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Dear Farmer John Petersen. 
Hope You are keeping well and very busy. 
My partner and I have just come home from a film night not far from where we live. We really enjoyed it. Your example proves that there is hope in Organic farming. You have succeeded in bringing many people back to the land. If we ever have the opportunity to visit the USA, we will be delighted to visit and experience the joys of working at your organic farm. 
Julian S.

West Brunswick Australia

even 'farmer john' from 'the real dirt on farmer john' csa film was not convinced for quite a while...until he started, and has now such a successful and dynamic farm, and is inspiring many thousands around the world thru his wonderful story of how he turned his farm around.

Vizor Graham | Australia

Hello Angelic Farms 
We enjoyed watching "the real dirt of farmer John" movie, and would like to know if overseas supporters could join on-line and perhaps help out at the farm in a virtual way. We would love to visit, but could never afford to get to USA to do so, so we thought that maybe we could help virtually instead. 
Belinda and Tim

belina & tim | New Zealand

Hi Lesley, it was fun seeing you in the film! What a great story and message. I hope the film continues to be seen. Thank you for sending a copy. I wish there was Angelic Organics in Brisbane Australia, I would love that concept! Take care and best of luck!

Kari Tapin | Brisbane Australia

Dear John 
I felt impelled to inform you of my absolutely inspirational moment. I suffer from depression and was having a bad day. I decided to watch some TV to get my mind off things and came across a movie about your life. I missed the beginning but came in early enough to watch what an absolutely full life you have lived and in turn allowed others to take positive from. I was sorry to hear about your mother's passing as she must have been a large part of your life, but glad to see you continue with farming as it not only seems to enhanced your life, shareholders' lives but lived on in memory of your mother. Your story has lifted my spirits and allowed me to see that even through the tough times, perserverence is a virtue. 
Your indebted fan,

Samantha Dinos | Melbourne Victoria Australia

G'day Farmer John, I just saw most of "the Real Dirt".Beautiful Story of a good person making it through much adversity.Thank you for your honesty in telling it.You inspire me good Sir.Homage to you and all sentient beings of the ten directions. Brad

Brad . Tolman | Sydney New South Wales Australia

Hi John, I just saw The Real Dirt and it was absolutely brilliant... and what a blessing to have that wonderful mother in your life... As we say over here... You are a Legend ! 

Wendy Churchill | Ballarat Victoria Australia

i really love your film, 
it is wonderful, courageous, 
funny, heart-wrenching, moving 
and educational, 
and a really great story to share. 
so thank you for putting it together. 
i would so love to be driving down koah road 
and see a farmer and his partner 
dressed up as bees, 
singing joyfully amongst a gorgeous biodynamic crop... 
a vision for the future, 
all the very best to you, 
and thank you also for your inspiration 
and for being you, 
and for blossoming into y o u 
so beautifully 
with csa

Lisa | Koah North Queensland Australia

Dear John, 
I have just had the pleasure of watching 'the real dirt...' and wanted to thank you for sharing your story. It resonated with me, as my ex partner is a little similar to yourself and faces some of the issues you did.. growing up in a farming family, unsure whether to stay on the farm or it sustainable.. does he follow his interest outside farming?.. how does he reconnect to a community that treats him in a manner in which you were treated ( and may still well be)... and dealing with depression... Your film gave me a better understanding of why my ex stayed were he is.. and i only hope that the universe crosses his path with your film.. that way he will know he is not alone and that there is light out there... 
many thanks once again :-) 
kind regards,  

matthew schiavello | Thornbury Victoria Australia

Kia ora. Greetings from New Zealand. Just wondering how you folks are faring at this time of flooding. Our thoughts are with you.  
Alistair Munro 

Alistair Munro | New Zealand

Kia ora from New Zealand, 
We're dairy farmers in New Zealand, running 2 small farms by today's standards. We saw 'The Real Dirt on Farmer John' last night and both enjoyed it more than anything we've seen for ages. It was entertaining, educational, emotionally charged, at times sad but ultimately uplifting, - truly inspirational stuff. 
We have, in the last few months, plucked up the courage to change our fertilisers to organic ones and seeing this movie has increased our confidence in this decision and gives us more courage to make more changes. In a time where many small dairy farms in New Zealand are being amalgamated into bigger ones it is easy, as the 3rd and 4th generation of family on our land, to feel that our way of life is nearly a thing of the past, so it is uplifting to realise that there are other ways forward and that what we are trying is not so unusual. Also, as farmers are encouraged to adopt more and more high tech systems and approaches, one can be made to feel positvely backward for deciding to continue to farm in more traditonal ways, ie in our case an all grass sytem, rather than buying in feed from other areas, or even palm kernal from other pacific islands. On a personal level we grew up seeing our parents and grandparents not only run their farms, but also grow the meat, fruit, and vegetables that their families ate. We have continued to do this while our children grew up through the 1980's and 90's, at times feeling like dinosaurs as many of our friends acted as if these things were quaint hobbies rather than ways of living. 
I am now keen to get a copy of the DVD so I can share it with my family and friends. Thanks for being prepared to share your story John. It cannot have always been easy to bare yourself and share the sadder times. Your energy and enthusiasm are to be admired.  
Kaye & Ian.

Kaye & Ian Bell | WAIMANA Bay of Plenty New Zealand

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWO WOWOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOOW WOWOW WOWOWO...... Just went to see film. We all cried - very moved.It will inspire people like us to get together and get farming biodynamically any old how!Seems we'll all have to team up pretty soon anyway - out of necessity. I want to be a farmer!!! I want to be close to the land and lifes natural cycles. I want out of my job that feeds tires me out and keeps me away from being on the land - feeding it and nourishing it and enjoying it's trials and tribulations. JOHN, YOUR FARM AND YOUR LIFE AND YOUR MUM - ARE TRULY DIVINE. THANKYOU.

Richard and Natasha Gall | RD1 LYTTELTON HARBOUR New Zealand

I love Lesley's CD - her voice is beautiful, her songs original - and it all sounds so fresh - give her my compliments on a great CD! Do you know how it was recorded? - so 'present' - like she's here!

Stephanie Falconer | Australia

After seeing the movie on tv earlier in the year, it was released here in small town Castlemaine, Australia, and I organized an event around the movie, which for a small town we had near 150 attend. Farmer John was fantastic, really generous with his time afterwards, and the feedback since has been exceptional.

The following day, the Spring Fair at the local Steiner School was going on, and many of people there had seen the movie the night before – he has created a great buzz in town – I think I’ve received 4 emails in four days of people wanting to turn their bd farms into some form of csa operation. He has kick started something important and inspirational.

I managed to pass on my sincere thanks to Farmer John directly last week, but again wanted to say thank you – and to everyone over there at Angelic Organics who allow him to travel around sharing this amazing story.


Graham The Food Garden | Castlemaine Australia

I am really thrilled to receive my first newsletter from you, and it is quite amazing timing. 
Recently I was in a theatre in Castlemaine, called the Theatre Royal. It is about 30 minutes north of where I live, in Central Victoria, Australia. I was there to see a concert performance of homeless people, called the Choir of Hard Knocks. In the foyer, I noticed a poster for the forthcoming movie about Farmer John! 
I was so thrilled to see that the movie is coming to the big screen. Even though I have seen your story on TV, I told myself to remember to go and see it! 
So imagine my surprise to receive your newsletter today. Life's amazing 
sometimes, isn't it? 
Thank you for the newsletter and I must tell you that friends of mine have set up an organic farm and they have called it Angelica Organics, even before they knew about your farm (which I told them about). 
Best wishes for your ongoing success, 
Kind regards,

Denise Dalton | Drummond, Victoria Australia

John, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you at the screening of your film here in Brisbane on Saturday 1 December 2007. As I said to you on the night, your film was transformative for me, because it gave me an opportunity to face just how disconnected I feel from the "dirt", living in the city as I do. 
I am sure that I am not alone when I say that I envy your love of the land, your close relationship to the soil and the seasons, and your embeddedness in that 'country' (our Australian word for 'place') that is your home. 
Reading the comments from others who have watched your film below has brought tears to my eyes again.  
Thank you for your leadership. It's not that you should do what you do to be of service, it's that when you do what you love, you **are** of service. So, please, just keep doing what you love! Your heart has been a good guide this lifetime, and your willingness to be open and humble has allowed many, many people to come home to themselves. 

Yollana | Brisbane Queensland Australia

Hi John
"'Strumming my pain with his fingers, singing my life with his words"... That was how we felt as we travelled your journey via 'The Real Dirt' and we want to thank you and your team for inspiring and moving us. We laughed, shed tears, despaired, got angry, indignant and hopeful with you.
We're on the other side of the world but we might as well be next door: our journey here, albeit a much shorter one, has so many themes that echo yours. We currently live within an eco-village (an intentional community) where we started an organic dairy farm about 8 years ago. The dairy morphed into an integrated mixed farm with beef, chickens, pigs, bees, a cheesery, a shop, educational services, local food feasts and, more recently, an organic free-range egg business. We've dipped our toes into the vast pool of understanding that is biodynamics and have made our own preps and would like to go fully BD one day. We have dreams of turning it all into a fully-fledged CSA (we already do a kind of subscription farming with the raw milk and meat products). Along the way we became parents to Oliver. He's our anchor and focal point when the madness gets too real!

At times it has been tough - I guess because we felt and continue to feel grossly misunderstood - and yet having the opportunity to work with the land and the animals has been such a joy. Our farm has given us several university degrees worth of knowledge, a spiritual education and an emotional workout that should keep us in good stead for anything that comes our way in the future.

We'd like to pay tribute to your beautiful mother. What an angel! I lost my mother to cancer three years ago and I miss her terribly. She was a kind and loving woman who had 66 short years in this lifetime to nourish us all with her gentle energy. Her funeral was so wonderful - at the centre a coffin painted with butterflies and 500 mourners who laughed, sang and cried together.

We've got our place on the market because we can't fight the system any more and it seems the system is drawing strength from a source we haven't been able to tap into. Bureaucracy is crushing innovation, passion and heart-driven enterprise, even within our own community! Our enterprise just doesn't meld with a system designed to service dollar-driven corporate interests. We've chosen to have some time off - hit the reset button as it were - and see where we go from here. Perhaps we might do some traveling and would love to come to visit.

Anyway, good luck, good fortune and many blessings.

Julie and Pat
The Village Organic Farm & Kenilworth Organic Produce

Julie and Pat | Conondale Queensland Australia

I saw the Real Dirt on Farmer John last night and I do believe it's the best movie I've ever seen. I cried, I laughed, I got mad, I was elated, I was glued to the screen for the entire film and was sad when it ended. I just want someone to let Farmer John know the whole theatre here in Hobart Australia loved your film and thank you for sharing it with us. I hope to one day have the opportunity to visit Angelic Organics, I feel to me, it will be like mecca.

Michelle Turner | Hobart Australia

Tonight, in Hobart, Tas. Australia, I went to see The Dirt on Farmer John. John was there, and so we got to hear his comments afterwards. I think he is a wonderfully creative and lateral thinker - so admirable on many levels, not the least for withstanding the hostility of his own community.

There was one sentence used in the movie about connecting people through the soil. I found that phrase to be very moving but didn't expect that later in the film it would unfurl into literally connecting people to the soil through the CSA movement.

For ages I have longed for shops to label food not only 'local' where applicable, but to provide info about the farms the food comes from and the methods by which it is grown. That way consumers would really have some choice and control over what they eat. Barbara Kingsolver's most recent book was a great find in terms of the importance of eating locally grown produce and of supporting farmers' markets.

I think the CSA movement is a great way for those of us tied to city life to rekindle our connection with the soil and with farming while still nourishing the earth. I also think this fantastic movement has the potential to save and pass on to future generations the agricultural knowledge and appreciation of place that would otherwise be lost when farms shut down.

The drought here is deeply worrying, but the severity and the consequences still seem lost on politicians and many city dwellers. I hope this movement takes off in Australia. I think it is a beacon of light in the face of the corporate takeover of family farms, urban sprawl on to 'heritage' agricultural soils and climate change. I think it offers our worn out farmers both physical, financial and emotional support. It's the best news in ages!

Thank you!

| Hobart Tasmania Australia

I was moved, really moved. As an Austrailan I'm embarassed that our P.M. won't sign Kyoto or accept the reality of global warming. My friend, a sheep & cattle farmer for 40 yrs. has recently been trying to improve his soil and farming techniques, but has been thwarted by a decade of drought. I'm sure you'd sympathise. My background is horticulture and have a keen interest in BD and permaculture [I expect you are farmiliar with this system developed by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren] & would love to soon farm my own plot. In the meantime I wish I could show my friends your film. Can you make it available for home users to buy. Pleeeease!
I love that you've shared your life so honestly and openly with us. Thank you.

Bronwyn Plarre | Melbourne Victoria Australia

hello my name is kashi, 
ALTHOUGH I am only ten years old I have been continuengliy inspiered by your work best wishes kashi! 

| Melbourne Australia

Dear Farmer John.

Greetings from Australia!
I've finally had a chance to see the The Real Dirt on Farmer John documentary. It was a truely wonderful feast for the eyes and mind. Very moving and very inspiring.

What a roller-coaster you've been on. I was so glad to see how things have worked out for you through the CSA organisation.

While viewing your documentary, I felt a kinship with you, in a parallel way, of how fate takes us all over the place. My Father is a retired Graphic Artist...My main love (well, apart from my partner and my family ;-) is doing detailed illustrating, and my dream is to have a full-time career as an illustrator of Children's Books (and to write them too... though the market here in Oz for writers is very competitive and the industry here these days is very conservative [ a budgetary sense].). Watching your documentary today just confirmed to me that dreams really are worth persevering with. The woes that my parents have gone through over the last 18 years have made it a bit hard for me to be positive with my dream, but you have inspired me to 'soldier-on'. And I thank you so much for that.

My partner and I are hoping to visit the USA again sometime in the near-ish future, and I'd love to incorporate a visit to your farm (...we'd better start saving those pennies for the airfare :-)

Thank you for a wonderful documentary, an best wishes for the future.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Rogers.

[P.S. Thank you so much for replying to my email. I am more than happy to put my email on your website as you requested). Cheers from Oz!

Tony Rogers | Australia

I was fortunate enough to see a documentary on you, it was amazing. 
I wanted to tell you. 
I wanted you to know that it has reached someone. 
I have been looking for you and happened to come a across a link in a listing site. 
I always wondered how you could make permaculture/biodynamics work for the masses. 
I found your story uplifting, and thanks again, and hope you have many good seasons to come. 

| Australia

G'day John, 
I just watched the doco. My sister taped it for me a while ago (by accident actualy, she had the timer set on the 'wrong' channel). I understand where you are coming from when you are describing connection with land, its a lot more than dirt. I suspect there are thousands and thousands of farmers with very similar feelings about their land but as yet have not been able to physicaly express in the way you have done/are doing. Perhaps there is a switch that needs switching on, if they want it switched on? 
If you can, please have a look at our farm website I'm happy to say that we have also been able to turn our farm around by using imagination & creativity. We are fans of Joel Salatin & family and I think we are now going to be fans of you and everyone you work with. Id like to send you a book if I may that a friend of mine wrote that deals with the evolution of farming culture in the 'mid-west' equivalent of Australia. There are lots of similarites. Its called 'Heartland - Regeneration of Rural Place' by George Main. He did some of his research in the USA actualy interviewing Wes Jackson & going to the Land Institute. It sets a new culture of regeneration of farming communities against the historical backdrop. Much like your film but with a little less glitter. Cheers

| Narrandera NSW Australia

Hello to John and the team at Angelic Organics, I am writing to you because I feel inspired from watching the documentary which was screened on free to air tv on channel SBS on the 2nd of January 2007 in Perth, Australia.

When I looked through the tv guide that particular night as usual there was hardly anything worth watching and given that I am usually well and truly asleep by 8.30pm or so when I saw the documentary was on at 10pm I thought I'd probably miss it. But for some reason or another I sat patiently up and after watching the opening scenes I was completely enraptured in what was the life and story of the Peterson family farm.

Being a sheetmetal worker myself I know what a hard days work entails but I can't begin to imagine working the hours you work. I thought 55 to 60 hours was enough but for you to work 80 to 90 hours per week is phenomonal. Having shared in your life by viewing the film there were so many aspects I could discuss but the one scene that stood out to me was the one where you were coming to terms with the fact that were going to have to tell your Mom that you were going to give up farming because for the hours you were working and the returns you were yielding, it simply wasn't worth it. But when you talked it over with your mother she said to you that it was all she lived for and what would she do without the stall. So without hesitation you persevered and obviously one thing led to another and you have the wonderful thriving farm that is Angelic Organics.

I have put my name down for the newsletter that you produce and am looking forward to hearing about the ups and downs of your seasons. (Hopefully more ups!)

Yours Sincerely, Kelwyn.

| Perth Australia

Watched your documentary last night in Newcastle, Australia. I am a New Zealander living in Australia who did my university in Cincinnati not far (in global terms) from your farm. It was a truly inspirational story. Inspiring in so many ways. Your desire to constantly create and dream through all the periods of adversity in your life was a real lesson. As well as your ability to focus on the most important things in any given situation.

As someone in their mid 20's who has lead a fairly peripatetic lifestyle I identified with your story. I am sure there were many times when there seemed little light at the end of the tunnel, but you refused to alter your philosophies to cater for every up and down. Instead your belief in your dreams and way of life was unequivocal. An inspiring lesson for life if ever there was one.

| Newcastle Australia

I have just watched the program on Australian TV about your life. It is so great to see a farm that is working so well with the hands of many people. You maybe aware that Australia is suffering from the worst drought not just in our modern history, but possibly 1000 years. It was wonderful to see you doing so well. By the way I'm am so sorry about your Mum. She reminds me of mine. All the best for your future. You are an inspiration!

| Kirribilli NSW Australia

We just watched John’s documentary on S.B.S Television Australia & found it so interesting & inspiring, so we thought we would email to pass on to you our best wishes. I especially loved John’s Mum in the documentary as she was so positive & encouraging. It was a very uplifting Television show to watch, Thank you very much for the opportunity to share your story with us. 
Kind Regards

| Australia

I have just viewed the documentary about John Petersen and Angelica farm. Your people display a spirit, a daring and a goodness that revives ones faith in post 2000 U.S.A. Keep doing what you are doing and please spread your word to all who need to hear. 
On more mundane matters you may or may not have heard of an Australian permaculturalist called Bill Mollison. His sustainable agricultural systems may provide some ideas and direction for dealing with tired soils on an organic farm. Just google his name and see what you get. 
Best wishes for 2007 
Albury, New South Wales 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John 
First I would like to say thank you for your document entitled The  
Real Dirt on Farmer John, It was really Inspiring to see you and your  
Big Family Team that you have created for your farm and I wish I  
could be there with you and everyone that has helped you along your  
creation of a Farm and a big Family, I could feel the Love you have  
and It has Shown me I can have love for my Mother Nature as well. So  
just wrote to say thank you and Good luck and all my Love for you  
and your big Family. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear John, 
It is 11.30 at night and I have just finished watching your movie on television in Australia. I was so enthralled by your experiences that I am compelled to write to you and say good on you. 
I am a 5th generation rangeland grazing farmer who has been raised in the dry centre of South Australia, the driest state on the driest continent in the world. 
I am also an organic producer of lamb and run approx 13,000 sheep on our 175,000 acres with my wife and four young children. We have carved out a living on our property in New South Wales, an eastern state in a rain fall of 14 inches. With the never ending push for more and more chemical use and feeling protective of our children's health, organics was a logical decision. 
We do not see or read of many good stories in relation to organics and it was great to watch yours tonight, many of the plights in your life is similar to mine and no doubt many other farmers world wide. 
We have been enduring a lengthy drought here in Australia and many farmers have taken their lives. Many farmers have had their lives taken away from them also through banks evicting them, leaving them feeling empty and having a sense of worthlessness. 
Congratulations on a life well worth living.  
Kind Regards 
Cobar, South Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John 
We have just watched your movie and were very impressed by what we were watching its funny no matter where we are in the world there is a common thread running threw all of us and the times we have lived through. What we think sometimes was our down fall in our lifes journey is sometimes the string that we pull on to make us come through and win. The 70's were great and I think the youth of today need some of the values we had back then. The trust in new friendships and to experience life and all it has to offer. Keep on sowing your seeds of life you have a bigger crop to harvest then vegies we all need to go back to old values and trust this can only be done by example and you do this so well keep up the good work. 
Sydney, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

I am in Hobart, Tasmania, in Australia. Tonight on the television  
we got to see the story of John and the Farm. We both felt so inspired  
by this production, so hopeful at a time in the world when so much seems  
so unhopeful. I admire John for being himself, being the individual he is. 
I really loved that last song, I play in an old-time band here in  
Hobart, the Hobart Old-Time String Band (you can check us out we have a  
web page). Anyway, that last tune had the ring of the kind of tunes we  
like to play, mainly american style hillbilly music, the old time stuff. 
So if you have any info about the music for the film please share with me. 
Kind Regards 
Hobart, Tasmania 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hello Farmer John plus Friends and Family, 
We just watched your story on SBS in South Australia and have to say it is good to hear of a farm that has returned to the old ways of life by adopting practices that are sustainable. 
Keep up the good work, 
South Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John and all at Angelic Organics, 
My name is Ben Smithwick and I live in Brisbane Australia, I have just finished watching The real dirt and was truly inspired I just wanted to say thank you for making such a truly inspiring film. 
I am 27 years old and live in the corporate rat race and until 
recently I thought i was happy but it turns out money does not buy 
happiness (sup rise sup rise), and as i recently discovered I have not 
given a damn about our great planet and i needed to change, watching 
the movie just made me realise more that there is more to life and i 
cant wait to throw it all in and live a real fulfilling and selfless 
life, (I actually cried while watching the film I have not cried 
since I was 16). 
Anyway just like to say keep up the good work to all and please feel 
free to put me on your mailing list. 
Kind Regards  
Brisbane, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John and all 
Greetings from Perth, West Australia where I have just watched your documentary. What a wonderful story! I am so happy that things have 'balanced' out for you and am amazed at the CSA initiative. 
I hope the crops are still abundant and that life is good. I am not sure how old the film was but you still have your web site up so I can only imagine that you are still farming! 
Perth, West Australia, 
ps What a wonderful Mum you had John, you were truly Blessed! 

| Australia / New Zealand

i really enjoyed your story that has just been aired on SBS TV in  
Australia. I live in Newcastle NSW .We buy organic food and I really liked  
your CSA .it seems to me to be a great step forward from simply buying  
organic food from a supermarket.Are you aware of anything similar in  
Australia ? 
My wife and I and our first daughter lived in Wyoming in 1995 and I got  
right into permaculture there. Through our friends in Sheridan we met a  
guy called Howard Lyman i just checked his website 
interesting guy. have you heard of him? 
keep up the good work .the planet needs inspirational people like you. 
Newcastle, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hello to Farmer John, and all people at Angelic organics. 
My name is Basil Nikitaras and I live in the city of Adelaide, the state of South Australia, Australia. I just viewed the The Dirty on Farmer John on our free to air television channel. I found the Documentary movie very moving and felt the connection Farmer John has had with farming all his life. The whole family history of farming was again very personal and wanted to communicate my thanks and appreciation for your testimonies of farming in the mid-west. Even after selling the farm and it's equipment I was pleased to see that through farmer Johns experience and ability to survive that he can remain a farmer up until the present day with the Angelic Organic company. I myself purchase about 80% of my food from a local organic food convenience store. I am beginning to have an interest in nutrition and the science of nutrition. Thanking you again for a great viewing on television, and how funny and interesting Farmer John looks in a bug outfit. the bug song was cute too. 
Peace and bye from Basil. 
Adelaide, South Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

I am a vegan anarchist pacifist of many years - and also a poet and  
university professor. it delighted me to see (last night) the 'real  
dirt' doco - a lot of the issues embraced by the doco are issues that  
have deeply interested me for many years - as a vegan from a rural  
environment, and also as a writer and academic. i realise you are not  
vegans, but the desire for good health of the planet is surely common  
good on you for standing by the strength of your convictions. i hope  
your neighbours have become more tolerant and understanding - to achieve  
that would be to make a huge leap towards the changes in farming  
practices that must come before the soil and environment is damaged  
beyond hope. 
i write this from an organic block in wheatbelt western australia, a  
beautiful place damaged by modern farming practices/monoculture. 

| Australia / New Zealand

As it is our summer holiday season here in Melbourne, Australia and not  
much on offer on the TV, I was flicking the dial and came across your  
most interesting film/ documentary. "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" .  
Minutes prior I had pulled beetroot from my garden, dug some potatoes  
and picked peas for the evening meal. My vegetable garden consists of  
a 15ft x 20ft backyard pool that was filled in once the children had left home. 
Australia is in the middle of a very severe drought with water restrictions, currently we are only allowed to water twice a week by hand and there is talk of no outside watering in the near future if we do not get some rain soon.  
As much as I love my garden (flowers trees and shrubs) its the vegies that will be missed. Buckets are being put in the shower to catch excess water also rubber hoses connected to the rinse water of our washing machine. What a  
precious commodity water is!  
Happy growing to you all, 
Melbourne, Australia 
PS. My husband was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and it was very  
difficult to get organic vegetables here (he lost the battle 18mths  
ago) however I must say that I notice a small amount appearing in the  
large supermarkets now.  

| Australia / New Zealand

I just finished watching The Real Dirt on Farmer John. 
I am so impressed. Good onya...........translated "good on you". 
I relate as I have been eating organic foods now for 10 years.  
Eating organic dairy foods and milk, vegetables,fruit, meat and poultry................eggs. 
My friends produce organic and biodynamic foods. One of my old neighbours has planted his own 5 acre "Food Forest", runs his gas refrigerator from the gas produced from the waste of his Indian runner ducks, collected from settling ponds where the gas is collected and runs the kitchen stove and oven as well as the fridge. The waste is used as fertilizer to grow taro, bananas, ockra and everything else that will grow in Silkwood, Far North Queensland, Australia...........NEAR CAIRNS. 
The Taste is Real from Mother Earth. 
You should invite George W Bush to the Farm to demonstrate that the greatest threat to mankind is the terrorist practises of destroying mother earth,nature and the spoiling of the very foods we need for sustenance. 
We do have similar farms in Oz, however ours are small change compared to your operations. 
I am inspired. 
Continue to enjoy many good things. 
Queensland, Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi Angelic Organics, 
I'm from Denmark in the south west of Western Australia (WA). I  
viewed your "The Dirt on Farmer John" documentary on SBS TV the other  
night. And I've just visited your web site. I was totally blown away  
by what you're doing. 
I run a certified organic (NASAA) community garden (one of the  
only ones in Australia) at the horticultural certificate course at  
the TAFE College here in Denmark (town of 5000 souls). My daughter  
goes to the Denmark Golden Hill Steiner School where there is a  
teacher who shows the kids biodynamic vegetable growing in their  
little plots. Denmark also has a vibrant arts community. 
I was in advertising as a graphic designer and owned with others, an  
ad agency in Hobart, Tasmania before settling in Denmark. Your  
website is fantastic! Steve Thomas who was one of the partners in the  
ad business still runs "Roar Film" in Hobart and has produced many  
interesting thought provoking documentaries. 
I grow organic vegetables too and sell them at the local store. 
Organics in Australia is just breaking, and more growers are needed,  
but the interest is there. An interesting one is a Salvation Army CSA  
in Adelaide! 
If you are ever touring Australia, drop into Denmark (450 kms south  
of Perth the capital city of WA). There is a need here to do what you  
are doing, but we don't have a big city the size of Chicago 75 miles  
away as you do! 
Anyway, keep up the good work. People are what they eat! 
Kind regards, 
Western Australia 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John, 
Saw your show on Hot Docs (SBS Network Australia) last night. 
Excellent and inspiring. I was trying to identify what single issue in life is the most valuable Ö it appears to be life itself. 
Keep on keeping on! 

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear Farmer John, 
Your documentary "Real Dirt on Farmer John" was aired here in Australia a few days ago on Special Broadcast Services channel. I found it a gripping story, very moving and informative. It was great that it covered the social changes over a few generations and the changes and storms farmers have faced in this period, including your own family, as well as covering your own very interesting personal journey. So a big Thank You for bringing it out. You can be sure that I will be mentioning it to people I meet. As a budding vegie grower in a city (Brisbane) I have found one book useful above others when it comes to practical ideas about how to run my veggie patch. It is a book by Linda Woodrow called "The Permaculture Home Garden". I have a feeling it has some ideas that may interest you, and it is not just for the home gardener. It incorporates many fantastic ideas the Permaculture ("Permanent Agriculture") people have come up with over the last few decades here in Australia. It should be available through Penguin Books (USA) Inc., but if you can't find it there I'll send you one for free. All the best for your farm and life. Yours gratefully,  
Brisbane Australia  

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear Farmer John, 
Your documentary "Real Dirt on Farmer John" was aired here in Australia a few days ago on Special Broadcast Services channel. I found it a gripping story, very moving and informative. It was great that it covered the social changes over a few generations and the changes and storms farmers have faced in this period, including your own family, as well as covering your own very interesting personal journey. So a big Thank You for bringing it out. You can be sure that I will be mentioning it to people I meet. As a budding vegie grower in a city (Brisbane) I have found one book useful above others when it comes to practical ideas about how to run my veggie patch. It is a book by Linda Woodrow called "The Permaculture Home Garden". I have a feeling it has some ideas that may interest you, and it is not just for the home gardener. It incorporates many fantastic ideas the Permaculture ("Permanent Agriculture") people have come up with over the last few decades here in Australia. It should be available through Penguin Books (USA) Inc., but if you can't find it there I'll send you one for free. All the best for your farm and life. Yours gratefully,  
Brisbane Australia  

| Australia / New Zealand

Greetings on this Tuesday evening, 
I run a community operated broadcast radio station in Tumut, a timber-industry/farming township of about 7000 people, in a shire of about 15 000 at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. We are voluntary/staff/subscription run business where we are up against the big commercial network operators and are actually doing well in the field. Just saw your documentary on SBS Television here, what a wonderful operation you have there in the US! Very impressive and a real inspiration.  
My parents run a thousand acres at Junee, a long-time mixed family farm which is coming to the same crossroads your farmland did back them. The big are getting bigger and the little farmer is disappearing, which is a real shame. When I give this radio game away, maybe our little family farm in Junee could be like yours. The same feelings exist in me regarding the heritage of the family and the tradition of all that hard work and dreams of old. 
Just a nice thought perhaps, however we really do have to follow your lead here or thereíll be nothing left to farm. Big farms are really not the way to go for healthy communities. I will look for your advice in the coming years perhaps.  
By the way, loved your beautifully preserved Farmall and was it a ëtrouble five fourí inter tractor with a ëtrouble-maticí semi auto transmission??Öwe have a few out of service similar at ëRoslynî, the family farm!  
Best regards John, thanks for the inspiration and best wishes for good season. 
New South Wales, Australia. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi Farmer John, FJA and the lovers of good dirt, 
I just saw "The Real Dirt" on SBS television Australia last night. I accidentally tuned in and I was so glad I did. Transformative! Really. I'm an old film maker, so I know good filmmaking when I see it. Fantastic editing by the way! Also I was thinking "Wow, what a great community. I would love to help". Here in Australia, I run my own multimedia technology company. My team build and host a lot of websites, and I thought maybe we could help you with that, but when I saw your site, I can see you can be really proud of that as well. By the way, well done for choosing Joomla as the CMS technology behind your new website. It suits your community perfectly. We use it for nearly all our sites as well, so I_m often recommending it. It looks like you're taking what you're doing to a new level of community: the global community. I wish you the very, very best and have already written to an organic farmer who's just moved to New Zealand from Australia and given her a rave about "The Real Dirt". I also want to use some of the community principles I saw in your farm in my newest business venture. So "THANK YOU". And just to let you know, you have a lifelong friend in Australia. Oh, and finally, if I get into your neck of the woods, I'm coming for a box of veggies and to shake the hand that drove the plough. 
Cheers to your ears of corn, 

| Australia / New Zealand

Greetings Farmer John: 
I had the great pleasure of viewing your biographical documentary on SBS 
TV [Australia] last night. 
Rarely have I ever been moved to comment on TV programs - but I must 
tell you that your's was absolutely inspirational & moved me deeply. 
You prove beyond doubt that the reality of the "beautiful american" 
trumps the image of the "ugly american"[of which you've had personal 
experience], hands down(& dirty, as it were). 
John, you are a more successful human being than you will ever know - 
there could be no greater tribute to your parents & ancestral stock, 
than the kind of man that shy little tow-headed kid grew into. 
Please keep up the good work of returning farming to it's rightful place 
as the most exalted of all vocations. 
I would be honoured if you would join my circle of friends on 'myspace'. 
ps. I appreciate that you're a frantically busy guy & I don't expect a reply to this email - pls. don't feel obliged to do so. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Greetings Farmer John: 
I had the great pleasure of viewing your biographical documentary on SBS 
TV [Australia] last night. 
Rarely have I ever been moved to comment on TV programs - but I must 
tell you that your's was absolutely inspirational & moved me deeply. 
You prove beyond doubt that the reality of the "beautiful american" 
trumps the image of the "ugly american"[of which you've had personal 
experience], hands down(& dirty, as it were). 
John, you are a more successful human being than you will ever know - 
there could be no greater tribute to your parents & ancestral stock, 
than the kind of man that shy little tow-headed kid grew into. 
Please keep up the good work of returning farming to it's rightful place 
as the most exalted of all vocations. 
I would be honoured if you would join my circle of friends on 'myspace'. 
ps. I appreciate that you're a frantically busy guy & I don't expect a reply to this email - pls. don't feel obliged to do so. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi John, 
I'm a parrot farmer & potter/artist of Australia {yes Potty Parrot Painting farmer} and people thought you were a little crazy. I just sat thought what I think was one of the most uplifting , eye opening and compelling television that I have seen in my 43 year on this planet, next the the footage from the end of the vietem war, The Love that you share with your Mum was so beautifull I cried {has my mum as also past across the great river} but we didnot share the freindship that you and your Mum did, she was cool.  
So in the future when I'm not feel the best and people are maybe thinking I'm a bit too crazy, I will think of that crazy dude of a guy who lives in the mid west of the USA and thank the Great creator that you share your story with me and share the REAL Dirt on Farmer John. Again thank you Thanks Mate. 
P.S I love your farm, "BIO way to go". 
Mt Morgan Queensland 

| Australia / New Zealand

Just saw the truth about farmer John on TV here in Australia. Very impowering. Love your music too. The river song is lovely. I am working with UNESCO here on a sustain our community project and would love to keep in contact with you both if ok? We are establishing sustainable schools and communities and I think that your music and film could be useful teaching aids. Would love to hear you thoughts if you would like to email. Keep up the amazing work and thankyou for helping our planet. 

| Australia / New Zealand

Hi Farmer John, 
My name is Duane and I live in Sydney Australia. 
Tonight I arrived home to watch the evening news on my 
favorite station SBS. Following the News, SBS was to screen 
your home-made documentary "The Real Dirt on Farmer John". 
I was not sure what to make of the title and was considering 
changing channels, but thought I would give the show a go. 
I was amazed at the journey of your lifetime on Film and your 
spiritual travels from adversity, the brink, to Mexico and back. 
It was no accident that I saw your program in that I have just 
completed a book today called a "Vision of the Aquarian Age" 
that talks about earth changes, a return to a communal way 
of life and a return to the land for all to heal the land and heal 
the planet. The book makes reference to both Rudolf Steiner's 
material and the Findhorn example where a wasteland was 
turned into beautiful gardens. Which leads me to ask a 
question regarding your documentary. Near the end the 
land has returned great abundance, but then you are 
forced to buy the property next door as it becomes 
unusable. Can this land be healed??? I am sure it can 
with meditation and healing practices referred to in the 
book I have referred to above. 
Your movie was very healing in it's nature and as an 
alternative therapist myself, I will be sure to tell other 
people about it. I am also trying to find a local organic 
co-operative that I can be involved with. 
All the best, 

| Australia / New Zealand

Dear John, 
My family are holistic management livestock farmers in Australia. Like you I grew up in the sixties. Also similarly, we have been on a journey of discovery of how to allow the farm to regenerate itself, (remembering that all communities of living organisms have a natural tendency to proliferate and diversify over time), whilst providing us with a reasonable living. Since embarking on holistic decision making processes (Allan Savory, Holistic Management, Island Press), we have noticed the native perennial grasses gradually invading our farm. 100 years of 'conventional', high input farming had made our farm a too-unfriendly place for species that evolved here! Like you have found, we are feeling optimistic about this type of agriculture where we can tread more lightly on the earth. The real dirt on farmer John was fantastic, and described the journey of those of us who always felt uneasy about using the earth as a chattel. For so long in our farming life, we felt uneasy about most of the practices we were using to squeeze a living from the soil whilst diminishing its capacity to provide our needs. Since changing ourselves to adjust our behaviour to natures' rhythmns, we have felt so much more satisfied. We saw the film on our local special broadcast services TV and it really struck a chord with us. We used to be wheat, canola, lupins, oats, triticale and sheep for fine wool and meat. Now we see ourselves as managing sunlight, plants and time, grazing sheep and cattle with almost no inputs except motor bike fuel and our labour. Our country is growing a lot of grass and more species are establishing each year. We monitor bird species and to date have identified 118 species in a landscape in which woodland birds are generally declining. This gives us great cause for optimism and we feel we now have lots of options where before we felt trapped and were constantly on edge. I was particularly touched by the footage of your wonderful mother, and her passing reminded me poignantly of my own mothers' death when she courageously decided to let nature take its course and struggled for a month before her inspiring life finally ended. If you ever came to our country I would love you to come and visit us. With this email, you will have my email address so feel free to get in touch if you are coming to Australia. Congratulations on your very inspring efforts. I really enjoyed the story about the BUG! I am a great fan of the late Aldo Leopold who must have had his sand county farm not too far from where you are farming.  
Kind regards, 

| Australia / New Zealand