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Hello to all of you working on the farm from Stuttgart, Germany! I saw the movie last year and just spent half a year in Southern Illinois. Looked at your website again now and just wanted to tell you that I think it's wonderful and very important what you all are doing. I wish you good luck and all the support from humans and angels you need! Have a beautiful summer!

Natascha N. | Germany

hallo john and all farming people in angelics farm,
my name is peter, yesterday we saw the movie in our biodynamic farm here in obergrashof-dachau/germany.
we were ''uuuhu''
we have a special question regarding the small,wonderful, red weeding and cultivation tractors at the end of the movie. is it possible to buy such old tractors in the middle west? for us they seem to be ideal for most of our cultivation-works in the vegetable we grow. we are cultivating about 50 ha and about 40 different cultures and are also engaged in the production of biodynamic seeds! ciao peter

peter stinshoff | dachau bavaria Germany

Farmer John made my day! By coincidence I read about movies in one independent movie theater eating my "falafel".  
Another chance to good work was blown up the week before - by strange circumstances which are out of my power. 
Anyway I still miss the countryside of northern New Mexico, where I have been the last year. Helping in house and garden, and horse pup picking was my daily task.  
I'm not sure why do I apply as a desk top pushlisher without a chance to hear a coyote, feel the sunshine on my cheeks and have the wind in my hair?  
Actually I got the little cinema room just for me. my private home movie. 
I thank you Farmer John and all of your community for inspiration and the teaching about what is possible in a community. God bless your mom! Amazing spirit with 80 and some years! Upps, shame on me with my half of the years! 
I wish for myself a life full of collegues or call it community and I feel lost because it just seems a dream. 
Thank you for being so bold to write in times when you where down and didn't know where to go. 
Thank you for sharing with all the world! 
I'm yet happy to imagine that I will see the film again. Or that I will find my farm and coyote neighborhood!

Moni Mellien | Hamburg Germany

Dear John!
I didn´t see your film, yet - I am sorry - but your film is just about to be released so I have to wait until it´s shown in german cinemas.
Nevertheless I would now like to tell you my appreciation for your work, for all you´ve done in your life and for bringing farming back into human´s minds! Maybe you will soon find some time to call your attention to a comparably admirable person like you called Sepp Holzer from Austria: He found a way to built a "Garden of Eden" (i.e.: a kind of paradise) in the most coldest part of Austria on his mountain farm and meanwhile has several projects all over the world to help people to grow their own vegetebals and fruits WITHOUT any chemicals, without manuring and without irrigation (i.e. needing water to grow up any plants). All his success relies on diversity and absolutely avoiding monoculture. Maybe both of you could find a way and some time to exchange your knowledge and communicate to each other. I am sure that mother earth and we all would benefit from it!
I wish you all the best success for your film and all the best and lot´s of love for your life!!
Your´s sincerely
Claudia Lindner

Claudia Lindner | Gorxheimertal Hessen Germany

dear farmer john, 
i had the opportunity to see "the real dirt on farmer john" in a german cinema some days ago. live on stage was farmer john himself!  
you can work your whole life in an office and there's no need for any changes in one's life. but one can't work in a garden or farm without beeing transformed by nature. 
this movie is about beeing educated by the land, in the best possible way.  
very touching and moving! 
my congretulations 
with best wishes 
bio-dynamic gardener since more then 25 years

Rolf Bucher | Boll-Eckwaelden Germany