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Dear Mr. "Farmer John", 
Sorry for the "nicname" but I don´t remember your formal name... 
The truth is I´m a 24-year-old Mexican with a lot of hope with his country and the way things can change in a third-world reality... 
I´m working right now on a County Project for METEPEC County (50 KM away from Mexico City) the county has been, historically speaking, an agricultural county...known for it´s corn, squash, pork meat, and many other produce. The population demand and growth in Mexico City has demanded land (for Homes especially) from the farmer...and, as I´m certain, you are already guessing, farmlands are already decreasing it´s land and, especially, their wealth... 
I´m thinking about a plan like yours...The things is I need the know-how, and how to talk the Mexican Farmers into it...The next phase would involve the infomration and invitation to the surrounding community to be part of this inspiring project... 
I would love to be in touch with you (I know you are a busy man) or someone willing to share the knowledge and experience of a farm like yours, to others... 
I still remember, in the documentary, that your trip to Mexico, made you understand man´s deep link to the Land...I don´t want this to be forgotten in this part of the World...there´s still hope! 
Thank you for your time, and congratulations for everything you have achieved... 
Rodrigo Alfaro

Rodrigo Alfaro | Metepec City Distrito Federal Mexico

Your movie touched me so much to write to you and say "Thank You". I'm sorry for what you had to go thru, but you got to an amazing place now.I love your mom. What a spit fire. kind and loving she is. And I find fascinating how you implemented "biodynamics" on your farming. You should come to Brasil and help us out.

Adriana Ferraz | Sao Paulo SP Brazil

Wonderful voice. Great words.

Adriana Ferraz | Sao Paulo SP Brazil

Lesley, when you sang in the Santa Ana, opening for John and his fine piece of work, I enjoyed your music, as did 99.9% of the audience, so, sure, get lessons from the Italian Tenors, and the Most Beautiful Shannon, but, know that you have to keep what you have that is so fine. You touch this heart with your voice. Just keep writing and singing, girl. You mesmerize, baby.

Tom Frazee | San Miguel de Allende GTO Mexico

parabems pelo seu trabalho maravilhoso
e a mae que deus lhe deu ela te colocou no lugar que algumas vezes voce quase partiu !
tem um proverbio que diz a chance de que alguem que semeia muitas sementes em algum momento colhera muitos frutos !
esse e voce prova de que acreditando acaba alcançando .
desculpe lhe escrever em portugues mais eu achei melhor .


leandro fonte

Congratulations on your marvelous work!
and to a mom that God gave you, she put you in a place that sometimes you almost left!
There is a proverb that says: the possibility is that someone who plants many seeds in certain moments will collect many fruits!
this is your test, when you believe it, you will stop searching/reaching.
excuse me writing in portuguese, but I think it's better.
yours truly,
leandro fonte

leandro fonte | santo andre sao paulo Brazil

I write to you from Chile, South America. I imagine that, since you have spent time in Mexico, you speak a little Spanish. I hope that you understand my letter. Yesterday I saw your documentary on HBO and I thought it was wonderful. Hopefully others from my country can create farms like yours. Here it is very difficult to find something in the supermarket that is not genetically engineered or cultivated with the use of chemicals. I come from the country side and had a very happy childhood there, but it is very difficult to survive off of what a farm produces. Because of this my family moved to the city. Now I live in the city and I feel nostalgia for the country life. I feel great happiness for you, I wish you the best in the world, I congratulate you because of your initiative and your innate artistic ability. Many blessings for you and your farm.

| Puerto Montt Chile

Hello, I want to say to you that's the most important film I ever saw. You are a Hope for the world. I will wish that kind of project could be made in my country: México. Thanks about the words you said in the film of our Mexican country workers. 

| Mexico

Thanks. You provide hope to people who live far away.

I saw the movie yesterday. here in Brazil this story is quiet common.
John, congratulations this is what God made the Land for, not for Factory Farms that it¥growing world wide.

| Brazil

I'm from Brazil, and tonigth I saw one movie about you...sorry my's not so good...but I'm trying. So....I didn't know almost anything about organics...but I bying some vegetables here in my city, in the midle of the state of Sao Paulo. Probably you never listen about Mogi das Cruzes, hahaha... 
Well, before I write more, is better know if you recieve my e-mail. 
Good night, 
Sao Paulo, Brazil 

| Brazil

I am Albert, I have recently seen your film at the Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente. I watched it with a friend, and we both liked it a lot. 
It was a really touching, deep documentary. John clearly steals the show, and becomes a believable, and lovely character throughout the film.  
I particularly loved two scenes: when John remembers his uncles when he meets this old man in Mexico, and when the farmer almost cries when we see that the old farms are gone and now the place is full of houses. 
I¥ve seen quite a lot of films in this festival, and so far your amazing film is the best thing that I¥ve seen. 
I would like to thank you for bringing such a wonderful piece of arts to us! 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

| Argentina