys! 
have a nice day, 
The Netherlands 
ps. can you send me some real vegetables of yours? (haha)  

| Holland

Your movie was shown yesterday by one of national dutch TV channels. I was deeply touched by the story, the spirit and the saga of humanity and land. I kindly ask you to advise how could I get a DVD copy of your movie since I would like very much to show it to my family. 

| Holland

Dear John,

I just saw a documentary about your farm on a dutch tv-channel. i
thought it was very inspiring. I had to jump out of my bed, since i
was getting ready to go to sleep, to look up on your farm. Whenever i
will find the time to do so, i will be happy to apply as a volunteer.
This is just a short note to let you know that i have major respect
for the work you're doing and especially for the way you are doing it.
I will look into getting some spare time during summer 2007. You have
set up an amazing company, one that a lot of people all over the world
could learn from.

| Holland

dear fellas, 
i was very moved by your film recently at the amsterdam intl. docu. festival, and delighted by farmer john as character, also live. a few days after the screening, at amsterdam's organic products weekly farmers market i was also pleasantly surprised by interest among a number of producers for community supported agriculture, and for your film: news about it spread simply and immediately by word-of-mouth! 

| Holland

Today i saw your documentary on national tv here in belgium, it's a great story, i liked it! Gives a dimension on the term "never give up"...................and i always thought that the great farms of usa where in the famous midwest!!  
Never but never care what outsiders think of you and i hope that the new land has become a real bio farm yet!! 
Antwerp, Belgium 

| Belgium

Iím a university student from Belgium, and after having seen the documentary ëthe real dirtí I felt very strongly about doing farmers work as well. Iíd like to come to the US this summer and volunteer on your farm. I have some experience with farming, as well as with life in community (taizÈ), and liked both very much. 
On your site it says ëwalk a day in your farmers shoesí, but if possible Iíd like to stay and work for a month or so. 
Kind Regards, 

| Belgium

I have just viewed the documentary about John Petersen and Angelica farm. Your people display a spirit, a daring and a goodness that revives ones faith in post 2000 U.S.A. Keep doing what you are doing and please spread your word to all who need to hear. 
On more mundane matters you may or may not have heard of an Australian permaculturalist called Bill Mollison. His sustainable agricultural systems may provide some ideas and direction for dealing with tired soils on an organic farm. Just google his name and see what you get. 
Best wishes for 2007 
Albury, New South Wales 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John 
First I would like to say thank you for your document entitled The  
Real Dirt on Farmer John, It was really Inspiring to see you and your  
Big Family Team that you have created for your farm and I wish I  
could be there with you and everyone that has helped you along your  
creation of a Farm and a big Family, I could feel the Love you have  
and It has Shown me I can have love for my Mother Nature as well. So  
just wrote to say thank you and Good luck and all my Love for you  
and your big Family. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear John, 
It is 11.30 at night and I have just finished watching your movie on television in Australia. I was so enthralled by your experiences that I am compelled to write to you and say good on you. 
I am a 5th generation rangeland grazing farmer who has been raised in the dry centre of South Australia, the driest state on the driest continent in the world. 
I am also an organic producer of lamb and run approx 13,000 sheep on our 175,000 acres with my wife and four young children. We have carved out a living on our property in New South Wales, an eastern state in a rain fall of 14 inches. With the never ending push for more and more chemical use and feeling protective of our children's health, organics was a logical decision. 
We do not see or read of many good stories in relation to organics and it was great to watch yours tonight, many of the plights in your life is similar to mine and no doubt many other farmers world wide. 
We have been enduring a lengthy drought here in Australia and many farmers have taken their lives. Many farmers have had their lives taken away from them also through banks evicting them, leaving them feeling empty and having a sense of worthlessness. 
Congratulations on a life well worth living.  
Kind Regards 
Cobar, South Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John 
We have just watched your movie and were very impressed by what we were watching its funny no matter where we are in the world there is a common thread running threw all of us and the times we have lived through. What we think sometimes was our down fall in our lifes journey is sometimes the string that we pull on to make us come through and win. The 70's were great and I think the youth of today need some of the values we had back then. The trust in new friendships and to experience life and all it has to offer. Keep on sowing your seeds of life you have a bigger crop to harvest then vegies we all need to go back to old values and trust this can only be done by example and you do this so well keep up the good work. 
Sydney, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

I am in Hobart, Tasmania, in Australia. Tonight on the television  
we got to see the story of John and the Farm. We both felt so inspired  
by this production, so hopeful at a time in the world when so much seems  
so unhopeful. I admire John for being himself, being the individual he is. 
I really loved that last song, I play in an old-time band here in  
Hobart, the Hobart Old-Time String Band (you can check us out we have a  
web page). Anyway, that last tune had the ring of the kind of tunes we  
like to play, mainly american style hillbilly music, the old time stuff. 
So if you have any info about the music for the film please share with me. 
Kind Regards 
Hobart, Tasmania 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hello Farmer John plus Friends and Family, 
We just watched your story on SBS in South Australia and have to say it is good to hear of a farm that has returned to the old ways of life by adopting practices that are sustainable. 
Keep up the good work, 
South Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John and all at Angelic Organics, 
My name is Ben Smithwick and I live in Brisbane Australia, I have just finished watching The real dirt and was truly inspired I just wanted to say thank you for making such a truly inspiring film. 
I am 27 years old and live in the corporate rat race and until 
recently I thought i was happy but it turns out money does not buy 
happiness (sup rise sup rise), and as i recently discovered I have not 
given a damn about our great planet and i needed to change, watching 
the movie just made me realise more that there is more to life and i 
cant wait to throw it all in and live a real fulfilling and selfless 
life, (I actually cried while watching the film I have not cried 
since I was 16). 
Anyway just like to say keep up the good work to all and please feel 
free to put me on your mailing list. 
Kind Regards  
Brisbane, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John and all 
Greetings from Perth, West Australia where I have just watched your documentary. What a wonderful story! I am so happy that things have 'balanced' out for you and am amazed at the CSA initiative. 
I hope the crops are still abundant and that life is good. I am not sure how old the film was but you still have your web site up so I can only imagine that you are still farming! 
Perth, West Australia, 
ps What a wonderful Mum you had John, you were truly Blessed! 

| Australia / New Zealand

i really enjoyed your story that has just been aired on SBS TV in  
Australia. I live in Newcastle NSW .We buy organic food and I really liked  
your CSA .it seems to me to be a great step forward from simply buying  
organic food from a supermarket.Are you aware of anything similar in  
Australia ? 
My wife and I and our first daughter lived in Wyoming in 1995 and I got  
right into permaculture there. Through our friends in Sheridan we met a  
guy called Howard Lyman i just checked his website 
interesting guy. have you heard of him? 
keep up the good work .the planet needs inspirational people like you. 
Newcastle, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hello to Farmer John, and all people at Angelic organics. 
My name is Basil Nikitaras and I live in the city of Adelaide, the state of South Australia, Australia. I just viewed the The Dirty on Farmer John on our free to air television channel. I found the Documentary movie very moving and felt the connection Farmer John has had with farming all his life. The whole family history of farming was again very personal and wanted to communicate my thanks and appreciation for your testimonies of farming in the mid-west. Even after selling the farm and it's equipment I was pleased to see that through farmer Johns experience and ability to survive that he can remain a farmer up until the present day with the Angelic Organic company. I myself purchase about 80% of my food from a local organic food convenience store. I am beginning to have an interest in nutrition and the science of nutrition. Thanking you again for a great viewing on television, and how funny and interesting Farmer John looks in a bug outfit. the bug song was cute too. 
Peace and bye from Basil. 
Adelaide, South Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

I am a vegan anarchist pacifist of many years - and also a poet and  
university professor. it delighted me to see (last night) the 'real  
dirt' doco - a lot of the issues embraced by the doco are issues that  
have deeply interested me for many years - as a vegan from a rural  
environment, and also as a writer and academic. i realise you are not  
vegans, but the desire for good health of the planet is surely common  
good on you for standing by the strength of your convictions. i hope  
your neighbours have become more tolerant and understanding - to achieve  
that would be to make a huge leap towards the changes in farming  
practices that must come before the soil and environment is damaged  
beyond hope. 
i write this from an organic block in wheatbelt western australia, a  
beautiful place damaged by modern farming practices/monoculture. 

| Australia / New Zealand

As it is our summer holiday season here in Melbourne, Australia and not  
much on offer on the TV, I was flicking the dial and came across your  
most interesting film/ documentary. "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" .  
Minutes prior I had pulled beetroot from my garden, dug some potatoes  
and picked peas for the evening meal. My vegetable garden consists of  
a 15ft x 20ft backyard pool that was filled in once the children had left home. 
Australia is in the middle of a very severe drought with water restrictions, currently we are only allowed to water twice a week by hand and there is talk of no outside watering in the near future if we do not get some rain soon.  
As much as I love my garden (flowers trees and shrubs) its the vegies that will be missed. Buckets are being put in the shower to catch excess water also rubber hoses connected to the rinse water of our washing machine. What a  
precious commodity water is!  
Happy growing to you all, 
Melbourne, Australia 
PS. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and it was very  
difficult to get organic vegetables here (he lost the battle 18mths  
ago) however I must say that I notice a small amount appearing in the  
large supermarkets now.  

| Australia / New Zealand

I just finished watching The Real Dirt on Farmer John. 
I am so impressed. Good onya...........translated "good on you". 
I relate as I have been eating organic foods now for 10 years.  
Eating organic dairy foods and milk, vegetables,fruit, meat and poultry................eggs. 
My friends produce organic and biodynamic foods. One of my old neighbours has planted his own 5 acre "Food Forest", runs his gas refrigerator from the gas produced from the waste of his Indian runner ducks, collected from settling ponds where the gas is collected and runs the kitchen stove and oven as well as the fridge. The waste is used as fertilizer to grow taro, bananas, ockra and everything else that will grow in Silkwood, Far North Queensland, Australia...........NEAR CAIRNS. 
The Taste is Real from Mother Earth. 
You should invite George W Bush to the Farm to demonstrate that the greatest threat to mankind is the terrorist practises of destroying mother earth,nature and the spoiling of the very foods we need for sustenance. 
We do have similar farms in Oz, however ours are small change compared to your operations. 
I am inspired. 
Continue to enjoy many good things. 
Queensland, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi Angelic Organics, 
I'm from Denmark in the south west of Western Australia (WA). I  
viewed your "The Dirt on Farmer John" documentary on SBS TV the other  
night. And I've just visited your web site. I was totally blown away  
by what you're doing. 
I run a certified organic (NASAA) community garden (one of the  
only ones in Australia) at the horticultural certificate course at  
the TAFE College here in Denmark (town of 5000 souls). My daughter  
goes to the Denmark Golden Hill Steiner School where there is a  
teacher who shows the kids biodynamic vegetable growing in their  
little plots. Denmark also has a vibrant arts community. 
I was in advertising as a graphic designer and owned with others, an  
ad agency in Hobart, Tasmania before settling in Denmark. Your  
website is fantastic! Steve Thomas who was one of the partners in the  
ad business still runs "Roar Film" in Hobart and has produced many  
interesting thought provoking documentaries. 
I grow organic vegetables too and sell them at the local store. 
Organics in Australia is just breaking, and more growers are needed,  
but the interest is there. An interesting one is a Salvation Army CSA  
in Adelaide! 
If you are ever touring Australia, drop into Denmark (450 kms south  
of Perth the capital city of WA). There is a need here to do what you  
are doing, but we don't have a big city the size of Chicago 75 miles  
away as you do! 
Anyway, keep up the good work. People are what they eat! 
Kind regards, 
Western Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John, 
Saw your show on Hot Docs (SBS Network Australia) last night. 
Excellent and inspiring. I was trying to identify what single issue in life is the most valuable Ö it appears to be life itself. 
Keep on keeping on! 

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear Farmer John, 
Your documentary "Real Dirt on Farmer John" was aired here in Australia a few days ago on Special Broadcast Services channel. I found it a gripping story, very moving and informative. It was great that it covered the social changes over a few generations and the changes and storms farmers have faced in this period, including your own family, as well as covering your own very interesting personal journey. So a big Thank You for bringing it out. You can be sure that I will be mentioning it to people I meet. As a budding vegie grower in a city (Brisbane) I have found one book useful above others when it comes to practical ideas about how to run my veggie patch. It is a book by Linda Woodrow called "The Permaculture Home Garden". I have a feeling it has some ideas that may interest you, and it is not just for the home gardener. It incorporates many fantastic ideas the Permaculture ("Permanent Agriculture") people have come up with over the last few decades here in Australia. It should be available through Penguin Books (USA) Inc., but if you can't find it there I'll send you one for free. All the best for your farm and life. Yours gratefully,  
Brisbane Australia  

| Australia / New Zealand

I just ate the year's most perfect tomato. It was a huge sucker -- one of those habanero-orange heirloom varieties. When I say 'huge' I mean at least a pound. And it was so ripe it was starting to burst. One day on my counter and it was beginning to melt. I ate it tonight. I had just turned off the burner on some tofu I was cooking and took up the tomato. I was going to slice it and have it with dinner. I rinsed it, cut away some mushy parts, and then cut my first to-keep slice. I picked it up and tried a part. I paused a second at that first bite. It was.... awesome. I paused just that brief second, and then started eating it right there at the cutting board. Knife, then salt shaker, then back to knife. All the time eating tomato. Every time I took a bite, the world faded. The flavor was amazing, indescribable. Full, rich, the perfect amount of acidity, the perfect amount of that resinous tomato flavor. I finished it quickly, not quickly enough while I was engaged in it -- when I still had a huge tomato in my hand; but too quickly now that it is gone. I sit here, in tomato afterglow. The Summer has been consummated. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Todd G. | Ravenswood Manor IL USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John, 
Your documentary "Real Dirt on Farmer John" was aired here in Australia a few days ago on Special Broadcast Services channel. I found it a gripping story, very moving and informative. It was great that it covered the social changes over a few generations and the changes and storms farmers have faced in this period, including your own family, as well as covering your own very interesting personal journey. So a big Thank You for bringing it out. You can be sure that I will be mentioning it to people I meet. As a budding vegie grower in a city (Brisbane) I have found one book useful above others when it comes to practical ideas about how to run my veggie patch. It is a book by Linda Woodrow called "The Permaculture Home Garden". I have a feeling it has some ideas that may interest you, and it is not just for the home gardener. It incorporates many fantastic ideas the Permaculture ("Permanent Agriculture") people have come up with over the last few decades here in Australia. It should be available through Penguin Books (USA) Inc., but if you can't find it there I'll send you one for free. All the best for your farm and life. Yours gratefully,  
Brisbane Australia  

| Australia / New Zealand

The vegetables were beautiful this year and we loved the variety. Every week opening our box was like opening a gift. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Joan M. | Oak Park USA / Canada

Greetings on this Tuesday evening, 
I run a community operated broadcast radio station in Tumut, a timber-industry/farming township of about 7000 people, in a shire of about 15 000 at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. We are voluntary/staff/subscription run business where we are up against the big commercial network operators and are actually doing well in the field. Just saw your documentary on SBS Television here, what a wonderful operation you have there in the US! Very impressive and a real inspiration.  
My parents run a thousand acres at Junee, a long-time mixed family farm which is coming to the same crossroads your farmland did back them. The big are getting bigger and the little farmer is disappearing, which is a real shame. When I give this radio game away, maybe our little family farm in Junee could be like yours. The same feelings exist in me regarding the heritage of the family and the tradition of all that hard work and dreams of old. 
Just a nice thought perhaps, however we really do have to follow your lead here or thereíll be nothing left to farm. Big farms are really not the way to go for healthy communities. I will look for your advice in the coming years perhaps.  
By the way, loved your beautifully preserved Farmall and was it a ëtrouble five fourí inter tractor with a ëtrouble-maticí semi auto transmission??Öwe have a few out of service similar at ëRoslynî, the family farm!  
Best regards John, thanks for the inspiration and best wishes for good season. 
New South Wales, Australia. 

| Australia / New Zealand

The first garlic I got from you was so amazing....I had one radish that I split with my sister and I've been dreaming about it ever since. You have helped me to expand the variety of what I eat on a regular basis- even when I go to the grocery store. Thanks.

Wicker Park Shareholder | USA / Canada

Hi Farmer John, FJA and the lovers of good dirt, 
I just saw "The Real Dirt" on SBS television Australia last night. I accidentally tuned in and I was so glad I did. Transformative! Really. I'm an old film maker, so I know good filmmaking when I see it. Fantastic editing by the way! Also I was thinking "Wow, what a great community. I would love to help". Here in Australia, I run my own multimedia technology company. My team build and host a lot of websites, and I thought maybe we could help you with that, but when I saw your site, I can see you can be really proud of that as well. By the way, well done for choosing Joomla as the CMS technology behind your new website. It suits your community perfectly. We use it for nearly all our sites as well, so I_m often recommending it. It looks like you're taking what you're doing to a new level of community: the global community. I wish you the very, very best and have already written to an organic farmer who's just moved to New Zealand from Australia and given her a rave about "The Real Dirt". I also want to use some of the community principles I saw in your farm in my newest business venture. So "THANK YOU". And just to let you know, you have a lifelong friend in Australia. Oh, and finally, if I get into your neck of the woods, I'm coming for a box of veggies and to shake the hand that drove the plough. 
Cheers to your ears of corn, 

| Australia / New Zealand

My 3 year old upon eating your watermelon declared that he wanted to be a watermelon farmer when he grows up. This is particularly significant, since for the last year he has always wanted to be a firefighter. I guess it was a pretty inspiring slice of watermelon.

Chaz M. | Evanston USA / Canada

Greetings Farmer John: 
I had the great pleasure of viewing your biographical documentary on SBS 
TV [Australia] last night. 
Rarely have I ever been moved to comment on TV programs - but I must 
tell you that your's was absolutely inspirational & moved me deeply. 
You prove beyond doubt that the reality of the "beautiful american" 
trumps the image of the "ugly american"[of which you've had personal 
experience], hands down(& dirty, as it were). 
John, you are a more successful human being than you will ever know - 
there could be no greater tribute to your parents & ancestral stock, 
than the kind of man that shy little tow-headed kid grew into. 
Please keep up the good work of returning farming to it's rightful place 
as the most exalted of all vocations. 
I would be honoured if you would join my circle of friends on 'myspace'. 
ps. I appreciate that you're a frantically busy guy & I don't expect a reply to this email - pls. don't feel obliged to do so. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Greetings Farmer John: 
I had the great pleasure of viewing your biographical documentary on SBS 
TV [Australia] last night. 
Rarely have I ever been moved to comment on TV programs - but I must 
tell you that your's was absolutely inspirational & moved me deeply. 
You prove beyond doubt that the reality of the "beautiful american" 
trumps the image of the "ugly american"[of which you've had personal 
experience], hands down(& dirty, as it were). 
John, you are a more successful human being than you will ever know - 
there could be no greater tribute to your parents & ancestral stock, 
than the kind of man that shy little tow-headed kid grew into. 
Please keep up the good work of returning farming to it's rightful place 
as the most exalted of all vocations. 
I would be honoured if you would join my circle of friends on 'myspace'. 
ps. I appreciate that you're a frantically busy guy & I don't expect a reply to this email - pls. don't feel obliged to do so. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John, 
I'm a parrot farmer & potter/artist of Australia {yes Potty Parrot Painting farmer} and people thought you were a little crazy. I just sat thought what I think was one of the most uplifting , eye opening and compelling television that I have seen in my 43 year on this planet, next the the footage from the end of the vietem war, The Love that you share with your Mum was so beautifull I cried {has my mum as also past across the great river} but we didnot share the freindship that you and your Mum did, she was cool.  
So in the future when I'm not feel the best and people are maybe thinking I'm a bit too crazy, I will think of that crazy dude of a guy who lives in the mid west of the USA and thank the Great creator that you share your story with me and share the REAL Dirt on Farmer John. Again thank you Thanks Mate. 
P.S I love your farm, "BIO way to go". 
Mt Morgan Queensland 

| Australia / New Zealand

Just saw the truth about farmer John on TV here in Australia. Very impowering. Love your music too. The river song is lovely. I am working with UNESCO here on a sustain our community project and would love to keep in contact with you both if ok? We are establishing sustainable schools and communities and I think that your music and film could be useful teaching aids. Would love to hear you thoughts if you would like to email. Keep up the amazing work and thankyou for helping our planet. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi Farmer John, 
My name is Duane and I live in Sydney Australia. 
Tonight I arrived home to watch the evening news on my 
favorite station SBS. Following the News, SBS was to screen 
your home-made documentary "The Real Dirt on Farmer John". 
I was not sure what to make of the title and was considering 
changing channels, but thought I would give the show a go. 
I was amazed at the journey of your lifetime on Film and your 
spiritual travels from adversity, the brink, to Mexico and back. 
It was no accident that I saw your program in that I have just 
completed a book today called a "Vision of the Aquarian Age" 
that talks about earth changes, a return to a communal way 
of life and a return to the land for all to heal the land and heal 
the planet. The book makes reference to both Rudolf Steiner's 
material and the Findhorn example where a wasteland was 
turned into beautiful gardens. Which leads me to ask a 
question regarding your documentary. Near the end the 
land has returned great abundance, but then you are 
forced to buy the property next door as it becomes 
unusable. Can this land be healed??? I am sure it can 
with meditation and healing practices referred to in the 
book I have referred to above. 
Your movie was very healing in it's nature and as an 
alternative therapist myself, I will be sure to tell other 
people about it. I am also trying to find a local organic 
co-operative that I can be involved with. 
All the best, 

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear John, 
My family are holistic management livestock farmers in Australia. Like you I grew up in the sixties. Also similarly, we have been on a journey of discovery of how to allow the farm to regenerate itself, (remembering that all communities of living organisms have a natural tendency to proliferate and diversify over time), whilst providing us with a reasonable living. Since embarking on holistic decision making processes (Allan Savory, Holistic Management, Island Press), we have noticed the native perennial grasses gradually invading our farm. 100 years of 'conventional', high input farming had made our farm a too-unfriendly place for species that evolved here! Like you have found, we are feeling optimistic about this type of agriculture where we can tread more lightly on the earth. The real dirt on farmer John was fantastic, and described the journey of those of us who always felt uneasy about using the earth as a chattel. For so long in our farming life, we felt uneasy about most of the practices we were using to squeeze a living from the soil whilst diminishing its capacity to provide our needs. Since changing ourselves to adjust our behaviour to natures' rhythmns, we have felt so much more satisfied. We saw the film on our local special broadcast services TV and it really struck a chord with us. We used to be wheat, canola, lupins, oats, triticale and sheep for fine wool and meat. Now we see ourselves as managing sunlight, plants and time, grazing sheep and cattle with almost no inputs except motor bike fuel and our labour. Our country is growing a lot of grass and more species are establishing each year. We monitor bird species and to date have identified 118 species in a landscape in which woodland birds are generally declining. This gives us great cause for optimism and we feel we now have lots of options where before we felt trapped and were constantly on edge. I was particularly touched by the footage of your wonderful mother, and her passing reminded me poignantly of my own mothers' death when she courageously decided to let nature take its course and struggled for a month before her inspiring life finally ended. If you ever came to our country I would love you to come and visit us. With this email, you will have my email address so feel free to get in touch if you are coming to Australia. Congratulations on your very inspring efforts. I really enjoyed the story about the BUG! I am a great fan of the late Aldo Leopold who must have had his sand county farm not too far from where you are farming.  
Kind regards, 

| Australia / New Zealand

I enjoyed my half-day volunteer experience immensely and would have most liked to quit my job and spend the rest of the summer on the farm! Your vegetables have been extraordinarily delicious--I don't think I've ever eaten so many consistently wonderful vegetables in all my life! THANK YOU!

Barbara N. | Hyde Park USA / Canada

There are moments when something touches us so thoroughly that it immediately slips deep into our souls, finds a home. And the experience will stay there long and begin to affect our consciousness. Like the living creatures in the handful of soil, doing the work. 
The film is beautiful because it captures the love for the land. Touching, as it explores the plight of the farm families. But, the film is also about love and the "undefinable something" that we call the human spirit.  
I feel fortunate to have met your story.  
Thank you, 
Rhode Island 

| Rhode Island USA / Canada

Thanks for another wonderful season! Each year, I'm more and more delighted with the contents of the box [and Grandma continues to rave over the beets]. My only regret that the season is over already, but I got my postcard confirming next year so I'll dream of June. I served a plate of tomatoes, some from my lone tomato plant in the backyard, and some from the box. One of the diners couldn't believe how wonderful the tomatoes tasted, and called me the "tomato goddess of Rockford!" So, since there was a fifty-fifty chance the tomato he ate was from the box, I'm sharing the title with Angelic Organics. Thanks for a great year!

Elizaboth H. | Rockford IL USA / Canada

Hello John, 
A few weeks ago, I heard your interview on the "Beyond Organic" podcast and was astounded at your story. Last night, I caught your documentary on KERA and was glued to the screen. What a fantastic life you are living!! The pain and sorrow, the exuberance and love, you are truly blessed. I wanted to send you this note because I feel deeply connected to what you have done with your art, community and the farm. I would absolutely love to spend some time to learn more from a person like you. 
I was very curious about one thing. Are you a burner? This year will be our first trip to Burning man and we are very excited. My wife and very best friend live an inspired life. We just follow our bliss wherever it takes us and this year our bliss is escorting us to Burning man. If you are there, I would love to sit down, have some tea and visit for a while. Now that you are a celebrity :-) you must get requests like this all the time. I like meeting people of like mind and spirit. 

| Texas USA / Canada

I picked up my last box yesterday and felt so sad to see it end, I went home and re-read some old farm newsletter copies! My niece was a shareholder too who split the box with me. Every time we went to pick it up, she'd open it and say, "Oh, this was SUCH a good idea!" Getting the box and splitting it with her was like getting a double present-a box of incredible vegetables and another opportunity to get to know her better.

Jo K. | Ravenswood Manor IL USA / Canada

Greetings Farmer John 
I'm 24 years old from Milwaukee, 
Wisconsin. This morning I woke up lagging and 
uninspired to get through the day. Knowing the minute 
I step into work till the minute I leave... I would 
hear constant barking from the head honcho. Luckily, I 
have an amazing significant other. She told me she was 
making me a healthy organic dinner to make me feel 
better. As she says, "Better healthier food makes 
better healthier lives." And she's right. From the 
moment I met her, she's been my biggest 
inspiration...and always insisting on organic produce. 
Anyway... we settled down to a nice organic stir fry 
which made my day. Then we started channel surfing. As 
usual... one channel to another finding nothing of 
importance or using any ounce of emotion. Out of 
nowhere, we stumble upon your film. From the second we 
turned it on, we we're immediately hooked on your 
story. I think we both related to your free spirit and 
perseverance. It was absolutely everything I needed to 
help inspire me to never give up on my dreams. I 
believe the story of your life and work is 
astonishing. You we're able to accomplish your dreams 
never forgetting about your friends and family, but 
even opening your arms to more friends. You set a 
great example of how people should live their lives 
with an open mind. Giving to the earth, and the earth 
will give back... giving to the community, and the 
community will give back. So with that said, we'd like 
to say thank you for the inspiration and putting the 
emphasis on what's important... friends, family, and 
healthy living. I will be recommending your film and 
farm to everyone I know. Good luck, and we'll come 
down a visit soon.  
Milwaukee, WI 

| Milwaukee Wisconsin USA / Canada

Isn't it like Christmas every week when you open that box? You never know what you'll find, but you know that something there will delight you.

an Edgewater/ Andersonville shareholder | IL USA / Canada

I wish to share a few thoughts with you. My family was some of the first settlers in Texas to include my Great Grand Mother (Full Blooded Cherokee Indian). Needless to say we had farms on both sides of my family. I loved the land and what it gave us. My Grand Mother and Father had the last farm and taught all us children about animals, equipment, and a great appreciation for what God gave us. When they were unable to continue full tilt my Grand Mother started a garden. Well this garden was some 40 acres or so. We would go down to the farm and pick bushels of one crop for the day, take them up to the house where other family members cleaned, cooked, and canned of divided the food for everyone to take home. At that time there were about 50 of us. My Grand Parents passed away and none of our parents chose to continue the farm. My Mom was a loving inspiration to me and many fond memories. She had cancer and died in my arms, an honor to be there for her. 
I had such an appreciation for food I became a chef and in 1974 moved to Kentucky where I was the Executive Chef for an exclusive club. During this time I would go to the farmers market and select all my organic produce. My son has shared my love for food and sharing. I stayed in the food business until I started the business (in 1992) I have today. 
You have done a fantastic job and displayed a level of tenacity most would have folded under. You have found your place so keep it up!!!! 
Take care, 

| Kentucky USA / Canada

i just needed to take the time to say, "hooray for you!!!" 
your story is so refreshing and inspiring. you can be successful and still be different and unique. corporate america uses phrases like "think outside of the box" and the reality is they have no idea what that means. your father would be so proud of your achievements. 
keep dreaming and taking risks. 

| USA / Canada

I live in the Virgin Islands, but I grew up in southern Wisconsin. My  
grandfather had a farm in Rock Grove, Illinois twenty miles west of  
you. As a kid in the 1970's I would spend every Sunday on that farm  
with all my cousins. By the time I was born, the land was leased to  
other farmers to farm, but the buildings and about ten acres were  
left for us kids to explore. There was still a pony and I did have a  
chance to ride along on a hay bailer. After my grandfather died when  
I was six or seven, I watched as those building began to slowly fall  
apart. All of my great uncles and one distant cousins were also  
farmers within a few miles of each other. My fathers generation all  
went to college so I never really had a chance to fully understand  
the true original farm culture. 
Your film made me see a deeper value in farming. I now understand  
why my grandmother fought so hard when her age and health made it  
impossible for her to remain living by herself in the old  
farmhouse. The memories of that farm are memories of a lifestyle  
that is being lost in this country. The old farm is now owned by my  
uncle now but nobody lives there any more. Nobody can stand to sell  
it as a peace of their past and who they are would also be sold with  
it. Thanks for helping me understand my dad a little bit more by  
making that movie. I was glad to see that your documentary has a  
happy ending. It is a great way to keep the spirit of farming alive  
in a generation that never knew the farm culture. 
On another topic, I plan to start law school in 2007 (possibly at  
Wisconsin) to study corporate, non-profit and government  
partnerships. I read a little about your land acquisition and its  
legal structure interests me quite a bit. Perhaps I'll get a chance  
to help preserve some American history with my degree. 
I hope all your crops are healthy ones, 
Virgin Islands (via Wisconsin) 

| Wisconsin USA / Canada

Your ability to bridge the cultural chasms of higher learning, artistic expression and solid old fashioned farming is remarkable. I'm very excited to know that you are out there - keeping the farm alive and bringing it to city kids and their families. I am awed by your boundless energy and optimism that has allowed you to keep your pen on the paper even through the daily exhaustion of farming. I'm now a psychologist in Tennessee. When working with aged and sick farmers in the hospital I often joke that I've been retired from hard work ever since I left the dairy farm. 
Knoxville, Tennessee 

| Knoxville Tennessee USA / Canada

Hi John and all the wonderful folks at Angelic Organics,  
I just saw the film last night here in Madison and was so moved I had to write and say thank you for surviving the hardships and telling your story so articulately from your heart.  
I either laughed and/or cried through every turn of events, always marveling at the aspects of your childhood, the community, the wonderful relationship with your dad and mom, your friends, your sweethearts, your travels, and the birth of the CSA. Your film is simply the most accessible depiction made to date about farming in our time. Thank you so much. I am sure it wasn't an easy decision to make many intimate personal moments become public, but in doing so, the picture you all painted was complete, authentic, bleak, hopeful, and inspiring. A few of my friends claim to be "eco-feminists" but I think John may have that honorary title wrapped up.  
I asked a couple of my urban friends to go with me to see it, who admittedly are completely disconnected from their food sources, and they came away with a whole new perspective and appreciation for the love and labor it takes to produce healthy and vibrant food . For this reason alone, "The Real Dirt" is successful. It achieves delivering the message in an entertaining way, while not preaching or being self righteous. Bravo. Will you change people's hearts fast enough to stop the decline of family farms? Not sure. But if a group of people could help, you and the folks that produced the film certainly have.  
I have been traveling around the country photographing organic farms for the last 5 years and recently started doing audio documentaries sponsored by Organic Valley. Although I have been eating organic food since I lived in England in 1981, I never even visited a farm until I moved to rural Wisconsin in 1996 and was asked if "I knew how to photograph farmers". My life changed after that. I became fascinated with farmers, their stories, their hardships, their joys, and ALL THEY KNOW HOW TO DO! It's become the archetype to sustain in our times, as far as I am concerned. I continue to make this the center of my life, and never cease to be amazed with each surviving farm I am sent to (about 30 across the US each year, and this year I will travel to Europe as well).  
Although the stories don't hold a candle to the depth that your film achieved, you might be interested in watching one of the audio documentaries I now produce. My idea was to try to connect people with where their food comes from through their hearts... which you all have done so beautifully and completely. 
Thanks once again for providing the world with such a beautiful gift and for all your hard work.  
Madison, WI 

| Madison Wisconsin USA / Canada

I loved the documentary "The Real Dirt on Farmer John." What a great story and triumph. It was truly inspiring. I also love the website and can't wait for it to be finished (content). All the best, 
Monrovia, CA 
(wish you were near me so I could sign-up for veggies!!) 

| Monrovia California USA / Canada

We saw ìthe Real Dirt about Farmer Johnî tonight as a fundraiser for our Rivers and Birds organization in Northern New Mexico. It was fabulous. You would be so welcome (and seen as so ìnormalî-whatever the hell that is) in Taos, NM. We feel like we made a new friend tonight. What great things you have done for your area. And there are kids there who are influenced by you-even the ones whose parents think you are a threatening sort. The kids know their parents are wrong.  
El Prado, NM 

| El Prado New Mexico USA / Canada

I dreamt that the local schools decided we were doing something bad by  
growing organic food. I don't remember exactly what is was they decided  
was bad, but the kids came and picketed the farm. We realized they were  
on private property when they stood in our driveway and picketed, so we  
had them move to the road. They were nice kids. I liked having them  
there. They were very mild mannered. There were a lot of buses that  
brought them out.

farm helper | IL USA / Canada

i would just like to thank you 
for putting together such a wonderful documentary. It made me cry, laugh, 
and stare in disbelief. i live in a small town where the farmer is still 
pretty important . my granddaddy was a farmer but unfortunately my daddy 
wasnt able to continue the farm. i know that this probably wont matter to 
you but in my opinion the farmer is the most important person in the whole 
nation. they feed us. as long as we can feed ourselves we are truely free. 
it is sad to see so many farms being lost.well anyway thank you so much for 
making that documentary. also from what ive seen mr peterson is an excellent 
farmer tell him to keep up the good work .....and ....thank you!!! 

| USA / Canada

I was crying by the end with hope and joy about what you have done to make this a better world. I know you have started a real movement. I want to show it to as many people as I can. 
Thank you so much. 

| USA / Canada

Dear John and extended farm family, WOW! I loved and laughed and cried my way through your story. The original video was compelling to tell a story of tragedy and triumph. You are to be commended John for your resiliance and positive attitude. May God bless you and yours even more. Your struggles remind me of my favorite saying when im facing a large task; A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Had to share- take care.

| USA / Canada

Dear John and fellow farmers,  
We just saw your film and loved it! So much love, care, harmony, kindness, and compassion was involved and what a real story! We enjoyed watching the reality of life as it unfolds with all of its ups and downs, laughter and tears, broccoli and lettuce. At the end of the film we both felt panicked because we wanted to know if your CSA farm was still doing so vibrantly. Luckily, we googled you when we got home and were so happy to find the place still doing so well! Congratulations! Keep up the good hard work! And thank god for like-minded people who still value our earth and its bounty!  
Take care all! 
ps: John, your mom seemed like an amazing woman. We loved watching her in the film and marveled at her sweetness and honesty. 
Santa Cruz, California 
- take care.

| Santa Cruz California USA / Canada

Hi John and Angelic Organics! ÖI live in the small town of Fairfax, in Marin County, Northern CAÖ.my husband and I just returned from seeing ìThe Real Dirt on Farmer Johnî. What a wonderful movie! We were so delighted, moved, inspired, amazed, and altogether heartened by this film, its many dimensions and range of themes, the renaissance of the farm, the history, and Johnís life storyÖ.What a gift to see it. Itís playing at our local ìart houseî cinema, The Raphael in San RafaelÖ..thank God for this great movie house! Coincidentally, I went to college at UW, Madison in the late 60ís, early 70ísÖ of those East coast hippy radicals that invaded the MidwestÖ.and propagated our anti-war philosophy and activities, as well as the burgeoning counter culture of the timeÖ..I always loved the beautiful rich farm lands, the fields of wheat and corn, the rivers and lakes of WisconsinÖ..Where I live now is beautiful, too in a different wayÖ..mountains and of course, we have a large ocean close by. Thanks for the great film, hope all the farm staff is doing wellÖ.. wishing you a good planting season this spring, a rich, green summer, and an abundant harvest to comeÖ..many blessings,  
Marin CO, Northern CA 

| California USA / Canada

Lesley, I'm GUSHING with pride for you right now. I think back to the day in my dorm when I PLEADED with you to go to the play 'try-outs' because you seemed soooo shy of putting yourself out there. AMAZING deary to hear your workósuch splendidness indeed. Your musicianship is absolutely fab-u-louso!

| Chesapeake Bay USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John, 
As a small boy I spent all my weekends and holidays on relatives sheep or dairy farms in the North of England. My own parents never farmed but both came from is my blood. Three years ago at the age of 47 I quit my high paid job in the city of London and moved my understanding wife and three teenage children to Oregon where we have been farming for 2 years nowÖ. When we arrived we only knew one person in town and that was the realtor who sold us the farm. 
I have made some mistakes and learnt a great deal about farming in America and about my family and life. 
Last night some friends took me and my wife Jo to the cinema to see your movieÖitís a magical story and it moved me to tears on more than one occasion and you know we Brits donít cry easilyÖ. 
Your comments about machinery, and farm smells and textures all resonated with me. Before I started farming I used to put bales of hay in my garage and sit there in the evening and just savour the aroma, which reminded me of long hot summers making hay in the fields. 
Thank you for telling your story ìwarts and allî itís a beautiful thing. 
I wish you every success and happiness. 

| Oregon USA / Canada

Hi John, 
[My wife] and I went to the movies yesterday. Just wanted to tell you that we found it funny, tragic, inspiring, and most important, extremely entertaining. It was a fast 80 minutes. I don't know why more documentaries aren't shown in theaters, because real life is so much more interesting. Your story is a perfect example. Writers couldn't make this stuff up! 
I would add that our familiarity with the characters and settings of the story undoubtedly enhanced our viewing experience, but was by no means necessary. We had friends that called us and told us about "this fantastic film they had seen and we simply had to see it" totally unaware of our connections to the area and people. 
Congratulations on a pretty incredible achievement. 
Northern Illinois 

| Illinois USA / Canada

I love "The Bug Song" and "The Farmer John Song". Itís awesome how seriously environmental they are, but with such an innocent whimsical tone. Genius. I have never heard anything like it, and I listen to a lot of music. The closest thing I can compare it to is the joyousness of They Might Be Giants crossed with the seriousness of Suzanne Vega. They also have that singing/spoken word quality that Lesley does so well.

Adam Strom | Cleveland OH USA / Canada

I have a natural family shop on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our community recently viewed the Real Dirt at our Planet Earth Film Festival and we loved it. We really want to get it seen more in our community and help grow our Kona Biodyanamic CSA. 
Kealakekua, HI 

| Hawaii USA / Canada

Dear Farmer John, 
My first exposure to your revolutionary way of thinking was last Sunday night. Amazing. I love the fact that you understand that people increasingly want to reestablish the connection with their sustenance which has been swiped from our minds by the likes of Ronald McDonald and friends. I will purchase the documentary as soon as it is released on DVD, and plan a visit to the farm sometime next summer when I leave Florida to reside in Chicago. Keep up the good work, and best of luck this season. 

| Florida USA / Canada

There are moments when something touches us so thoroughly that it immediately slips deep into our souls, finds a home. And the experience will stay there long and begin to affect our consciousness. Like the living creatures in the handful of soil, doing the work.  
The film is beautiful because it captures the love for the land. Touching, as it explores the plight of the farm families. But, the film is also about love and the "undefinable something" that we call the human spirit.  
I feel fortunate to have met your story.  
Thank you,  
Rhode Island

Rhode Island | USA / Canada

Well done thou good and faithful servant! My 2 copies of FARMER JOHN'S COOKBOOK arrived on Tuesday and I must say it is superb. The whole format was most impressive with the interweaving of things profound to those most informative and right on down to the humor and sometimes inane quotes! And the many quotes from the good Dr. Steiner presented a good comprehensive overview of nutrition from his lively perspective. Somehow I think it is just as well that it was published outside the Anthroposophic world, because now it lives in the public domain and I feel will do much to spread his wisdom out into the world!

Louise Frazier | USA / Canada

I had a farm dream: Lemus and I were going to harvest peppers. They were under the water. We had to pay an old woman a dollar before diving in. we swam into an underwater tunnel where the peppers were.

Angie, a farmhand | United States

I have been a shareholder for the last 3 or 4 years and I have never had better produce. I just want you to know that I think you are fantastic and I rave about the farm every chance I get. I try to direct folks to your web site whenever I talk to someone who is interested in CSA's. I just wanted to thank everyone at the farm for not only raising the best produce on the market, but also providing every shareholder with a sense of community and a vision of a brighter future.

Laura L. | Ravenswood Manor IL United States

We have greatly enjoyed being part of the Angelic Organics collective. It is warming to our souls to support such a creation - - earth-respecting and earth-supporting and earth-celebrating.

John & Jacki | Chicago IL United States

Last week I was struck by how alive and life-like your Angelic Vegetables are. Prior to becoming an Angelic shareholder, I've always thought of vegetables as inanimate objects. I now think of them as living things with a spirit and a life. Thanks for enlightening us.

a shareholder | Evanston IL United States

When I received the cookbook, I knew it was different right away. The sidebars aren't necessarily new - many cookbooks do those, but they do them about cooking, not about thoughts and actions and feelings. Not about spirit and essence. The recipes are awesome - it's hard to find seasonal vegetable recipes without meat in a regular cookbook. Biodynamic farming was something foreign to me before reading this. Also, I thought Farmer John used the word anthroposophical entirely too much until I read and understood the meaning of the word later on. This is a book that can be read cover to cover (and I read most cookbooks that way). I have been reading it a little bit each night, digesting the wisdom of it as I am able to absorb it. I found out about CSA farms a year ago and signed up - this will be my first season and I am hungry for it. I ordered another book for my daughter in Michigan who is vegetarian and gave it to her for Christmas - she calls to discuss different parts she has read. This is a thinking book. People need to see this the way they need to see Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." Greenhouse gases from animals is killing us. And now I will get off my high horse and say "Thanks!"

Terri Mays | Inverness IL United States