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marc michel | Ireland

Hello, I recently watched your film, because I'm trying to learn more about biodynamics (mainly because I want to teach people how it interacts with wine), which I downloaded from bit torrent. I would like to pay you for this. I wasn't interested in buying a dvd, I prefer to download, and this way it costs less for you as you don't have to make a DVD for me. Might I suggest that you could set up a download link on your website and a donation option? It seems to be that would fit in rather well with things like your "weigh and pay" system on Farmer John's mother's cart. You wouldn't even have to pay for bandwidth for the downloads, as your film is quite available already on many bit torrent sites.

Nick Gorevic | paris France

Hi Farmer John, I saw "The Real Dirt On Farmer John" as part of the Sunday Bloody Slamdance film festival at our local Labia Cinema. What an inspiring film! CSAs are a relatively new concept in South Africa, but I'm lucky enough to be a member of one, their site It was so inspiring to hear you via Skype after the film - it would have been nice to have video - because we don't get snow in South Africa (except on mountains of course). I wish you and Angelic Organics the best of luck for your future endeavors.

Richard Wooding | Cape Town South Africa

dear john, you've to know i watched your film now severall times and you're a little (no, a big) heroe for me. Its so nice that in the land i dreamed as a little boy, that i once wanted to live, that there are so nice persons as you and your friends. will try hard, at least once to visit your farm!!! i'm so deeply impressed!!!! if every american would be just a little bit like you, the whole world would be very very differend.i'm brougth that i could shake your hand and that i could host you in my little bar here in far europe on a small island. believe me, i'll come to visite you one day, because i've to see what great thing a person like you was able to create. john you're real great and now i know, why our tortured earth will have at the end a future, because of persons likes mr. john peterson. sorry for my english, but i hope you'll understand it. best wishes and hugs from chania to you an all persons you love!!!!!!!!!!

rudolf reigler | Greece

Hello John, 
As you can see from this Czech TV documentary:, the box scheme has finally arrived into Czech republic as well. AND, what is most important: the farmer couple you will see about 5 minutes to the film, were inspired by you. They attended the meeting with you in Prague and this is the result. There are about 10 box schemes operating now, all of them have people on waiting lists as they do not have enough produce! 
Thank you

Tom Vclavk | Czech Republic

"You can't possibly know how your film affected me. It gave me courage to keep going. Life is so hard; I never had any idea how hard it could be until I came here and found myself making my own way. But your film made me realize to never give up. You will simply never know the great number of people your film is giving courage to." 
Stockholm: hotel cleaning immigrant from Ethiopia

| Ethiopia

Hey John :0) 
I couldn`t sleep tonight and was watching tv. I saw the film about you in the middle of the night. Wauv there is still people who makes a difference out there in this crazy world. I was just happy! You are an inspiration, true and not afraid to be who you are. Thank you for sharring your life, I was so moved. I will try to find the Dvd here in Denmark, so I can share this wonderfull story with people I care about. Most of all my two boys, who both are a little bit hippie like you :0)They would love it! My son Patrick is traveling in vietnam to the end of may. He have so many great ideas, and this will tell him, that things can come true, even in a world that only cares about money.My other son Jannick has just as many thoughts about changing the way people think about themselves an others, and would love this movie! Sincerly hearthug here from Denmark to you :0) Pia Lona Hansen

Pia Lona Hansen | Frevejle Denmark

Dear John... 
I watched the documentary film about your life and the lives of your farm last night. I was moved to tears. 
What can a man do when he goes for his dream and hard work? Yes John I am not a farmer, but I do eat, I like your lifestyle very much. Keep up the good work, and don't forget your roots, the Scandinavian people are hard working. 
Yes John your film was on the state runs television cannel (NRK) it was a good show indeed. I am a traveling man from Norway visiting many countries all over the world, been living in the states for a couples of years, in South Africa for 10 years and so forth. Never in my life have I been googeling on a name before ,just to let you know how much that film ment for me. Thank you John.

jon petter oie | kvitsoy Norway

I just watched my recording of "The Real Dirt..." which was broadcasted on TV here in Norway in June. The movie was great, so honest and real, and really touched my heart! It was so sad to see and hear your evidence of about how rumors in a rural community can be really devastating to human beings and it was so joyful to see how you were able to find a new purpose for your farm, giving so many people the opportunity to get healthy food for their families and to participate in organic farming! I am so happy to finally see organic produce in my local supermarkets. Finally the supermarket chains realized that people actually want this stuff, that they are motivated to pay more in order to get the real stuff, which is both more tasty and more healthy for our bodies.
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the experience you gave me through your film. It really warmed my heart, something I needed right now. 
I hope you continue to have success with your farming and with all the knowledge and creativity you share with so many children and adults - you really leave significant traces! The world needs more people like you, and by that I'm not only thinking of organic farming, but all that you stand for! :) 
Warm Scandinavian hug from Norway... :)

| Kristiansand Vest-Agder Norway

Thanks a lot, I received the DVD from the Netherlands yesterday, that's great !! I watched it, maybe you are the one who can be seen in the movie? It's a fantastic story telled in there, I cried like a child watching it. American rural history is so close to ours in Europe. I recognized our story when I was watching the decline of your agriculture, the rising of residential quarters in place of good lands, the disappearing of rural languages - even if it has an other meaning in Europe -, and so on ... We lived the same here, until today !  
My grand-parents were farmers too, they grown organicaly, even if they never had to name it so. It was traditional agriculture, no less, no more. Myself, I'm feeling a greaaaaat hole in my own soul, 'cause my father, aunts and uncles decided to not continue farming - maybe it was better, regarding to the industrial agriculture which was rising at that time - and sold our lands to residential purposes... I only have one aspiration, is to go back to land, grow organicaly (we call it non-senselly 'bio', in France, 'organic' as a real meaning), but how to do it ? Land is so expensive... Nevertheless... no time to cry on ourselves, there's so much to do on this Earth.  
I'm gardening, keeping bees... Also organising an 'AMAP', a kind of CSA, more or less. We lost so much in 50 years !!! Knowledges, social organisation and so on. It is global, not only in 'native societies'. In a certain point of view, we, peasants, are western natives, carrying a thousands years old tradition ! Now, the ones who have memory must transmit all this...  So... thanks a lot for that shipping. I knew about 'the real dirt on farmer John' from a german friend, and you can be sure that I will make it know around me here in France.  
Thanks again,  
Kind regards,

Eric Verney | France

Dear John, 
I saw Real Dirt today on our TV and was touched to tears. I live on a communal farm in Israel which like yours collapsed in the 80s as did many others in the country . some survived with the industries they developed and then later managed to rebuild the agriculture back with modern farming methods, but many never got back on their feet again. Our farm was one of the latter. we are situated in the hills near Jerusalem and all of the 65 families now rely on jobs in the city (like myself) of on social security because of their age. The best years of my life were when I was farming and I do miss it so. I admire your strength and tenacity and love for the land. May you go from strength to strength. 
E Albert

ernest albert | Israel

Dear John 
I showed your movie to our film society last night and I just wanted to say - thank you! I've been showing movies here for ten years and this is the best we've had for a long time - I was by turns amused, saddened, moved and inspired, so much so that I've just ordered a copy to show to my friends who didn't see it last night. 
All best wishes for the future. 

Nick Bucknall | Bishop's Castle United Kingdom

Dear John
I happened to watch the film today. I am not a farmer, not even close, but your story goes much more further and deeper. I am about your age, experiencing a long period a lack of interest about life because of my failure in business (I am a Graphic Designer) and after watching the movie-your optimistic point-of-view after what you have been through, I am inspired, and have urge to get up and start again. Thank you!
Eitan Harel

Eitan Harel | Ramat Gan Israel

Writing from Dublin, Ireland, to say how inspiring I found The Real Dirt, which I saw on TV last night.  
Watching the film I was struck most by the horrible effects of prejudice on the human soul, and so inspired by the poetic approach you have to the land that brings together culture and community - the movies of your childhood and your mother were very moving - what you are doing now seems like a continuum of that good and groovy feeling of plenty and happiness from your childhood. 
My husband sells organic vegetables. 
Keep up the good work. 
Michelle, Dublin

michelle rogers | Dublin Ireland

Dear John 
You have made a good effort in promoting organic agriculture and healthy way of eating food. The problems you have undergone during the various stages of converting are many and all your efforts have paid up. The important thing is to conserve the soil/dirt in the way it is created to be. I am looking forward for the release of your film in India where many small farmers practice organic farming since many years. This film will help farmers here who are still using chemicals to look back on organic farming. All best for your tour and I hope you will visit India wherein you can meet a lot of like minded farmers and organizations. 
Founding Member 
Caring for Creation 
Bangalore, India 

Shanta Manohar | Bangalore Karnataka India

I appreciate very much that I had a chance to see this inspiring film even in the Czech Republic (in the cinema Aero in Praha), and to meet with Farmer John in person. I am a supporter of the first Camphill community in the Czech Republic (Camphill Ceske Kopisty), and I realize how it is difficult to get people together, and start to run the new type of a farm based on the biodynamic agriculture. After seeing this wonderfull film I am convinced that the agri-culture is the real basis for any other human culture. For me it was particularly inspiring to get to know that Farmer John has been inspired thoroughly by the teaching of the occult spiritual scientist Rudolph Steiner. I consider Rudolph Steiner to be one of the most significant prophets in the Western Europe who showed the best alternative way of survival and how to get back to both the more natural and spiritual way of living. God bless you, farmer John. Jindrich Bajgar

Jindrich Bajgar | Prague Czech Republic Czech Republic