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dear john, 
your film opened my mind. it revolutionized my way of thinking, it inspired new things within me. 
i want to become a farmer or become involved in the organic food industry. can't i become an intern on your farm? 
thank you so much for all you have done. 

maddison doyle | rome lazio Italy

Hey John 
I just saw the film here in Italy on satellite TV (I'm Canadian, I've been living here for 16 years). It's a great, inspirational story. I'm glad to see that you have survived all your life phases/tests/trials and have come full circle back to your land. Everything along the way was preparing you for this moment. You must not regret any of it and be proud of what you have achieved and can now share with others. You're a shining example of how we can live well and be gentle with our world rather than exploiting it, its animals and its people. My condolences on the recent loss of your mother and the past losses of your father and uncle. I understand how you have suffered as my father committed suicide when I was 20. These pains make us stronger and more compassionate. Anyway, here in Italy, organic produce is becoming popular but what's really amazing is that people in smaller towns (like where I am) still live really close to the land. The produce in supermarkets - although there is a small selection because they sell primarily what is part of their specific regional diet - still has dirt and bugs on it! And people go to the farm up the road to get eggs right from the coop! Even store-bought eggs still have a bit of hen poop on them! Food tastes real here. Not so when I go home to visit my family in Canada and especially in the US. It's so sad that something so basic to human existence has become merchandise and not nourishment anymore. I think your story is a very important one for the people of America. You keep spreading the word! Thanks for sharing your life. :-) Bonnie

Bonnie Rubins | Correggio Reggio Emilia Italy

Just saw the film on your story on TV, this was great and gave lots of 
good emotions. Wanted to say hello to John and his team, if I lived in 
your zone I would have certainly joined your products. 
Thanks for being there doing that, the good wave arrives until here. 

| Italy

Dear John, 
I am an Italian student, studying at the University of Gastronomical  
Sciences in Bra, Italy. In this period the Short Film Festival of Bra is taking place and the students of the University have had a chance to see the movie "The Real Dirt On Farmer John" and talk to the director Taggart Siegel. 
I appreciated the film very much and when Taggart said you have a Summer  
Internship, I immediately went on the site to see if it was possible for me  
to come out to the States and work at your farm for a month this summer. 
I read there is a certain difficulty in hiring international interns because it is hard to acquire the necessary work permits. I just wanted to have more information about this aspect because I'd be very happy to have the opportunity to come to work at your farm. It would also be a great  
experience for the course of study I am following. 
As soon as possible I will send all the required information for my  
application. Please let me know if it is worth for me to go on with the  
hiring application. 
Thank you for your help. 
Bra, Italy 

| Italy